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**This site contains explicit content and is for 18+ or whatever the legal age is where you are. Please do not view if you are underage.** Sex is (e)motion. So I collect the photo's with emotion or that moves me. Love between two people is the most beautiful thing here on earth... So let us enjoy it! Disclaimer: I take no credit for the photographs and stories and do not imply in any way that I am responsible for the composure or photography on this site. These pictures are mostly reblogged from other places, or found on the public internet. If you find one on here that's yours and you would like it removed, just send a message. . - sex in (e)motion (@sexinemotion)
Filling her up @sexinemotion

Filling her up!

Grrrrrlbaby mmmm good morning gb @sexinemotion


Mmmm, good morning!

Hot @sexinemotion


Just an aussie porn blog @sexinemotion


href="http://just-an-aussie-porn-blog" target="_blank" href="" target="_blank"

Busybeatalks against a rock wall in the woods @sexinemotion


Against a rock wall in the woods II: Dex and Bea: Los Angeles, CA 10.6.15

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Everyday horny him grip that desk @sexinemotion


Grip that desk.

Hot @sexinemotion


Taking whats mine @sexinemotion

Taking what’s mine…

Time for a short stop @sexinemotion

Time for a short stop…