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Shrinking Dreams @shrinkingdreams

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A tiny strange place in my head. - Shrinking Dreams (@shrinkingdreams)
Sheikthegeek nosebleed @shrinkingdreams



Emma muu were not in kansas anymore by @shrinkingdreams


“We’re not in Kansas anymore” by chibiBiscuit, love it

Tinyshyguy if only such things could happen by @shrinkingdreams


if only such things could happen, by eating or drinking, or whatever really..

Oliviawhen this project is slowly becoming @shrinkingdreams


This project is slowly becoming an explanation of what it’s like after art school. 

Tinyshyguy if only such things could happen by @shrinkingdreams


if only such things could happen, by eating or drinking, or whatever really..

Lilylilymine super fast fan art for this @shrinkingdreams


Super fast  fan art for this song/music video by Steam Powered Giraffe. “Soliton” …

Womenoffantasticalsizes genderrelations @shrinkingdreams



Charles Dana Gibson

So some dude in old times talked about his fetish to his asshole illustrator friend, I take it

Bogglemymind august 5 6 @shrinkingdreams


August 5-6.

Whizbangpow chiodo @shrinkingdreams



Flowerypearl requested by anonymous @shrinkingdreams


Requested by anonymous

Waltyensidworld concept art for the upcoming @shrinkingdreams


Concept art for the upcoming Disney movie, Gigantic-

Waltandmickey gigantic artwork @shrinkingdreams


Gigantic Artwork

Tiddygem thegembeaststemple yall are gonna @shrinkingdreams



Y’all are gonna get me to ship these two yet

Guest starring tiddygem‘s Pearl/Jasper fusion, Agate!

oh oh oh ohH OHOHHHHMY GOD



Giantesskisses found this special cover of @shrinkingdreams


Found this special cover of Epic.

In your hands original @shrinkingdreams

in your hands


Frangelito ponyo 2008 @shrinkingdreams


Ponyo (2008)

Hello katy katy perry for covergirl @shrinkingdreams


Katy Perry for CoverGirl
Frostymaggie he doesnt stray far from herthe @shrinkingdreams


He doesn’t stray far from her—the waves are so big that he could easily become lost, something she didn’t realize until they’re actually at the beach, and she feels guilty about it. Nod doesn’t seem to mind, diving off her shoulder into the water, before climbing back up her arm to do it again.

 It’s adorable.

OKAY, so yesterday inkteller here was asking for Epic fic prompts, and I thought about something along the lines of MK showing Nod the ocean for the first time, and this just turned into an all out beach day and oH GOSH IT’S ALL SO ADORABLE I WANNA DIE seriously go read the fic right now it was all I could wish for and more fffff

And so I did a little fanart for it because good gOSH that part was just adorable

the second sketch is also based on it, but in all seriousness, do I really need an excuse to draw an happy MK in a bikini running towards the water with Nod clinging to her hair for dear life

I tried out a few brushes with these, I quite like the result ;v;

Shrinkrayed jollyjack @shrinkingdreams



Themegag tsoni remember when that anon @shrinkingdreams



Remember when that anon asked about their Ilia request, and i said  “Was your request “Hyrule Warriors: Ilia Hard footcrush?””. Well, it wasn’t, it was actually referring to a request i replied to long ago saying i was swamped with requests (which I can’t believe i didn’t realise). So this is basically me trying to amend my mistake by doing the request. Now with that pointless explanation out the way…




This also gave me an excuse to have a break from futa content. I reckon some people are getting pretty tired of it (not that i’m going to do less futa tho :P).

Askarcticgiantess t when did i draw this @shrinkingdreams



When did I draw this???

Dreamingofmygoddess absolutely gorgeous work @shrinkingdreams


Absolutely gorgeous work

Growinggiantesslove honeyyou spiked the pool @shrinkingdreams


Honey…you spiked the pool with female growth serum again, didn’t you…

Source: Adaira

Inkyun sullensweetheart ah yes how the @shrinkingdreams



ah yes, how the turntables

I do love games of switcheroo (featuring inkyun)

T-Thank you ;w; You’re too sweet… I might just die from the sugar intake <3

Karbofelarya a picture that was suggested on my @shrinkingdreams


A picture that was suggested on my Patreon page :)

Temi is a relatively safe fairy to encounter in Felarya compared to the rest of her kind and she rarely eats humans. That doesn’t means it never happens though ! If she feels peckish and come across some aggressive adventurers, well she might interrupt her herborist activities and use her shrinking magic to help herself. Just like here X3

Karbofelarya a sketch picture done for the @shrinkingdreams


A sketch picture done for the monthly sketch raffle on my Patreon page

They wanted to see their character Nu La as a giantess having disposed of a group of enemies the “good old” way X3
Her party members are glad to have recruited her ^^

This is amazing!

Sheikthegeek opening up like a telescope @shrinkingdreams


Opening up like a telescope!

Infinitesimalee self indulgent doodles u its @shrinkingdreams


Self indulgent doodles >u<

It’s so cold today; I’d love to relax in someone’s hand and get gentle head scritches or just chat while sitting against some really warm tea *o* 

Teeeny cz mistaken for a mint 5 by @shrinkingdreams


Mistaken for a Mint - 5 by GiantessKatelyn

I think i’d love to be mistaken for a mint

Thebiggestandthebest1 darling shut up i dont @shrinkingdreams


Darling, shut up…  I don’t feel good leaving you here all alone, so I’ve got to keep an eye on you, and well, this is the only way you’ll survive the day out in my purse.  If I hear another peep out of you, so help me god…

Spokleart heres a slight new design of linwei @shrinkingdreams


Here’s a slight new design of Linwei, my first (on only real recurring) size fetish OC, with a slightly spunkier haircut.

Beautiful concept

Luxslave artwork in our hall depicts my @shrinkingdreams


Artwork in our hall…..

Depicts my feelings of adoration of the female foot in high heels very accurately!

Rickz0r i am the worst food friend just ask @shrinkingdreams


I am the worst Food Friend, Just ask bynnie.

Growinggiantesslove sdkfz142 giantess by @shrinkingdreams



Giantess by kosal on DeviantArt

What? Is it the hat? Too crazy for you? I can take it off if you like.

Cute godzilla destroying an even smaller town @shrinkingdreams

Cute Godzilla destroying an even smaller town

Hugehana huge hana chapter 2 page 25 well @shrinkingdreams


Huge Hana - Chapter 2 - Page 25

Well, that certainly is a HUGE HANA! Be sure to reblog, share and help spread the word! 

Huge Hana is only possible through the generous support of it’s fans. Check out the comic’s Patreon Page (here) to see how you can help, and how you can qualify for a ton of awesome exclusive posters, prints and more! 

Playing with on a bridge @shrinkingdreams

Playing with on a bridge

Miniminuet found this online during my internet @shrinkingdreams


Found this online during my Internet travels. I tried looking for the original artist but sadly couldn’t find him or her.

Lovely picture, though! Why isn’t there more Minish Cap stuff out there? I mean, I liked the game for obvious reasons, but it was actually a decent 2D Zelda game.

Oh well! At least there’s this. I love how Zelda is totally teasing tiny Link with his sword. c:

Growinggiantesslove he gets a workout and i get @shrinkingdreams


He gets a workout and I get a massage. Everybody wins!

Growinggiantesslove giantess are often depicted @shrinkingdreams


Giantess are often depicted as destructive forces. It’s easy to forget that we can be gentle too. I mean, who else can hug and snuggle a whole city?

Queroserpicasso too big for this town by @shrinkingdreams


Too Big For This Town ~ by MrFoz O

Sheikthegeek alice in wonderland style @shrinkingdreams


Alice in Wonderland style photoshoot.

Banjoenelbano non negotiable by @shrinkingdreams


Non-Negotiable by AnAlternateUsername

CLICK FOR HIGHER QUALITY (tumblr restrictions made me have to really shrink this one)

Shrunken boyfriend @shrinkingdreams

Shrunken Boyfriend

Sheikthegeek shes so happy being destructive @shrinkingdreams


Shes so happy being destructive.

Sheikthegeek looks up jaw drops @shrinkingdreams


*looks up* 

*jaw drops*