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A Journey Through Male Erotica. @sincitybear

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Silvercockring mike ruiz world renowned @sincitybear


Mike Ruiz, world-renowned Canadian-born photographer, director, TV personality, former model, spokesperson, creative director and actor.

Silvercockring australian tom miller aka @sincitybear


Australian Tom Miller
aka VerbalDaddy; Cigarman36

Manlyandhairy dirtysouthernbloke 100 total @sincitybear



100% total PERFECTION…Chad Sanders…the things I would do with this man, would make Satan blush…

So super sexy - Chad Sanders
Cigartop this film was originally made in the @sincitybear


This film was originally made in the mid 1960s on 8mm film and then was refilmed (presumably in larger format) in the early 1970s. The rerelease premiered at the Big Top in Times Square, New York.

LEATHER NARCISSUS, a film conceived, directed and photographed by Avery Willard and starring Fernando will have its world premiere at the Big Top Theatre on Broadway and 49th Street on Wednesday, August 16th.

Filmed in and around New York City, the film tells the fascinating story, in modern fantasy, of the Narcissus myth. The film; originally an underground sensation was shown to a select few under the auspices of the Mattachine Society. Soon after, prints found their way to some of the leather bars, and bars. Finally it was decided to bring this extraordinary film to the viewing public at the Big Top!

Fernando, a well-known personality at the bars and gay restaurants in New York appears as the only performer in the film. As a modern-day Narcissus he roams the City to seek out his image — one that beguiles him. Fernando, off camera holds some 36 trophies to his credit - being named Mr. Leather, Mr. Congeniality and a host of other plaudits from his peers. He has appeared in 13 other films, was photographed for Mandate, The Advocate and his photo appeared in Esquire as part of their article, “The New Homosexuality.” Fernando is at home in leather riding his Italian motorcycle to one of his favorite bars Badlands or One Potato. When he’s not in the City he’s on vacation seeing again places like South America, Mexico or Europe.

- source

Notmadeofshakespears david gandy @sincitybear


David Gandy.

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relaxed and comfortable! 😋😋🐻

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I want to ride that fat cock!

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so bad ass