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Mediumaevum here she is again unfortunately @senexbispuer


Here she is again. Unfortunately, not many photos show her in full glory (like this one does). I have always wondered why they couldn’t find a bigger room. It’s nearly impossible to get a good look or a decent shot.

*Oseberg, a 9th-century burial ship, at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway. Photograph by Kim Walker, Robert Harding/Corbis

Thepictorialist sláinte @senexbispuer



Passionleica share your passionleica m3 by @senexbispuer


Share your #passionleica : M3 by @tapanddye

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Boy helps girl crossing @senexbispuer


Chivalry is not dead…

Bofurs ian does have one ability which i wish @senexbispuer


“Ian does have one ability which I wish I could replicate. You can fall asleep - You could be on the rehearsal room floor, a few pages go by and he hasn’t had any dialogue… It’s so enviable; you and Winston Churchill.”

Smoke and iron wildflow er pray for @senexbispuer



Pray for Venezuela

The government has enforced a media black blocking the regional news channel NTN24, restricting newspapers and many social media sites. 

Don’t forget about Venezuela!

The wolf and moon aurora borealis @senexbispuer


Aurora Borealis

Dreamsinthyme a black cat crossing your path @senexbispuer


A black cat crossing your path means:
He is going somewhere.

Margin all super maria bros via @senexbispuer


Super Maria Bros. ViA.

Loki your majesty indeed deal with the @senexbispuer


Indeed. Deal with the consequences of your acts.
Doing what you want doesn’t mean you have to be a bastard. You choose a decision, and you’ll have to face its consequences.

You must use your mind to give back what you have taken. Return to Sif her golden hair!
-Odin has said to Loki after he had cut Sif’s hair. The trickster God accepted, assuming his punishment.

Tyleroakley tony hawk needs to get on this @senexbispuer


Tony Hawk needs to get on this cat’s level.

Asterixofficiel what is this what nerve of @senexbispuer


What is this! What nerve of them to make us wear skirts in the new album!

Tomewing made for gifs really @senexbispuer


Made for gifs, really.

Exitinsistexist from beauty by rino stefano @senexbispuer


from Beauty by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

Starwars artoo is pleased to announce the launch @senexbispuer


Artoo is pleased to announce the launch of our official Tumblr! We promise there won’t be any cat videos… except maybe a nexu or two.   

Caffeinated biologist spark spark the @senexbispuer


Spark, Spark! The Chemistry of Fireworks 

Ever wondered what causes those fancy fiery works of art shine so bright? The science of how fireworks operate is actually simple. And we’ll find out.

Pyrotechnics, especially fireworks, operate on a simple theory called combustion. Combustion involves the use of oxygen, that why you can’t light a fire in an airtight setup. It also involves the release of energy, in form of heat and/or light energy.

For a firework to burst into an array of spectacular colors, it must contain the following:

  1. Fuel. Must contain either charcoal or thermite alongside the common blackpowder.
  2. Oxidizing Agents. These produces the oxygen needed to burn the mixture. These are either nitrates, chlorates, or perchlorates.
  3. Reducing Agents. These react with the O2 released by the oxidizing agent/s to produce hot gases, and can also be used to control the speed of the reaction. Sulfur and charcoal are the most common reducing agents used.
  4. Metals. These also control the speed of reaction. Larger surface area = faster reaction rate.
  5. Coloring Agents. They give color to the firework. Strontium (Sr) produces red, Copper (Cu) produces blue, Barium (Ba) produces green, Sodium (Na) for yellow, Calcium (Ca) for orange, and Gold (Au) or Titanium (Ti) for an iron-ish color. These elements when heated, produces excess energy in form of light, and the higher the temperature, the shorter the wavelength.
  6. Binders. These hold the mixture in a paste-like texture. The most commonly used binder is dextrin, though parson is also used.

So, fireworks are actually maelstroms of excess heat energy released by different reactions occurring inside the canister. So as we welcome 2014, let us appreciate these brilliant works of both art and science. Cheers to a new year!



Motionaday lifework tuesday tohru mitsuhashi @senexbispuer




Mens look dont worrystay classy the best blog @senexbispuer


Don’t worry&Stay classy The best blog on men’s fashion!

Themaxdavis i love uglys black and brown @senexbispuer


I Love Ugly’s Black and Brown Franklin wallets.

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