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Sexy Game Champs @sexygamechamps

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Well, on this Tumblr I post Game art related to sexy Characters. Mostly of Games I play but every well known Game Char is welcome. Please feel free to Submit! - Sexy Game Champs (@sexygamechamps)
Neaon strike vi @sexygamechamps


Neon Strike Vi

Plan on coloring thise one, based off this old sketch which people seemed to like:

Also on deviantart:

Riven has no regrets on this outfit @sexygamechamps

riven has no regrets on this outfit

Sejuani nidalee @sexygamechamps

sejuani nidalee

Tumblrlpdkthacxi1qfvsijo11280 @sexygamechamps


Tumblrmaap82kvqj1rcpuaho11280 @sexygamechamps


Tumblrmad7mfzpos1qfcmbko1500 @sexygamechamps


Tumblrmax2keqqpv1r82a0to11280 @sexygamechamps


I was asked to remove some pictures by their @sexygamechamps

I was asked to remove some pictures by their Author, here my public Answer:

This Tumblr is driven by community submitted pictures, as far as the artist is known he will be named. If not submitted in the picture submit It`s not possible to relink back to all original authors.  I`m a professional drawer by myself and can you just give the tip to include a © or name into the picture before you publish it. Internet today and especialy tumblr and pinterest are for the most users a copy & paste world. So many submits and many I refuse to post here because they contain © notice. Those which don`t will be posted until  I receive a removal request. So I will delete your pictures then because I can not proofe that you are the legit author of them so in future, as I said, best put in a url into the picture.

Leagueoflegendsbeachpartybycobaltcolada d51o @sexygamechamps


Sexy ahri boobies @sexygamechamps

sexy ahri boobies

Soraka and the adcs @sexygamechamps

Soraka and the Adc’s

Here is ahri from league of legends in a special @sexygamechamps

Here is Ahri from League of Legends in a special unreleased police uniform :) The artist is unknown. btw, my primary blog is, but I have reblogged you from my secondary (