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Hello, I am Eric, a submissive male. The ladies who started this blog originally (the scatqueens) are no longer interested. In the last weeks their involvement decreased eyery day a little more and they were delegating the maintenance of the blog to me, their slave. So we decided that from now on I am the one who is responsibel for this blog. Though the name 'scatqueens' does not really fit any more, I think it's better not to change, after all there are now more than 2500 followers - Scatqueens (@scatqueens)
Femaleledworld toilet service doesnt have to @scatqueens


Toilet service doesn’t have to be any more complicated than this. It is supposed to make the lady’s trip to the bathroom a pleasant one. All the work is done by the slave.

Femaleledworld she was constipated not a @scatqueens


She was constipated. Not a problem; her slave knows how to stimulate her bowels. And down it goes. A toilet that reverses constipation? Only a skilled toilet slave can do that, not to mention it also wipes!

Femaleledworld did you whip him enough a @scatqueens


- Did you whip him enough?

- A hundred times!

- So, you think he’s ready? I can’t hold it any longer!

- If he isn’t, I’m still here with the crop. Go ahead!

Femaleledworld as soon as messalina comes home @scatqueens


As soon as Messalina comes home, her slave husband knows to take his position under the toilet seat in case she needs his service - and she almost always does.

Femaleledworld she only has to relieve herself @scatqueens


She only has to relieve herself. Her slave does all the rest - flushing, wiping,  cleaning…

Justan0therfuckinperv natural hairy pussy with @scatqueens


Natural hairy pussy with unwiped asshole. Fuck. Yeah.

Hurry up! I want my asshole cleaned
Weliketoshowoff keep kneeling there when im @scatqueens


“Keep kneeling there. When I’m done peeing you can lick my pussy.”

This is the right place for a hubby waiting for @scatqueens

This is the right place for a hubby, waiting for his mistress finishing her pooping and eager to lick her clean.

School teacher visit human public toilet scat video down @scatqueens



Here is another one of our highly valued episodes of the public human toilet and what better way to enjoy it than to have a school teacher visiting and squatting to deliver her sweet golden shit into the mouth of our captive slave?! We think you will enjoy this as much as our slave does! Just see the way he cleans her shitty asshole with his tongue after consuming her delivery!


Maobenki humantoilet open wide @scatqueens



open wide
Kevin76us facesitters @scatqueens



Toilet paper training……………

Sime15 inte33 sub im finished come and @scatqueens



Sub, I’m finished!! Come and clean me!! 💕☺️💕


Have i to take the paper or can i use your tongue @scatqueens

Have I to take the paper or can I use your tongue?

Today my asshole is very dirty i know but you @scatqueens

today my asshole is very dirty, I know. But you are my toilet slave. So go on and clean it with your tongue!

Today shitting is a really hard work my asshole @scatqueens

Today shitting is a really hard work. My asshole hurts. I’m looking forward to enjoy your warm wet tongue cleaning and worshipping my prickly asshole.

Slave come over you see my my messy asshole use @scatqueens

Slave come over. You see my my messy asshole? Use your tongue and clean it.

It is so good when you can use a slaves tongue @scatqueens

It is so good, when you can use a slave’s tongue instead this scratchy toiletpaper

The slaves training is not yet finished he still @scatqueens

the slave’s training is not yet finished, he still shows some resistance

Oh honey you are such a good asslicker i love you @scatqueens

Oh honey you are such a good asslicker. I love you for that. Can we go now a step further? I mean that you lick my asshole even when it is soiled. I like the idea that your tongue is my toiletpaper.