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For Adults only: All photographs posted and re-posted are done so with admiration and appreciation for the subjects and photographic work, and are either taken by me or gleaned from the Internet with no thought or intention of financial gain. To the very best of my knowledge, all models in adult situations are of legal age. In the event you might be the copyright owner of a photograph, please contact me immediately and I will remove it right away. Please visit myHope you all enjoy as much as I do. Don’t forget to check out my other themed blogs: and Summer Boys @ - Kilts & Cocks (@scotsmen)
Nakedmen4u kilt nude looks like a fakebut @scotsmen


Kilt Nude

Looks like a fake…but anyone knows who the actor is?

Aussielicious surely kilt guy is doing that on @scotsmen


Surely kilt guy is doing that on purpose

Actionbuddy whoever named this beer the @scotsmen


“Whoever named this beer ‘The Kilt-Lifter’ is a fuckin’ genius.”

"Worked for me, too.”

Naked straight men yeah mate looks pretty @scotsmen


yeah mate, looks pretty tight!Follow me: …

Mabinigion independence vote takes place @scotsmen


Independence vote takes place tomorrow,in Scotland and may mean the break up of United Kingdom. The Queen is expected to recall Parliament Friday depending on the result of vote…

Billyraysorensen dreaming of his mate @scotsmen


Dreaming of his mate …

Hornedupbeast sometimes we get caught with our @scotsmen


sometimes we get caught with our kilts up - 

Bjorknut great scot these boys are @scotsmen


Great Scot!!! These boys are beautiful…