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Selfsucking Bears & Mature Men @selfsuckbears

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A group for hairy, bearded or older men who can suck their own cock. Everything that I feature on this blog was posted somewhere else publicly. If I post a picture of you and you want it removed, just ask, and I will take it down. - Selfsucking Bears & Mature Men (@selfsuckbears)
Thelibidoofadragon old hippie sucks himself off @selfsuckbears


Old Hippie Sucks Himself Off - Kinky Older Men

One of my favorite scenes, from a movie called Rural Erections!

Same guy as last post elrond this one is him @selfsuckbears

Same guy as last post (Elrond), this one is him having some fun at Burning Man.

Another one from the archives found on flickr a @selfsuckbears

Another one from the archives. Found on Flickr a few years ago.

Its been a bit of a dry spell havent found much @selfsuckbears

It’s been a bit of a dry spell, haven’t found much good content out there. You mature bear types need to get back to sucking yourselves and sharing with us! ;)

Here’s a series from the archives. I found these on a defunct MSN group more than a decade ago.

Looking through stored images on disc and found @selfsuckbears

Looking through stored images on disc and found this shot from when we were visiting the snow monkeys in Japan. While my friend was out with the monkeys, I was enjoying some “private time.”

Thank you for yet another great submission, metaurgy!

Click the picture for another great video from @selfsuckbears

Click the picture for another great video from HappyBoyHubba!

Few pics from todays session @selfsuckbears

Few pics from today’s session

Ksboy78 what a goddamn lucky guy @selfsuckbears


What a goddamn lucky guy.

Exgentsss gifs made from various videos posted @selfsuckbears


GIFs made from various videos posted by Gggenene. This man is so fucking HOT.

Flexiblelover sneak peek of the video ill post @selfsuckbears


Sneak peek of the video I’ll post when I hit 50 followers, just six more to go!

Submitted by metaurgy dont recall if i sent you @selfsuckbears

Submitted by metaurgy:

“Don’t recall if I sent you this one or not. Maybe you have a better memory than I do?”

Looking through my “collection”, I don’t think you have! As always, a million thank-yous for sending in your selfing pics (and the occasional video that you make). You’re incredible!

Flexiblelover the orgasms that cum from self @selfsuckbears


The orgasms that cum from self sucking are body shaking wonders. I usually swallow, but wanted to show.


Submitted by metaurgy a bit of a lick while on @selfsuckbears

Submitted by metaurgy:

“A bit of a lick while on vacation last week.”

And it looks delicious. Thank you *very* much!

Ive been holding onto these for a while but i @selfsuckbears

I’ve been holding onto these for a while, but I was saving them for a special occasion. Since this blog now has over 1,100 followers, it seems like a good a time as any!

This guy is known as “SELFSUCKR”. He practically never posts photos of himself and these are several years old now. I’ve been holding out hope that he’d share more, but alas…

Nevertheless, I want to thank you all for following this blog and sharing in my weird little interests.

Exgentsss it doesnt get much hotter than this @selfsuckbears


It doesn’t get much hotter than this, in my opinion: big beefy bearded bear chowing down on his own fat cock in the X position (difficult at best but for a guy like him??), and slurping down his own jizz. 

Exgentsss another unknown source i love @selfsuckbears


Another unknown source,  I love seeing a *very* mature man go down on himself!

Also from This guy goes by “bijay1946”.

Exgentsss source of video unknown i can help @selfsuckbears


Source of video unknown

I can help with that. His handle is “lslmojim” and he is found on a few websites. This video is hosted on

My name is stevie and i love to suck my own cock @selfsuckbears

My name is Stevie and i love to suck my own cock.


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