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submission-based blog that celebrates the sexy ladies of tumblr. submit your photos here. nudes and non-nudes are welcome. girls of all races, sexuality and with all body types encouraged to submit. 18+ nsfw. - sexy girls of tumblr (@sexygirlsof)
Pu y cat 3 theanatomyofayellowbird submit your @sexygirlsof

pu$$y cat <3 


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Hi this shoot belongs to my album dressed to @sexygirlsof
Hi! This shoot belongs to my album "Dressed to Kill"... just for fun name in relation to the KISS album. xoxoxo


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Nothins better than a wife beater and lace @sexygirlsof

nothin’s better than a wife beater and lace underwear

Submission from twinklelikestars

I was drunk in a motel tried to be a beericorn @sexygirlsof

I was drunk in a motel. Tried to be a Beericorn. Not sure if that comes across…

Submission from vacunt

So i did a selfie shoot and im really proud of @sexygirlsof

So, I did a selfie-shoot and I’m really proud of how the pics came out (:
This one is one of my favourites :D

Anon submission. Submit your own selfies -

My boyfriend loves to take pictures when he cums @sexygirlsof

my boyfriend loves to take pictures when he cums on me. so pt. 1?

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Dirtyberd bathtub bloggin @sexygirlsof


Bathtub bloggin’

Dirtyberd lots of inquiries about my bush @sexygirlsof


Lots of inquiries about my bush lately. Update: it’s thriving. And, honestly, fewer things have made me feel sexier than having pubic hair. Buuuuush!

Dancesamdance made a video from the other @sexygirlsof


made a video from the other morning :~)

Dirtyberd last night was a rough night and i @sexygirlsof


Last night was a rough night, and I made some bad decisions but today is a new day and I wanna start out fresh (and nakie)

Dancesamdance i really hate my life at the @sexygirlsof


I really hate my life at the moment, I’ve been up since 5 am. I have work in about 2 hours too.

Dancesamdancetumblrcom @sexygirlsof


I know people don’t care about my art, they would much rather see my boobs

Dancesamdance january 2014 @sexygirlsof


January 2014

Deum0s me being goofy ft butt injury from going @sexygirlsof


Me being goofy ft butt injury from going down a hot slide in short shorts 👍👍😎

Iz0mbie @sexygirlsof



Veganpandas boobie @sexygirlsof



Allofmankind putting this up cause i was having @sexygirlsof


putting this up cause I was having a good body image day. and cause I can :)

Onlyyoucanholdme relaxation at its finest @sexygirlsof


relaxation at it’s finest.

I hate the beach had some fun with this app but @sexygirlsof


had some fun with this app but it’s so hard to get decent photos hahaha

A photo of my gorgeous princesss arse i hope you @sexygirlsof

A photo of my gorgeous Princess’s arse I hope you enjoy! We’re a new couple’s blog starting out so post this freely with our name! More asks we get the more we can post - Sir

Submission from prehistoricraptors

Handcuffs and superwholock frisky friday 3 @sexygirlsof


Frisky Friday ;3
Busy having fun in the UK! Haven’t met anyone fuckable yet, though.

Lilynoize anyone feeling frisky @sexygirlsof


Anyone feeling frisky?

Somegoodfuckingstuff hes eating and spanking @sexygirlsof


He’s eating and spanking me at the same time, i was a bad girl..

Unaccepted unsatisfied bath time selfies @sexygirlsof


Bath time selfies.

Fawnah not sorry 4 all the selfies today @sexygirlsof


Not sorry 4 all the selfies today

Captains updates me tag @sexygirlsof


*updates me tag*

Ferllys bleh @sexygirlsof



I hate the beach terrible quality gif for you @sexygirlsof


terrible quality gif for you xxxx

I hate the beach bored so nudes x @sexygirlsof


bored so nudes x

I hate the beach i hate the beach this video @sexygirlsof



this video is currently being edited for uploading to my clipvia which is here!

I just watched this video through for the first time haha, always weird. I make myself cum twice! First from fucking myself with my big thick dildo (which I basically have to slowly force inside myself, my pussy looks tiny in comparison haha!) and then when I’m dripping in girly cum I use my purple wand vibrator which makes me so horny I start moaning ‘daddy daddy I’m gunna cum’ - if you want a good video of me, this is it! 12 minutes long as well!

Happyhumps hi everyone thank you so much for @sexygirlsof


Hi everyone! Thank you so much for following me and liking and re-blogging my posts.

I love attention. Makes me feel great! :)

As promised, here are more pics of me!

Reblog if you like them ;)

- Ashley <3

I hate the beach going through old documents @sexygirlsof


Going through old documents and find loads of old gifs hahaha

Happyhumps hi guys more pictures of me @sexygirlsof


Hi guys,
More pictures of me!

What’s better? My ass or my boobs?

-Ashley (

Intothestormm sono serissima aiutoma non sono @sexygirlsof


Sono serissima aiuto,ma non sono cattiva :c

I hate the beach this video is going up for @sexygirlsof


This video is going up for sale right now on my clipvia right here! First I peel off my hot pink bikini, bending over and posing for you, and then, wearing only my sexy pink heels, I spread my legs and give you close ups of my pretty pussy and asshole as I play ;)

Happyhumps on request my ass request by @sexygirlsof


On request, my ass ;)

(Request by kevincarlisle)


I hate the beach aw i love this photo @sexygirlsof


Aw I love this photo

I hate the beach my little ass aw @sexygirlsof


my little ass aw

Doggystylez252 quick cashing @sexygirlsof






no lipstick for once in my life



awwwwwwwh you guys makin me blush :*

You dont need it, you’re gorgeous!!! OMG!!!!

Quick cashing me ft my big teddy bear called @sexygirlsof


me ft. my big teddy bear called yagami 

Secretnipples just took this in the last 10 @sexygirlsof


Just took this in the last 10 minutes ;) my clit is begging to be sucked

Sexlovelust69 hey guys its been a while @sexygirlsof


Hey guys, its been a while 💋🍬

Unflord panties set as promised even tho its a @sexygirlsof


Panties set as promised even tho its a bit late. And my clit. And three fingers in my wet pussy.

Princess thot you can see my underboob freckle @sexygirlsof


You can see my underboob freckle

Ariinoorii selfie before classes @sexygirlsof


💀Selfie before classes💀

Solxtude its ya girl my bed makes me feel @sexygirlsof


It’s ya girl.
My bed makes me feel like a princess. 👸

Wolfpuke theyre healing up nicely also i @sexygirlsof


They’re healing up nicely.

Also, I swear my room isn’t messy. Just that table. 😜

Cyberscape2001 i cant be tamed @sexygirlsof


i cant be tamed

Clit lickk it aint cold @sexygirlsof


it ain’t cold.

Urrbania finally eating healthy and excercising @sexygirlsof


Finally eating healthy and excercising and it’s finally starting to pay off.
There really needs to be something to fix my lack of boob issue though.

Littlemiss kinky im cute ok @sexygirlsof


I’m cute ok….

Semen san b stripes @sexygirlsof


( • - • )b stripes

Miss thunderthighs genuinely cant stop @sexygirlsof


Genuinely can’t stop laughing: as my sister pointed out, I appear to have lost weight since travelling, on a diet of cheese and wine.

Naughtyferda ok then this is my answer to you @sexygirlsof


Ok then, this is my answer to you Tumblr.

I love you too ;)

Perverted slut love me @sexygirlsof


Love me

Emmakf took this this morning i look even @sexygirlsof


Took this this morning! I look even tanner now which is exciting! I’ve been super turned on all day.. The beach does that to me. I’m staying in a house with a private beach for the week so all is well :)

I hate the beach shower selfie xo @sexygirlsof


Shower selfie xo