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Welcome to Sex Worker Problems.

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Remember Tjhisha Ball and Angelia Mangum. We're sort of here and sort of not. The-Pink Phoenix Why Donate? _____ Please read the description below fully before sending us requests for advice or information .  Online Tag Links For Ease in Searching: Perks Problems Personal Rage Comics Answers Policies+Procedures _____ Template Links: Old School Perks Old School Problems Rage Comic Templates _____ We do not do 101. We do not advise anyone on jobs in the sex industry or how to find jobs in the sex industry. This is not a site for medical, legal, or psychiatric advice or care. We are a community of sex workers that exists only to provide sex workers with friendship and conversation. We do not help with student papers, thesis assignments, public speeches or anything else in which you would use our ideas or experiences for your benefit. All writings, graphics, and blogs you see here are copyrighted and our intellectual property. If you would like to use information or graphics you see here, please contact us with your request. If you would like to contact us for media or interview inquiries, please email us at sexworkerproblems at gmail dot com. ________ Ask Submissions _____

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