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Sissy - cuck @sissy-cuck

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pathetic cuckold with a small dick humiliation and ridicule to - Sissy - cuck (@sissy-cuck)
Your future hubby @sissy-cuck

Your future, hubby. :)

Perfect @sissy-cuck


The mounted mutt gayboykink in my last post @sissy-cuck



In my last post I mentioned a crotch rope to hold my tail plug in place throughout an event and I’ve been asked to demonstrate it. I’ve explained a simple variant before but that one slides off very easily. So here’s another crotch rope harness example. It’s a bit more work, but still really simple and way more effective!Plus with a jockstrap or thong over it, you can cover up the knots and ropework pretty well. ^^


Start off with two pieces of rope, for me about 2m of length each is a good size to not have long ends. Now put in that waggy tail (or any other butt plug) and follow the gifs! (PS: Chastity is not necessary. ^^)

  • 1 + 2: Use the first rope as a simple waist band around your hips. I find just under my hip bones most comfortable. Try to keep things tight but comfortable enough so the knot doesn’t get painful after long wear. 
  • 3: Now take the second rope and tie it to your waistband with a simple knot. (You’ll untie this knot later, so it doesn’t have to be that tight.) 
  • 4: Pull the rope through your legs, right over the plug’s base and up your crack. 
  • 5: Get the rope over the waistband and pull it back through your legs to the front again. It’s important to pass the tail from the different side than your first, so that the tail is somewhat held tight between the two strands!, if that makes any sense. Pull everything reasonably tight, so that the rope won’t slide off the plug’s base easily, but again it should be comfortable enough for long term wear. 
  • 6: Repeat this looping as many times as you wish or as your rope allows. Every time, make sure to pass your plug once left and once right of the tail.
  • 7: As you end up in the front again, you can simply tie your loose end to the waistband. However I prefer to untie the first not and tie the two loose ends (basically the start and end of the second rope) together. That way you only have one knot on your waistband instead of two or three which is more comfortable. =) 
  • 8: Never stop wagging! ^^

Must Learn

Anicegoodboy dont think about his balls @sissy-cuck


Don’t think about his balls rubbing on your face baby, just keep worshipping my pussy and ass, that’s it.

Sfalphabull bdsm scenes are hard for a cuckold @sissy-cuck


BDSM scenes are hard for a cuckold to watch. At first, this may look like the Dom is abusing his wife, but it is actually a consensually negotiated exchange of power.

Hitting a wife’s pussy with a crop like this is something that she actually wants, and it’s hard for a cuckold to come to terms with that, because he’s been trained to believe that women want a lover who is nice.

This is not always the case. Many women identify as submissive, sexually, although this has no bearing on their outward functioning in the world. Since their beta husbands are not Dominant, these women end up sleepwalking through a vanilla sexual relationship, never being able to express what they want, as their husbands won’t understand.

Introducing a Dominant Alpha Bull into your marriage is the best way for your wife to explore herself sexually, in a safe and loving environment.

It wasnt just that you have removed all your body @sissy-cuck

It wasn’t just that you have removed all your body hair, and wore make-up from time to time. His cock dominated you even when limp. it was still bigger than your clit-dick.

Now you simply lie back, grab your ankles and wait for the full-on fucking from a real man. You’re getting wet just thinking about it.

Do you love to be forced into being a slut yes @sissy-cuck

Do you love to be forced into being a slut ?

Yes !!!!!!!!!

Mastershango know where your place is under @sissy-cuck


“Know where your place is under your wife whenever she’s getting fucked, and don’t ever forget it, cuck-boi!”

Master SHANGO.

The position of submission before an alpha male @sissy-cuck

The position of submission before an Alpha Male.


:) :) :)

Know your place in the relationship @sissy-cuck

Know your place in the relationship

Perfect @sissy-cuck

Perfect :)

Agree @sissy-cuck


Breed me fill me with your warm seed fuck me raw @sissy-cuck

Breed me. Fill me with your warm seed. Fuck me raw and transform me into a real girl. 

Pretty in pink my tiny little sissy boi clit @sissy-cuck

Pretty in Pink … . my tiny little sissy boi clit. 😀

Cuck4msc as it should be 247 and 365 @sissy-cuck


As it should be 24/7 and 365

Lockedinpinkandsatin you can see she is well @sissy-cuck


You can see she is well trained to be smooth and clean to be used by Mistress or Master alike.

Mistress Bambi.

Admireroftrannyfaggots a faggot must always be @sissy-cuck


A Faggot must always be trained to wear a chastity device. Above is a Faggot who thinks its acceptable to play with his clit…Below is as it should be…

Slut @sissy-cuck

SLUT !!!

Cuckoldperversion preparing the bull follow @sissy-cuck


Preparing the bull. Follow me..!

Sissification do i look cute locked up you @sissy-cuck


Do I look cute locked up?

You sure do! That’s just how I like to see my sissy gurls; shaved down & locked up snugly :)

Sfalphabull this is a proud cuckold who has @sissy-cuck


This is a proud cuckold who has accepted his place in life as a sexless beta male. He is standing tall, good posture, foot forward. He knows that his wife’s sex is not for him, that his penis belongs in a cage, and he is perfectly happy with that.

The cuckold’s small physical frame and undefined musculature is representative of the beta male: low testosterone, low sexual ability.

His wife’s hand placed above his restrained penis is a demonstration of love and caring. She has so much affection for her cuckold, and he for her, but her sex belongs to an Alpha Male.

This is cuckold romance. The wife can disambiguate the roles of “lover” and “provider”, so that she may have the best sex she’s able to find, but also have the emotional and affectionate support that Alpha Males do not give.

Uniquetyrantllama legsinchastity just love @sissy-cuck



Just love it when i see my clitty getting smaller and smaller.

Would love to get some tips to shrink my clitty even more!

Yes! I love my clitty is getting smaller and I’d even love to have all removed