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Hope you go to hell if this is your casket @scrotumcoat

Hope you go to hell if this is your casket.
#sfgiants #dodgers #beatLA #fuckthedodgers #LACountyFair

At moms house with this dummy ihavewaterinmyear @scrotumcoat

At moms house with this dummy #IHaveWaterInMyEar #ListeningToFireworka

Back in the bay for a wedding and the drive up @scrotumcoat

Back in the bay for a wedding and the drive up came with a fun obstacle.

I miss you buddy happyfathersday rip @scrotumcoat

I miss you buddy #happyfathersday #RIP

Big shout out to my brother in law greg for @scrotumcoat

Big shout out to my Brother in law Greg for hooking me up with an awesome cut for my entire head. Stop by for the best haircuts available in a cool environment right by the beach. Harbor Barber 17212 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA . @harborbarberhb #ILookLikeLessOfAnAnimal #barber #huntingtonbeach #straightrazor #hottowels

Fact in a pinch duct tape will protect you from @scrotumcoat

FACT : In a pinch duct tape will protect you from 99% of STD’s.

With my reptilian brother from another astral @scrotumcoat

With my Reptilian brother from another astral plane @quangou. @mangchihammer vinyls Eega Moya and Nega Mola are now available at . @quangou’s solo “Steebee Weebee” comes out digitally next Tuesday, February 22nd. Pre-order now on Amazon.

With my dus in hawaii dvdasa the @scrotumcoat
With my du’s in hawaii


The @mangchihammer crew in Hawaii getting geared up for the show opening for our friends #Deltron3030 February 17th at @jointherepublik #pleaseBro you’ll feel really stupid if you miss this one - lots of special guests and special performances and just special shit in general - who’s coming? #moneyMark #DanTheAutomator #KidKoala @jamesjeanart @mangchihammer @heatherleather_ @quangou @ceciDc @farpoMarx @edk1111

Super chill in hawaii come to the republic @scrotumcoat

Super Chill in Hawaii
Come to The Republic tomorrow night to see @mangchihammer open for Deltron3030. I promise it’ll be super. #superman #tattoo

Hey i went to new zealand heres a photo essay @scrotumcoat


I went to New Zealand, Here’s a photo essay about it. 




Six months ago I got the opportunity of a lifetime to join the DVDASA team. The first thing I was told to do was get my passport in order because there might be a trip to Macau for Steve Lee and Bill Poon. The furthest outside of the US I had been before that trip was Tijuana. It was quite an adventure and you can see it unfold every Wednesday night on over the next few weeks. 
I wasn’t home from China for a week before I got a text that said to buy airline tickets for myself. First I saw the airline was Hawaiian and thought “Oh, cool, team building trip to Hawaii,” but upon further inspection I saw that it was actually a flight to Auckland, New Zealand. I texted back, “Who else is coming? What are we doing?” to which I got a reply “You are going to surprise interview @DVDASAllen2 alone.” 
DVDASAllen2, previously DVDASAllen , now Taco.Song, is one of the biggest, most creative family members that consistently contributes videos and pics on Instagram. I was stoked to meet another big fan of the show and see what makes him tick. I sent him an Instagram DM to get his address and said I was sending him a “Special Package” -  but didn’t tell him I was the package. 
I got in late after a 17 hour flight and Customs grilled me for an hour about only visiting for 4 days with someone I didn’t have a phone number for, so after the mindfuck of driving on the wrong side of the road for the first time, I crashed out at my hotel and planned to meet him in the morning. 
When I knocked on the door all I could think was that I hoped he was home, and then he opened the door. His initial shock and surprise gave way to laughter; he instantly knew who I was and couldn’t believe I was there. He welcomed me in and we started talking about DVDASA right away. He told me about different parts of the show he likes and relates to. He also told me about some of his upbringing: the feeling of being torn between two worlds of church and a neighborhood ruled by gangs and drugs; helping the homeless and speaking to youths about religion - and in the same breath talking about robbing cars and smoking weed.
We went to downtown Auckland near my hotel and checked out the Tower. We tried to eat there but they were booked for the night. The next morning we went out to a beach where he told me more about his dedication to DVDASA and the lengths he would go to protect it.
Dvdasa macau has the tallest bungy jump in the @scrotumcoat


Macau has the tallest bungy jump in the world and when I was there, I said I would do it. I hadn’t bungy jumped before, but I’m not scared of heights and like the feeling of falling (like when you’re on roller coasters) so although scary I thought it would be fun. Time flies when your buddies are fucking whores so we never got around to it, but New Zealand is the birthplace of the bungy so I was told to man up and do it. 
I wanted to bungy off of the Tower in the middle of Auckland but they have a weight limit I exceed, and its not a true bungy because you fall along a line to keep you straight. The woman at the counter mentioned the Auckland Harbor Bridge Jump and I took it right away. I asked Allen to jump with me but he didn’t want any part of it. 
The lady who let us up was nice and said that the order was random but I knew something was up when me and a fat girl were called up first. I didn’t mind though, I’ve always preferred just getting stuff I was scared of out of the way so it was way better for me to go first rather than watch everyone else get scared. 
As you can tell by my face I was nervous as fuck and it led to a shitty jump. I kinda just leaned forward and fell. I got the same effect of the fall and bounce but it felt lame so right then I decided I was going to do it again. There weren’t any slots available that day so I booked it for 9am the next day to do it right.
That next morning on the way to my jump I met a Maori couple. Allen had warned me that most of them are in gangs but they seemed really cool and appreciated my beard.
Dvdasa on my 2nd jump i felt like i flew like @scrotumcoat


On my 2nd jump I felt like I flew like an Eagle. A 270 pound Eagle. It felt great and I will definitely do it again when possible.

Dvdasa after my 2nd glorious jump we shot @scrotumcoat


After my 2nd glorious jump we shot across town and ate a wonderful meal overlooking all of Auckland at the Sky Tower Orbit 360 restaurant. It is the tallest point in the city and spins completely around in one hour. We got a bunch of beautiful shots of the city and were able to plan going to the the museum to see some of New Zealand and Samoan history.

Dvdasa somehow we had both forgotten that @scrotumcoat


Somehow we had both forgotten that museums are boring so we quickly zoomed through it taking funny pictures. We wanted to get out of there before we lost daylight so we could go to a park to smash a bunch of random fruits and vegetables with a hammer for a possible Mangchi video. This was way more fun than the museum. 
That night Allen drew a Mangchi hammer while I asked him about his artisitic process and how it was influenced by Dave. 
I didn’t want to go to New Zealand and miss their biggest export, so we made plans to get up early the next day and go to a sheep farm called SheepWorld. On the way we had to stop at a gas station to pay a toll and I had one of the best meals of my life: a butter chicken meat pie. It was $3 and the best thing I ate on the trip. SheepWorld was pretty empty but the guy who ran it gave us a full demonstration on how the dogs herd the sheep, how to shear them and how to feed the lambs. It was pretty cool other than the smell and the bugs that kept biting me and nobody else. 
It was my last day there so I had to get Allen home and catch my flight. I was rushed but I didn’t want him to feel like I was anxious to leave. He had expressed that he was having a great time running around with me during the day but when I’d drop him off at home he would get overwhelmed with loneliness. Allen is a complicated guy and he’s doing the best he can. I had a great time and Allen was a awesome host. New Zealand is full of nice people that speak a little funny and drive on the wrong side of the road but otherwise are just like us.
New cellphone case got a son of man vegan cult @scrotumcoat

New cellphone case got a “Son of Man”/ Vegan Cult Leader makeover. #DVDASA
@davidchoe @davidchoe2 @dvdasa

This shit is going down live at midnight the 25 @scrotumcoat

This shit is going down LIVE at Midnight. The 25 Hour DVDASA Extravaganza kicks off with a 4 Hour Live DVDASA with yours truly at the controls. Don’t Miss it shitheads!

By @davidchoe2 “Don’t miss the madness - birthing of the #culkinChrist November 2nd 25 hours straight non stop DVDASA #ama on reddit”

Youdontknowme yacuzziboy @scrotumcoat

#YouDontKnowMe @yacuzziboy

Working on my fitness in case critterfleming ever @scrotumcoat

Working on my fitness in case @critterfleming ever needs back up.

Did you know ihop puts pancake batter in @scrotumcoat

IHOP puts pancake batter in their scrambled eggs to make them fluffier. #InternationalHouseOfPancakes #IHOP #RootyTootyFreshNFruity

I think i got the yee pronouncedyee shortfor @scrotumcoat

I think I got the yee’ #PronouncedYee #ShortFor #Yeast #sorethroat #gettingbetter #beingababy #wahhhh

My laundromat has been on criminal minds twice @scrotumcoat

My laundromat has been on “Criminal Minds” twice. #CrimnoMinez #CriminalMinds #mural #KillerWhale #KillerThreads #KillersFound #UnSub

Spiderspaw my scanner fucking hates white @scrotumcoat


my scanner fucking hates white thread. :/

Bbyjswag tribute 2 big j @scrotumcoat


tribute 2 big j

Pi4nobl4ck happy easter indeed @scrotumcoat


Happy easter, indeed.

Pi4nobl4ck happy easter @scrotumcoat



Nbcsnl in case you didnt notice its that @scrotumcoat


In case you didn’t notice, it’s that crazy-ass time of year again: EASTER! And what better way to celebrate than with the first-ever CRUNK-ASS Easter Festival?!

Don’t just listen to us — take it from Under-Underground Records’ DJ Supersoak and Lil Blaster!

Iamalroberts happy easter lol @scrotumcoat


Happy Easter lol

Weedporndaily happy easter from jay and silent @scrotumcoat


Happy Easter from Jay and Silent Bob

Unicornfromhell happy easter @scrotumcoat


happy easter 

Buzzfeed in case you were curious this is how @scrotumcoat


In case you were curious, this is how Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey celebrated Easter. 

Sexichris bonnie rotten brazzers @scrotumcoat


Bonnie Rotten - (Brazzers)

Phoxs little bunny girl nn @scrotumcoat


little bunny girl n_n

Ivlostmymindd when you realize hes almost 40 @scrotumcoat


When you realize he’s almost 40, it makes it funnier

Cubmodebruh wanafrick stop scrolling do @scrotumcoat




Do you see this?

Peeps Marshmallow Chicks do not accurately represent a real chick in any way.

They are shorter, they are unnaturally yellow, they have little dots for eyes.

If Peeps were actual real chicks, they would have serious health complications because they are made of sugar and gelatin.

Above all that, if a Peep chick wanted to walk, it could not. It would nosedive, because it has no legs or arms or actually any moving ligaments whatsoever.

I hope I inspired chicks everywhere with this message.

Remember, when you look in the mirror, it’s not you who’s ugly.

It’s society that’s ugly.


Easter ballerina @scrotumcoat

Easter Ballerina

Giving her his carrot @scrotumcoat

Giving her his carrot

Easter gettin his roadside @scrotumcoat

Easter gettin his roadside

Easter gettin his @scrotumcoat

Easter Gettin His

Happy easter @scrotumcoat


Fuck easter @scrotumcoat

Fuck Easter

Happy easssssssssster @scrotumcoat


Dvdasa in greek dvdasa literally means the @scrotumcoat


“In Greek, ‘DVDASA’ literally means ‘the pain from an old wound.’ It’s a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone. This show isn’t a spaceship, it’s a time machine. It goes backwards, and forwards … it takes us to a place where we ache to go again. It’s not just a podcast, it’s DVDASA.”

Dave Draper, Joan Akira, Pete Trivia, Critter Sterling and Poongy Olson are DVDASA

Thecitrusreport nychos workinprogress haight @scrotumcoat


@nychos #workinprogress #haight #ashbury #montanacans #wallspace @wallspace #nychos #rabbiteyemovement #Upperplayground #Fifty24SF @upperplayground @upperplayground_worldwide

Thecitrusreport cellular lifestyles by @scrotumcoat


“Cellular Lifestyles” by #FrankieT at #citrusreport #cellphone #celluar #verizon

Dvdasa you see us as you want to see us in the @scrotumcoat


You see us as you want to see us… in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions.
@davidchoe @critterfleming @asahole @bobbytrivia @yumyumcha @davidchoe2 @asahole3 @asahole5 #TheBreakfastClub #WhoWereYouInHighschool?

Dvdasa yo dawg i heard you like critter @scrotumcoat



Thecitrusreport by nychos second mural this @scrotumcoat


by @nychos Second mural this month. Made possible with the support of Steve from @undergroundsf and @montanacans for @fifty24sfgallery #nychos #rabbiteyemovement #Fifty24SF @rabbiteyemovement_official #theweird Photo by #MerlinJackson

Thecitrusreport cheese by chefjenkins @scrotumcoat


“Cheese” by #ChefJenkins available at #citrusreport #grilledcheese #snacktime @snacktimeindo

West side @scrotumcoat


Cockateil @scrotumcoat


Shimshang couldnt stop myself el @scrotumcoat


couldnt stop myself


Welcome to my hood @scrotumcoat

welcome to my hood

He dead @scrotumcoat

he dead

Dvdasa butthole tee perfect gift for the @scrotumcoat


Butthole Tee

Perfect gift for the biggest asshole you know.

Available at

X games soccer @scrotumcoat

X-Games Soccer

A wild snorlaxxx askmegabolt @scrotumcoat





That awkward moment when you break the shower wall….


I just died of laughter


gettin hers

Gettin hers @scrotumcoat

gettin hers

Dvdasa esao andrews with his beautiful dvdasa @scrotumcoat


Esao Andrews with his beautiful DVDASA inspired painting that was discussed on Episode 089

Rip @scrotumcoat


One time some dude in a bmw was hella mean mugging @scrotumcoat

one time some dude in a BMW was hella mean mugging me in traffic and rear ended the guy in front of him because he was looking at me. i dont know why he was looking at me all mean. i was in a car with my mom.

Rudolphtheredguardreindeer say what you will @scrotumcoat


say what you will about america, but at least 1 dollar can still get you a hell of a lot of mice

Fuck you @scrotumcoat

fuck you

Thelandofrapeandhoney night of the demons @scrotumcoat


Night Of The Demons (1988)

and i thought it was weird when girls kept their cellphone in their bra

Balls pit @scrotumcoat

balls pit

Taking my lunch while leaving my dinner @scrotumcoat

taking my lunch while leaving my dinner

Dvdasa bizarro seinfeld kratter dave @scrotumcoat



Kratter, Dave Choestanza, Aslaine Benes, Bobby Triviafeld

Rip @scrotumcoat


Dvdasa by lovelyali i would so wear this @scrotumcoat


By @lovelyali_ “I would so wear this!👙”

This is some good cuddling bro @scrotumcoat

this is some good cuddling bro

Tims dad was killed by a falling brick when he @scrotumcoat

Tim’s dad was killed by a falling brick when he was just a boy and since then he has vowed to fuck up every brick he sees. like a really low budget karate half batman.

Dvdasa tittys smash @scrotumcoat



Pizza weed cats me suckin ur dick @scrotumcoat

pizza-weed-cats: me suckin ur dick

Instant karma @scrotumcoat

instant karma

Dvdasa to the left to the left beyonchoe @scrotumcoat


To the left, to the left
#BeyonCHOE #Beyonce
@davidchoe @davidchoe2 @beyonce

Zerostatereflex scientists were able to @scrotumcoat


Scientists were able to neurally connect a prosthetic hand and give the sense of touch back to one person. Albeit it’s not perfect we’re well on our way to achieving science fiction.

For the first time Dennis Sorensen was able to sense the hardness of a block, the softness of a piece of cloth and fragility of a styrofoam cup.

quit playing and give that robot a titty to grab