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"Twink" is a dirty word. - A Serious Situation (@serioussituation)
Jpmbearinunderwear sunday funthe slightly less @serioussituation


sunday fun…the slightly less nude part

Grunterprefers yeah i dont normally post @serioussituation


Yeah, I don’t normally post collage posts.
But dayum, I need this man to violate me repeatedly.

Robertomalonefanclub victoradame92 roberto @serioussituation



Roberto Malone xxx

Roberto Malone Pornstar

Spartacubs me and jack having a cwtch @serioussituation


Me and Jack having a cwtch!

Grunterprefers really would have preferred just @serioussituation


Really would have preferred just one shot per post

Grunterprefers case in point about the tumblr @serioussituation


Case in point about the tumblr image attribution whining.

This picture doesn’t belong to

That’s a picture that I took with a shitty disc-driven Sony Mavica in the late 90’s of my partner. That’s my old wooden bed. And that’s the flag that I still hang in my bedroom.

Am I going to write a bitchy little note to the original poster and demand it be taken down or that I get ALL THE LIKES / HEARTS? Fuck no. Don’t be stupid.

It’s a good picture. Guys seem to genuinely enjoy it. And I’m glad guys still jack off to the shot.

I’ll reblog, do the identification myself, and move - THE FUCK - on.

Chubpornlover wanting2beowned raysnprism @serioussituation




Pavo Del Agave photography. Vaqueros Mexicanos

a very rough and mean looking Owner! love those kind of Owners!

tremendo macho!!

Rwmii how not to trim a beard @serioussituation


How NOT to trim a beard….

Thebrisket i got a message recently from @serioussituation


I got a message recently from someone saying that they really like the way a bear looks in a thong. I don’t think I’ve posted these before but after getting that message I couldn’t help myself-lol.

Fhabhotdamncobs w f warning not the @serioussituation


W♂♂F     (WARNING!   Not the place for “Pretty Boys” or their fans)