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Sissy - cuck @sissy-cuck

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pathetic cuckold with a small dick humiliation and ridicule to - Sissy - cuck (@sissy-cuck)
Sfalphabull this is a proud cuckold who has @sissy-cuck


This is a proud cuckold who has accepted his place in life as a sexless beta male. He is standing tall, good posture, foot forward. He knows that his wife’s sex is not for him, that his penis belongs in a cage, and he is perfectly happy with that.

The cuckold’s small physical frame and undefined musculature is representative of the beta male: low testosterone, low sexual ability.

His wife’s hand placed above his restrained penis is a demonstration of love and caring. She has so much affection for her cuckold, and he for her, but her sex belongs to an Alpha Male.

This is cuckold romance. The wife can disambiguate the roles of “lover” and “provider”, so that she may have the best sex she’s able to find, but also have the emotional and affectionate support that Alpha Males do not give.

Uniquetyrantllama legsinchastity just love @sissy-cuck



Just love it when i see my clitty getting smaller and smaller.

Would love to get some tips to shrink my clitty even more!

Yes! I love my clitty is getting smaller and I’d even love to have all removed



Sissyfuckdollsamantha another super sexy trap @sissy-cuck


another super sexy trap, femboi cunt.  follow her @

Secret online sissy slut a scientific study on @sissy-cuck


A scientific study on the biological processes that take place when a weak submissive faggy male is regularly penetrated by a strongly dominant alpha male, leading to inevitable and irreversible sissification

Showyourtinydick worthy of the tiny dick @sissy-cuck


Worthy of the Tiny Dick Certificate of Recognition? Reblog if you are!

Thealphamalekingdom man weathered face a @sissy-cuck


Man: weathered face, a strong, toned body with a body hair to spare and a cock that won’t quit. 

bitch: delicate face, a weak, feminine body with minimal to no body hair and a cock too small to ever give pleasure to anyone.

Who’d you rather serve?

Laotk taking charge of his orgasmsteasing and @sissy-cuck



You get to control when and how he has an orgasm. Men often respond very well to being controlled this way. It is exciting for them, and they feel very helpless and enamored with a woman who is not afraid to control his sexual release. 

You start by simply telling him that he is not allowed to have an orgasm unless you direct him to, and with your permission. You can make the rules. If he is the nagging type, tell him that if he bugs you about it, you will put it off even longer. Make sure you continue to have him pleasure you, however. And make sure you let it be known that you are enjoying having this pleasure, and that he cannot have his own until you say he can. 

Always remember that the closer you get him to orgasm and then stop, repetitively, often directly results in making him hornier. Timing wise, these kinds of scenes work well in the course of ONE evening (lots of starting and stopping, so by the end of the night he’s just ready to explode and will do ANYTHING for you), or over several days, with periodic teasing. 

Pinksissychloe sissy fundamentals 101 after a @sissy-cuck


Sissy Fundamentals 101. After a clean shave and a quick once over with the tweezers, a sissy should be locked in her chastity device to compliment her neat and tidy appearance. The addition of full cut lace panties, as seen here, is suitable for owners looking for that extra splash of elegance and femininity.

Sissypaloma ass up head down best position @sissy-cuck


 ass up , head down , best position for sissy

Cuckoldpleasure she measures your worthless @sissy-cuck


She measures your worthless cock. It’s less than 5 inches and you know your wife’s cut off for other men is 7 inches. This is actually my wife’s standard, 7 inches required to ride her and yes I am just barely 5 inches. You know what happens to short little dicks, they get caged. They even get caged right before a real man comes to your home to service your wife like you can’t. When you open the door wearing your cage to invite him in, he will understand that you are her pussy boy and he’s her man.

Cuckoldsuckboi a good cucky hubby will never @sissy-cuck


A good cucky hubby will never refuse his wife’s lover’s big blacl cock……in the mouth or up the arse.

Cuckoldsuckboi your wife sold you to us for @sissy-cuck


“Your wife sold you to us for the weekend, bitch. You won’t be leaving to you’ve served every black cock in this room, first with your mouth then up your ass. Maybe you’ll obey your wife in future!”

Youngsissyboy4man this is how a real sissy @sissy-cuck


This is how a real sissy should offers his boypussy and boyclit to a man and his cock.

Sissies like me should consider the way they expose and offer their sexual parts a complex art because men are very attentive to this.

Boypussy and clit should always be exposed to the man in a submissive and accomodating way in oreder to exalt partner’s virility and make him horny.

Pussyworshiprules ultrarock13 heavenly be @sissy-cuck




Be thankful that a Real Man is able to provide the pleasure your wife deserves.

Now it your turn.  Before you start cleaning the huge load of cum Her Lover left for you, make sure you thank Him for bringing your Wife to multiple orgasms with His huge cock.

Make sure you start down by her asshole.  You don’t want any of her Lover’s cum to go to waste.  And be gentle.  Your Wife’s pussy has to be sore after the pounding by that huge cock.  You are there to sooth and pleasure your Wife with your tongue.

A cuckold knows what his function in the relationship is.  It is time for you to do your part.

As it should be!