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Sensual Pegging @sensualpegging

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Sensual, loving pegging from a non-BSDM perspective, via a guy who really loves it. Images, video and Q&A about pegging, as well as beautiful women showing off their gear. Kinky, but not TOO kinky. - Sensual Pegging (@sensualpegging)
Llovessnpegging im lonely come play with me @sensualpegging


I’m lonely, come play with me babe ❤️❤️
#strapon #pegging #girlcock

Well this is a goddamn gorgeous thanksgiving @sensualpegging

Well, this is a goddamn gorgeous Thanksgiving treat.  Thanks for the submission.

She’s wearing the SpareParts Joque Harness in purple.

Also, if you are doing any Holiday Shopping at if you use this bookmark I get a tiny bit of each purchase.  It helps me out and costs you nothing.  THANKS and Happy Holidays!

Squishtush just jerking around @sensualpegging


Just Jerking Around

Peggingisforlovers thenewlovetobepegged yay @sensualpegging



Yay! My first submission as webmistress! And you are lovely, girl! Send me more, you guys!



Bossman getting fucked and his smooth ass @sensualpegging

Bossman getting fucked and his smooth ass.

Mr mrs d nothing says i love you more than anal @sensualpegging


Nothing says I love you more than anal sex.

Check out Mrs D with her black strap on pegging my ass and stroking my cock.

Cg19761000 pegging strapon dildo @sensualpegging


Pegging, strapon, dildo

Submitted anonymously sporting the tantus @sensualpegging

Submitted Anonymously.

Sporting the Tantus Feeldoe.

Misscasskeyholder just wanted to show off my @sensualpegging


Just wanted to show off my brand new extra tight denim cutoffs and the purple surprise inside. ;)

She’s wearing the Spareparts Joque Harness and a Tantus Feeldoe

Sensualpegging shes ready to go shes @sensualpegging


She’s ready to go.

She’s wearing the Spareparts Joque Harness and what looks to be the Tantus Silk, Large

Sensualpegging ok lets run down the reasons @sensualpegging


OK. Let’s run down the reasons this pic is awesome:

1. Spareparts Hardwear Harness

2. BIG Smile

3. Vintage style Lingerie

Peggingisforlovers hollypurelust you @sensualpegging



You wouldn’t know I was hiding it, would you.

Oh, Holly!

We are sharing a double dildo for the first time @sensualpegging

We are sharing a double dildo for the first time and we loved it ;)

Peggingisforlovers herollsthedice another @sensualpegging



Another follower request fulfilled!

Gearing up. HOT!

Dat harness!

Spareparts Joque

Perverse couple pegging feet licking makes @sensualpegging


Pegging + feet licking… Makes my body and soul shiver.


Holdyoudown tieyouup just bought this and i @sensualpegging


Just bought this and I can’t wait to use it.

Carsatethedead guys always take pictures of @sensualpegging


Guys always take pictures of their dicks like this.


Pegagonia acouplesadventure mrs a getting @sensualpegging



Mrs A getting ready to peg this shit out of my ass!

Spareparts Joque harness and the Tantus Feeldoe slim

1kinkycouple104 i want you your tastetouch @sensualpegging


I want you!!! Your taste,touch and the feel of your skin. I want it all tonight!!

Sirius angel not a fan of the boyish harness @sensualpegging


Not a fan of the boyish harness, but she’s got an incredible stomach. And that looks like a Tantus Curve to me.

That is a Tantus Curve.

Herollsthedice modelling my brand new harness @sensualpegging


Modelling my brand new harness, moments before I lifted R’s legs and thrust my cock into him. It immediately made him cum.

Thenewlovetobepegged 1kinkycouple104 feeling @sensualpegging



Feeling pretty in pink!

And you are.

Loveisalandfill 1kinkycouple104 such a @sensualpegging



Such a sensual night! My favorite pegging session so far!

Looking good.

Gingersdelights new toy got myself a girlcock @sensualpegging


New toy! Got myself a girlcock. Can’t wait to fuck my fiance with it ;)

Dear god in heaven that makes me weak in the @sensualpegging

Dear god in heaven.  That makes me weak in the knees.  I don’t know who you are, but bless you.

My new cock fantastic submission more @sensualpegging

“My new cock!”

Fantastic submission.  MORE NEEDED.

Loveisalandfill legover repurposed some very @sensualpegging



Repurposed some very old panties into a makeshift harness for my feeldoe. I made Daddy make a mess on the bedsheets ^^

Clever girl.

Yes please gotta love those stockings @sensualpegging

Yes, please.  Gotta love those stockings.

The power is changing in this relationship @sensualpegging

the power is changing in this relationship tonight.  now take it like a man. 

Dear submitter this is fantastic please send @sensualpegging

Dear submitter,

This is FANTASTIC.  Please send more soon.

From an anon submitter thanks @sensualpegging

From an anon submitter.  THANKS!

Strapongirl derekisme why should boys have @sensualpegging



why should boys have all the fun?

shake it ! 

Yeah, that’s cute, funny, and sexy.

Viridomarus i had her try on her new cock @sensualpegging


I had her try on her new cock yesterday, even though she isn’t allowed to use until next weekend.

Young cpl sexual expression @sensualpegging



Tonight was definitely an “all about me” night :0) such an amazing woman

really want to fuck my man right now !! 

Wow, I missed this one the first time around.  Fantastic.

Dormroom desires look what came in the mail @sensualpegging


Look what came in the mail today! This is by far the strangest feeling thing I have ever done, haha.. I bet babe can’t wait! ^__^

- A.

Cosas ke me encienden ready set gooooo deeper @sensualpegging


Ready, set, gooooo deeper and deeper

I love this feeldoe more.. streching my anus

Bebopmybebe warming up for our anniversary @sensualpegging


Warming up for our anniversary weekend fun… All that’s missing is your pretty in pink ass peggedhubby

Shes ready to go shes wearing the spareparts @sensualpegging

She’s ready to go.

She’s wearing the Spareparts Joque Harness and what looks to be the Tantus Silk, Large

Strapongirl that perfect moment thanks @sensualpegging


That perfect moment !

====Thanks for the submission ====

Show us your strapon and pegging skills!

We would LOVE to post your hot pics !
submit here:

Perverse couple hardcore pegging feet love @sensualpegging


Hardcore pegging + feet love :3


Wsixxes our first strap on i miss it baby @sensualpegging


Our first strap-on. I miss it baby… 

Sexsweetsstockingsandsuperheroes feeldoe @sensualpegging


Feeldoe & modified tights made for a very fun night!!


Drg1rlfriend best picture i ever took i miss @sensualpegging


Best picture I ever took…. I miss having a dick.

Feeldoe1 @sensualpegging


Anybody want to sit on my hard cock?

Boyboygirllove i slide my hand down my chest @sensualpegging


I slide my hand down my chest grazing a nipple.  I can see it hardening beneath the lace of my lingerie and I flinch remembering the grip you had them in just hours earlier.  I want to stay there…being greedy…enjoying the current that travels down to my pussy as I play.  But I move further down to the smooth plane of my stomach until I encounter the one thing that still needs satisfying.

My hand connects with the protruding smooth shape that juts out from between my legs.  I grip it in my hand…warming it.  I look down, seeing my girl cock strapped on…an extension of me…a source of pleasure for you.  Turning away from the mirror I walk into the bedroom, stopping by the bedside table to retrieve a small bottle of oil.  My eyes seek out the sexy shape of your ass beneath the sheet.  I take a deep breath to slow the excitement that rises in me.  In an instant…electric pulsing need beats deep inside my cunt.  I want you spread open and shaking with need for me…
To read more of my fantasy, On Your Knees and see my naughtier pics visit my forum and check out My Personal Pics & Fantasies :) xoxoxo
Cosas ke me encienden young amateur couple @sensualpegging


Young amateur couple showig their pegging sessions

Oursecretnights i let him get a little used to @sensualpegging


I let him get a little used to it before I went to town.

I quite enjoyed bouncing him up and down on me. Both for the pressure it put on me (somehow in all the right places), but also for the look of it. The massive grin that he couldn’t keep off his face helped mightily. Also, the workout it gave my bum and legs made it even more worth it. :P


Gamquius dont make fun of my small dick i @sensualpegging


don’t make fun of my small dick- I have a bigger one coming in the mail

Misscasskeyholder ive been so busy with the @sensualpegging


I’ve been so busy with the holidays that I haven’t posted very much and neglected my adoring fans, so here’s a solo set to wish you all a happy new year! ;)