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Sissy Cockmilker @sissycockmilker

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I am a Feminine, Faggot, Sissy Cocksucker. My purpose is to take care of real men's cocks. I am a ball draining cumslut who is both intoxicated and repulsed by my desire to crossdress and serve men. - Sissy Cockmilker (@sissycockmilker)
Pantyboybitch rachellecd2003 goonluver @sissycockmilker





“Wanna Blow This Joint”? OK, You Start At That End And I’ll Start At This End!!

Sounds like incredible fun!

Cockdrunk ease that aching muscle until it @sissycockmilker


Ease that aching muscle until it releases its tension down your throat.

Snapshot19d snapshot19d @sissycockmilker



Dumbandpretty thank fuck my husband drives @sissycockmilker


Thank fuck my husband drives something nicer than a Mazda. Putting a trophy wife on a car like that is like serving McDonald’s with fancy silverware.

Kissra faithful bitches be like @sissycockmilker


Faithful bitches be like

Theintelligentmisogynist can i just say that i @sissycockmilker


Can I just say that I love Danielle Dereks… I mean just look at those comically large breasts and the way that she gags all over that guy’s cock.  She knows that nobody will ever respect her and that she is nothing more than an absurd amusement, but yet she goes out of her way to encourage men to have that perspective of her and just treat her like the dumb plastic sex toy that she is.  I swear her videos should be mandatory training for any thing out there that wants to call herself a woman.

Theintelligentmisogynist no doubt mommy is @sissycockmilker


No doubt Mommy is always thrilled to see how quickly her slut of a daughter consumes all of that nice healthy protein too.  She wants to make sure she grows up to be a good healthy cum dump just like her.  (After all, isn’t that what any woman should want for her daughter?)

Bimboz is this a good plastic surgeon example @sissycockmilker


Is this a good plastic surgeon example picture?

Feministfuckdolltrainer i love the blank dumb @sissycockmilker


I love the blank, dumb look on this good little suckwhore’s face.