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Naughtycostumes originally posted by naughty @secretspanker


Originally posted by Naughty Costumes @

I can think of a few uses for the school desk in the background

Bringbackthecane spankchristina @secretspanker



1121sexcrazyteens so whod like to see the vid @secretspanker


So who’d like to see the vid of my asshole being rough fucked?😜

reblog if you would!
Indetention strengersebastian cqfc2008 @secretspanker




The shoes are certainly non-regulation.

Agreed - but would you punish her?  The rest of her uniform is immaculate, isn’t it?

K8ie xx

The nail polish however, is definitely non-regulation…

Spankingslipper this will teach you young lady i @secretspanker


This will teach you young lady. I am going to slipper the insolence out of you

Torch echo itc issue 11 @secretspanker


ITC issue 11

Schooluniformpunishment she felt very @secretspanker


She felt very embarrassed at having to go over the teachers knee at her age for a spanking. Why couldn’t she just have caned me instead she thought, as the teachers hand kept spanking her bare bottom.  

Where to start extra punishments for the shoes @secretspanker

Where to start … Extra punishments for the shoes, hold ups and non-regulation panties.

Bringbackthecane spankingonline @secretspanker



Nice @secretspanker


Bringbackthecane source caning her for the @secretspanker



Caning her for the smoking i understand but her tea is going to get cold if she has to hold that position for long …..
Thepenitents a nice submission thanks @secretspanker


a  nice submission, thanks!

Very cute @secretspanker

Very cute

Schoolmistresslover serves them right @secretspanker


Serves them right …

All in a line @secretspanker

All in a line …

Indetention face forward kelly and take that @secretspanker


Face forward, Kelly.  And take that sulky look off your face.  You’ve only yourself to blame for the fact that you’re bending over with your knickers down, haven’t you!  Right, you stay there.  I’m just going to fetch something to smack you with.

Discipline matters lovely no untoward @secretspanker


Lovely.  No untoward creases, just a tidy position,and a worried look.  But not worried enough.

Strengersebastian a girl has assumed her @secretspanker


A girl has assumed her position across the chair.

Schoolgirl discipline touch your toes stay @secretspanker


Touch your toes… stay down, don’t jump up … six strokes to come.

Which one will he pick @secretspanker

Which one will he pick?

Spanktastik the awesome pandora blake dreams @secretspanker


The awesome Pandora Blake - Dreams of Spanking

They know whats coming when they get upstairs @secretspanker

They know whats coming when they get upstairs …

Bringbackthecane spankchristina @secretspanker



Nice stripes @secretspanker

Nice stripes

Afirmhand2 a schoolgirl strapped and showing @secretspanker


A schoolgirl strapped and showing her bottom

Nice stripes

Nice ping pong paddle from real life spankingscom @secretspanker

Nice ping pong paddle from

Frillybowsandlace whatmakesaspanko as the @secretspanker



As the main goal of the blog was to invite, embrace and educate those on spanking - Here is another post to discuss the variety of spanking or discipline that can help define your likes and needs.

Many who are looking to explore spanking and discipline do so for a variety of reasons. For simple sexual foreplay - or to go back to a more steady role in the house where there is a dominant and submissive person and the discipline is in the form of a “head of household” - to those who need to have those times of being called out for their attitude or tone - to be held accountable - for true discipline - to those then who want to explore the more intense form of punishment that begins to move towards BDSM.

As i post more - the goal is that as you wander through this blog - you decide if you want to explore a form of spanking or discipline, then to define what type you wish to explore - and then as we progress, to see what implements you can try - how they are used and how they can affect your body and mind.

There is a tutorial on belt spanking - and many pictures and videos to help you decide which type or types you might be interested in.

So, if you have come this far - and decide you wish to explore punishment in some way - try to see which of the four you want to start at - and work your way through. Make sure you and your partner understand the roles (for both of you) for Roleplay spanking, Therapy spanking, Punishment spanking and Hardcore spanking.

Bottom line - be open, be smart - and learn that trust and communication is key to the success of your adventure! Have Fun!

All I have had so far are therapy spankings, but they are wonderful. They give me the release and good cry I need when I am overwhelmed or stressed, but without a pinpoint reason. I don’t have to focus on emotions but on physical feeling. I just wish I had them available more frequently.

But what if the neighbours see @secretspanker

But what if the neighbours see?

Thepenitents kami robertson @secretspanker


kami robertson, I think

Nice war face @secretspanker

Nice war face!

Very useful @secretspanker

very useful

The deans new nude detention policy in action @secretspanker

The Deans new nude detention policy in action.

Natashas attempts to shorten her school skirt may @secretspanker

Natashas attempts to shorten her school skirt may have gone too far …

Its like we dont even need to be there self @secretspanker

It’s like we don’t even need to be there …

Self spanking, it’s the thin end of the wedge for the spanking community!

Teethheart is this the cane you wanted mr d @secretspanker


Is this the cane you wanted, Mr. D? 

Keep the position i promised her i wouldnt @secretspanker


I promised her I wouldn’t spank her on the bare bottom. I keep my promises. (similar pics here)

Discipline matters fantastic framing and @secretspanker


Fantastic framing and  shadow.  Nicely on toes.  Quite apprehensive.


Hurrah for rosaline young @secretspanker

Hurrah for Rosaline Young!

Measuring up @secretspanker

measuring up

Where can you get a razor strop these days @secretspanker

Where can you get a razor strop these days?

Is no where safe not even the kitchen it seems @secretspanker

Is no where safe? Not even the kitchen it seems!

Ill teach you to wear crotchless underwear to the @secretspanker

I’ll teach you to wear crotchless underwear to the office young lady!

And i will concentrate on my task until it is @secretspanker

and i will concentrate on my task until it is done!

Suburbanspanking toasted tushes nice paddle @secretspanker


Toasted tushes

nice paddle

Firmhandsir jeans and knickers around her @secretspanker


Jeans and knickers around her ankles she grips onto the table for dear life waiting for the first stinging lick across her ass.

I think this is from firm hand spanking but could @secretspanker

I think this is from Firm Hand Spanking but could be wrong …