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This is a page dedicated to my weird fascination with size change. People shrunken and giant. - Shrinking Dreams (@shrinkingdreams)
Frostymaggie he doesnt stray far from her the @shrinkingdreams


He doesn’t stray far from her—the waves are so big that he could easily become lost, something she didn’t realize until they’re actually at the beach, and she feels guilty about it. Nod doesn’t seem to mind, diving off her shoulder into the water, before climbing back up her arm to do it again.

 It’s adorable.

OKAY, so yesterday inkteller here was asking for Epic fic prompts, and I thought about something along the lines of MK showing Nod the ocean for the first time, and this just turned into an all out beach day and oH GOSH IT’S ALL SO ADORABLE I WANNA DIE seriously go read the fic right now it was all I could wish for and more fffff

And so I did a little fanart for it because good gOSH that part was just adorable

the second sketch is also based on it, but in all seriousness, do I really need an excuse to draw an happy MK in a bikini running towards the water with Nod clinging to her hair for dear life

I tried out a few brushes with these, I quite like the result ;v;

Shrinkrayed jollyjack @shrinkingdreams



Themegag t soni remember when that anon @shrinkingdreams



Remember when that anon asked about their Ilia request, and i said  “Was your request “Hyrule Warriors: Ilia Hard footcrush?””. Well, it wasn’t, it was actually referring to a request i replied to long ago saying i was swamped with requests (which I can’t believe i didn’t realise). So this is basically me trying to amend my mistake by doing the request. Now with that pointless explanation out the way…




This also gave me an excuse to have a break from futa content. I reckon some people are getting pretty tired of it (not that i’m going to do less futa tho :P).

Askarcticgiantess t when did i draw this @shrinkingdreams



When did I draw this???

Dreamingofmygoddess absolutely gorgeous work @shrinkingdreams


Absolutely gorgeous work

Growinggiantesslove honey you spiked the pool @shrinkingdreams


Honey…you spiked the pool with female growth serum again, didn’t you…

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