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Seryx ' Sexy and Fan-tastic • PORN AND FANDOM • NSFW! St a r T r e k ! Star Wars , Stargate ... Sonstiges in Sachen SF/Fantasy/Mystery. Abenteuer, Sex and Crime! ♫ Het/Slash/Bi/Poly/Omni... Nacktheiten aller Art. BDSM. Hardcore-Fucking. Whatever. - Sexy and Fan-tastic! (@seryxxx)
Romanoffs art here you go someone asked for @seryxxx


Here you go.. Someone asked for Tony Stark so :)

Brilcrist quartermaster first kill part i @seryxxx


Quartermaster First Kill, PART I
based on this href="" target="_blank"SPECTRE DELETED SCRIPT

Part II and Part III
(coming soon)

Kleinmeli remember the sketch i did in summer @seryxxx


Remember the sketch I did in summer, of rogers-and-stark background sidebar.
Well…I now finally found the time to color it.

I just really needed some Stony today. T__T

Petite madame the war is over a stevetony @seryxxx


The War is Over

A Steve/Tony artwork because the Stony shippers of my Twitter timeline seemed to be quite sad after the Civil War trailer. Here’s something to cheers you up, guys! A big thank you to Kleinmeli who kindly took the time to beta the English caption! You’re a sweetheart. 💗

Lorna ka im not ready to draw you know what @seryxxx


I’m not ready to draw you-know-what angsty scenes, not yet. So here’s a happy pic where everyone survives yet another battle and a relieved uncle is just happy to embrace his nephews.

City of gay angels the uttermost choice is @seryxxx


The uttermost choice is before you: to repent and go to the Havens and bear away into the West the memory of our days together that shall there be evergreen but never more than a memory; or else to abide the Doom of Men.

Hedgehog goulash7 holmes and adler hmm i @seryxxx


Holmes and Adler 

Hmm - I could write her comeback with one hand tied behind my back – and I hope “Sherlock Holmes 3′s” screenwriter has the same sort of idea.

Brudesworld van helsing 2004 @seryxxx


Van Helsing (2004)

Michaelmay yvonne craig on star trek @seryxxx


Yvonne Craig on Star Trek

Drzito se ha recordado mucho a yvonne craig por @seryxxx


Se ha recordado mucho a Yvonne Craig por su papel de Batgirl, menos por el de verdosa esclava de Orion en Star Trek.

Piemakersanddeadgirls i see this gif and i @seryxxx


I see this gif and I immediately have the idea that when ever Thranduil and Legolas visit Imladris, Legolas always messes with Arwen and she always responds by hitting him.

Hellyeahmadsmikkelsen happy 50th birthday mads @seryxxx


Happy 50th Birthday, Mads Mikkelsen 🎉🎁🎈🎂 (22nd November 1965)

Momokona ciao hannibal @seryxxx



K atnight me myself go to church @seryxxx


me @myself​: go to church

Kelslk art steve and tony sitting in a tree @seryxxx



Kittrose im in a star wars mood after @seryxxx


I’m in a Star Wars mood after rewatching the whole series, so here’s a warm up portrait of princess Leia!

Hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman prayfortheworld @seryxxx


#prayfortheworld #staystrong #prayforpeace

If only Superman and Wonder Woman were real maybe there might be less tears in the world.

Spyrale johnny depp by singhooi lim @seryxxx


Johnny Depp by Singhooi Lim

Michaelmay posters for the huntsman winters @seryxxx


Posters for The Huntsman: Winter’s War. Cannot get excited about this sequel to a movie I didn’t like, but man I support that casting.

Emungere sherlocks freebitch @seryxxx






*casually drops a frightened, bound and blindfolded Hugh Dancy in your dash*

*walks away whistling*

and then they bring out the cult leader: Hannibal Lecter.

Please write this.

I will give away my left arms and legs if you do.

@emungere I’m looking at you

At least three sets of hands shoved Will forward. He fell on his knees in the dirt. The rope around his wrists dug into his skin. He could get it no looser, no matter how he twisted. Voices rose up around him in the hot night, muffled but excited. He smelled rotting leaves and fresh earth. Someone howled.

“That’s enough,” a new voice said.

Will knew him: Hannibal  Lecter, the chief psychiatrist at the mental hospital he’d been sent to investigate after its patients developed a habit of turning up dead in the woods. The woods where, he guessed, he now knelt.

A hand touched his face. He flinched from it, but Dr. Lecter only worked his blindfold up and off. He squatted in front of Will, balanced on his heels. “You checked yourself into my care under false pretenses,” Dr. Lecter said.

Will said nothing.

Dr. Lecter held up Will’s badge, which he could only have gotten from Will’s apartment back in New Orleans. “Detective Will Graham, New Orleans Homicide. Only twenty two. You must be quite the prodigy. It will be a shame to cut your career short.”

Will looked at Lecter’s calm face and then at the circle of silent people. Some held torches. Some crouched in the shadows and some pressed as near as they could get to Lecter before he gave them a look like a whip and sent them scuttling back.

“A hunting party,” Will said.

Lecter nodded once. “In my forest, we eat or we are eaten.”

“Are you saying I have a chance?”

“There is always a chance if we are willing to take the opportunities presented to us. Don’t you find that to be true?”

“I think I’d find more opportunities with my hands untied,” Will said.

Lecter smiled. It showed his teeth. He took a knife from his pocket and cut the ropes from Will’s wrists. “Good hunting,” he said.

That was the cue for every figure in the circle to come at Will with open mouths and clawed hands. He dove through a gap, rolled, and came up running.


Near dawn, Will found the circle of bare earth again. Lecter was still there.

Will dumped his burden onto the ground at his feet. It was the body of a man dressed in armor made from bones and claws.

“I didn’t think I would see you again,” Lecter said.

Will stood, panting. He looked from his bloody knuckles to the body of the man he’d killed. “I couldn’t find my way out of the woods,” he said. After that night, he wasn’t sure he ever would.

Claudiablacks goodbye you big beautiful @seryxxx


“Goodbye, you big, beautiful, blue bitch.”

Stitchyarts tony starks reasons to own a @seryxxx


Tony Stark’s Reasons to Own a Disposable Quantity of Vintage Cars # 4850

Kingbirdkathy shall we dance @seryxxx


Shall we dance?

Awesomeheirsofdurin dwalinroxxx casually @seryxxx



Another one for this AU and actually a fic-cover, but since the story is not in english, the art is all you gonna get)
Hope it’s good enough though

You hope it’s good enough though.  Damn, woman it’s freaking awesome!

Cosplayhotties daenerys targaryen cosplay @seryxxx


Daenerys Targaryen cosplay 

Schwein child 念你 寻你 @seryxxx


念你 寻你

Inaheartbeaten aviateurs ive w a i t e d @seryxxx



I’ve  w a i t e d  long enough. 

eh okay i guess i’ll watch this one scene then


Wesleycrushingit well i do not understand this @seryxxx


Well, I do not understand this business of pressing with the lips to apologize…

Spockvarietyhour uss archer @seryxxx


USS Archer

Torple scully wake up youve gotta see this @seryxxx


Scully, wake up. You’ve gotta see this.

K atnight so this is a thing that i did @seryxxx


so this is a thing that i did

Sideniggaparalegal the zebra is trying not to @seryxxx


The zebra is trying not to look lol

Classicsmatters collectivehistory erotic @seryxxx



Erotic Roman coins used as tokens for entrance in Roman brothels

I miss ancient Rome…and I was never even there.

Stuff i dug up miles okeeffe as tarzan @seryxxx


Miles O'Keeffe as Tarzan

Readysteadytrek tsai the vulcan kolinahr @seryxxx


T'sai, the Vulcan Kolinahr High Master from Star Trek The Motion Picture

Hanniwill hi my followers thanks for follow @seryxxx


Hi my followers,
Thanks for follow my Hannibal/Mads fan art blog! This blog since Apr.2013 until now, already 3 years and 1500 followers.  I made this blog because I love this show and I love their team and all actors and actresses, of course include all Fannibals’ creative works. I collected Fannibal’s fan arts and I want to keep them forever. REALLY LOVE IT……

I am an illustrator too, I upload my fan arts in this blog sometimes, and I received some friends here sent the fan fiction to me and ask cooperation. These stories are pretty cool and very awesome, but I don’t have enough time to read them all and realized what their correct meaning. ( English is not my main language). I am sorry but I still want to say I love you!

Honestly, According to many precedents, I am not optimistic Hannibal S4 & film will appear in the future,  but #savehannibal. I just want to say, I will change my blog and start to collect fan arts or anything about these tags below in the future:#Hannibal  #Mads Mikkelsen #Huge Dancy #Hannigram#madancy #spacedog  #Tristan and Galahad(tristhad)…etc

I draw these images about Mads said Hannibal and Will they hide in somewhere for few years.

Fuckyeahteamjones daily doctor sunday @seryxxx


Daily Doctor, Sunday, November 1st

(click through for original)

gif credit a-world-overrun-by-oysters or thefrailtyofgenius

Umakoo ragnarök awaits @seryxxx


Ragnarök awaits.

Maxkennedy24 medieval steve x tony commission @seryxxx


Medieval Steve x Tony commission across the fanfic 

Moonlettuce cause youre not the only one i @seryxxx


“’Cause you’re not the only one I called.”

Tos fanart captain kirks lonely hearts club @seryxxx


Captain Kirk’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Cover of Star Trek Magazine Special 2015

Lostconner his hair @seryxxx


His hair

The paintbrush you get killed walk it off @seryxxx


“You get killed… walk it off.”

Happy birthday Violet! Oct 28

Longhairfordays joseph garrison @seryxxx


Joseph Garrison

Oriental lady this is my recipe will hi i @seryxxx


This is my recipe, Will.
Hi, I know that some of you wanted to see the translation and page 3, so I kicked myself and did it.
We didn’t translate the whole FF though, only the last paragraph that I drew.
But if you know Russian you can read it here on AO3

Thanx to vi0lentquiche and pastalava for help with translation, edit, grammar and punctuation. Guys, we love you!
And of course thanx to my dear author, she’s the best!

Hope u like it!

Temporary sci fi craziness sci fi geekiness or @seryxxx


Sci-Fi geekiness (or temporary Sci-Fi craziness): Voyager jumps to warp

I watched some Enterprise the other day and I was really missing Voyager’s nacelles moving up before she jumps to warp. So I spent the day going through all episodes looking what I could find to make this post (I don’t know if I have every single one. I got 16 and of course they used some jumps more than once).

Downboy this is what this blog is all about @seryxxx


This is what this blog is all about

Teenwolfieswelcome missing the sass that is @seryxxx


missing the sass that is Peter Hale

Slayerstark teen wolf meme two werewolves 1 @seryxxx


teen wolf meme: two werewolves [1 /2]
Peter Hale

Dunbartalbot peter hale i am the alpha @seryxxx


peter hale 

“I am the alpha. I’ve always been the alpha!”

Hyochanaf beautiful eyes did you get them from @seryxxx


Beautiful eyes. Did you get them from your father?

Talvilupus in mythology fire appears both as a @seryxxx


In mythology, fire appears both as a creative, cleansing force and as a destructive, punishing one, although positive aspects of fire generally outweigh negative ones.

Somethingpoetichere or maybe its just that @seryxxx


Or maybe it’s just that beautiful things are so easily broken by the world.