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Iheartlips themostdangerousplaything she is @sexcountry



She is like a dream. 

Beautiful :)

Popscandysmut idesly love and lynn pops have a @sexcountry


Idesly Love and Lynn Pops have a sexy and smutty X-mas together. In black knee high boots and festive lingerie they strip each other naked and get sticky with Candy Canes. These Lollipop Sluts decorate the tree with their panties and bras. ;) Happy Holidays! Photos taken by Haus of Se7en.

Shooting myself two girls tuesday should be a @sexcountry


Two-girls Tuesday should be a thing…Yes, it’s Tuesday where I live ;)

Masterpet for someone special if we were to @sexcountry


For Someone Special

If we were to meet, I think I’d be even more excited than our guys would be doing this with you…and I don’t think they’d mind watching us….


Simply black and white midnight treat @sexcountry


Midnight treat

Nudeartdaily liza del sierra facialfriday @sexcountry


Liza Del Sierra #FacialFriday - follow us on Twitter: @NudeArtDaily

2drool4 breaking in the new year by breaking in @sexcountry


Breaking in the New Year by breaking in her tight ass….

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Come follow me for more black & white images.

Hot ffm bang @sexcountry



Paradoxintell coccole @sexcountry



Blowbangs like a kid in a candy store @sexcountry


Like a kid in a candy store

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Reblogged via Stumblr

Melissassecret my reward for having a good @sexcountry


my reward for having a good mouth and pussy

Will100 ciao ella kisses @sexcountry


Ciao Ella, kisses :))

Temptingbliss whew it took a lot of guts for @sexcountry


whew… it took a lot of guts for me to post this… it’s MY EX plowing me from behind… my first hardcore shot posted! =X i hope you like it, because i miss it

Taake caree try to seduce me @sexcountry


Try to seduce me

Masterpet this morning my husband of four years @sexcountry


This morning my husband of four years but one day woke me up by kissing the back of my neck. I saw the sun set over the ocean for the first time in my life yesterday. It was incredibly romantic to be together, barefoot on the beach hand in hand watching it disappear below the horizon. I slept in His arms, rather tired from the travel (I hate flying and find airports stressful) and slept in.

Master wanted my body this morning and pushed me onto my belly. “Spread your legs apart, Pet,” He said. It was the first time He called me Pet since we left home. Frankly hearing my birth name has begun to sound odd to me; I’ve become so used to being called Pet now.

He knelt near my head and said, “make me wet for you, Pet.” I opened my mouth and took His cock in it, running my tongue around the head, tracing the edge of the little helmet, enjoying His scent. Even freshly washed, with unscented soap, He has a smell that is uniquely His there, and I like it.

Satisfied that He was sufficiently moistened (He was hard long before entering my mouth), Master moved back down and gently but firmly took a hold of my waist with one hand. The other held His own cock, as He pressed it against my bumhole. I relaxed, frankly really aroused by how firmly He held me. I felt Owned, despite having none of the usual trappings of ownership. Only the tattoo on my back (which today on the beach drew some stares) made it clear to those who understood the symbol.

Once halfway inside me, He held my waist with both hands, making me feel small and helpless. It is a feeling that as a submissive I really enjoy. He pushed deeper, until He was all the way in me. “Tell me, Pet, what are you?”

“A slave, Master.”

“Whose slave?”

“Yours, Master.”

“None others?”

“No, Master! Not before you and certainly not now. You Own me, Master.”

He began to thrust in me; the feeling of fullness in my belly made me wonder what being pregnant would be like. His cock alone felt like it would tear my insides apart, so huge did it seem. “You won’t cum now, Pet,” He instructed. I merely nodded as He thrust in me, slowly going faster. I was going to be used quickly, fucked before breakfast, and then we would be off on our day’s explorations. I’d be fucked and horny, and He would be sated. It was all right. I’d rather cum, but making Him happy pleased me more right now.

Hs grip intensified to match His pace, yet so well was I held that I didn’t move much with each slam of His body into mine. He would alter His pace to last longer, slowing, then speeding up, until finally I felt (and heard His groans) as Hs cum leaped from Him into me. He pulled out and kissed my lips, then stood, extending a hand to me. He pulled me off the bed and said, “get in the shower, my little slave girl. I want to watch you finger yourself until you cum.” I started walking, then ran when He swatted my ass with a loud smack that made me blush, thinking the whole resort had to hear it.

I was allowed to cum three times before being carried bodily out of the shower and tossed on the bed, with the stern order to get dressed “in something pretty you want to wear today.” It was His way of telling me in Master-terms to dress How I want.

I could not complain, I had three orgasms within an hour of waking up!


Fuckyeahbraziliangirls alessandra negrini @sexcountry


Alessandra Negrini