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Sissy Crossdresser @sissycrossdresser

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var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-33078015-1']); _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); (function() { var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + ''; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); })(); I am Dominant Dolly and I love turning men into sissy crossdressers. They are so much more fun, especially when me and my friends humiliate, cuckold and fuck them with our big strapons and clittys! I also love to dominate submissive women. I model for and love it! - Sissy Crossdresser (@sissycrossdresser)
Sissytwins one of my favstwin sissies get @sissycrossdresser


One of my favs…Twin sissies get punished

Turned into tiffany the mindless sex doll bimbo @sissycrossdresser

Turned into Tiffany the mindless sex doll bimbo!  Used by Mistress Sidonia and Domina Snow. 

Domina snow training her sissy slut doll to know @sissycrossdresser

Domina Snow training her sissy slut doll to know her place.

Step 1 - Teach Him to do his makeup.- Reward with praise

Step 2 - Choose sexy underwear - Reward with lingerie

Step 3 - Become a mindless slut bimbo - Reward with last ever handjob

Step 4 - Lock in chastity and admire your brainless sissy bimbo slut

Slutty tranny in her sissy pink underwear @sissycrossdresser

Slutty tranny in her sissy pink underwear! 

Amazing new wife and life @sissycrossdresser

Amazing new wife and life!

Husband transformed into a mindless bimbo doll by @sissycrossdresser

Husband transformed into a mindless bimbo doll by his dominant wife. No thoughts in his brain, just does what he is told!

How to feminize your husband 1 add female @sissycrossdresser

How to feminize your husband;

1. Add female hormones to his meals

2. Make him wax his body hair

3. Make him wear panties while he pleasures you

4. Play subliminal feminization messages at night

5. Use this mindless bimbo to amuse yourself and your friends

Expatsub giving him a proper incentive to go @sissycrossdresser


Giving him a proper incentive to go back and do his chores

Websissy i had gone to my girlfriends dorm room @sissycrossdresser


I had gone to my girlfriends dorm room to wait for her to get out of class. No one was there, one of her roommates dresser drawers was  half open. I caught a glimpse of her panties, and glancing around quickly, opened the door and started going through her panties. They were heavenly. As I touched them I imagined them snugly against her magnificent ass and tugged up tightly against her beautiful pussy. Suddenly I heard, “What the fuck! You fucking pervert.” Whipping around I saw my girlfriend’s roommate in the door and almost immediately my girlfriend walked down the hall, back from class. Both stood in the doorway glaring at me. The roommate pulled her panties from my hands as my girlfriend pulled me away from the dresser. My girlfriend called me a pervert and a creeper and asked me if I was a sissy. I started to mumble something and she said, shut up bitch. The girls made me strip, and as I stood there naked they both looked at me in disgust and commented on my hard cock and what a stupid bitch I was if this got me hard. Throwing a pair of panties at me they watched as I put them on. Pushing me to my knees, my girlfriend took some markers from her desk and gave one to her roommate. They both began to write and draw on me. “sissy bitch” “Pussy slave” “faggot” “slut” were just some of the things they wrote. They drew pictures of cock, arrows pointing at my ass, even “cock here” on my face with an arrow to my mouth. They both took tons of pictures on their phones and finally stepped back and laughed as they looked at me. I thought they were done but I was very badly mistaken. Tossing me a long raincoat they allowed me to put that on, and only that. Pulling me out of the room they dragged me to her car and shoved me in. She drove to an adult shop that was about two miles from campus. Pulling me out of the car they dragged me across the parking lot and into the shop. As soon as two beautiful young girls walked in everyone there automatically looked at them. As her roommate held the coat and pulled it off, my girlfriend pushed me into the middle of the store. Laughing, she said that maybe I could convince one of these nice men to give me a ride back. If not, she grinned, I could walk home. They were still laughing as they walked out the door. Several men began to approach me even before the door closed behind the girls.

Naughty crossdresser @sissycrossdresser

Naughty crossdresser!

Wwwclips4salecom6661313234464 @sissycrossdresser

Captured-Mesmerized-Transformed!   “If you find this video, you must come and help me! I was just a normal businessman having a drink in a bar, when these two beautiful women started chatting to me and offered to buy me a drink. Being flattered with their attention, I gladly accepted. From there, things became a bit hazy, when i awoke I was locked in a room, stripped naked and alone. For weeks I was left with just food and a pile of ladies clothes, I had no choice but to start wearing them, it was so cold, you see? The women started showing their presence, everytime I awoke I had makeup on. At first I would try scrubbing it off, but in the end I just left it. I must admit, it made me look quite nice, especially with the lingerie I was wearing. One day I woke up feeling really sore on my chest, bandages were wrapped around me. To my horror I now had a big pair of breast implants! I say horror, but I suppose they did look magnificent, my cleavage was incredible. My skin and face becoming more feminine day to day, I imagine it was the hormones they had been putting in my food for months. My voice was now higher, my body and face hairless. The continual mesmerizing videos and sounds encouraged me to embrace my new femininity. The women now let me roam the Mansion at my leisure, bringing men in to suck their cocks and earn money. They had no idea I was once a man, apart from the hardon I always had, the daily dose of Viagra made sure of that! When I say I want you to rescue me, maybe things are not so bad here, in fact, they may have mentioned that I can leave whenever I want and go back to my boring man life…well, I may as well stay now, after all the effort they have put into me! If you get this message, perhaps you can come and find me, this could be your life too, we could dress each other up, you could be turned into a beautiful woman too, it will be so much fun! Come and find me, let’s get mesmerized and feminized together! xx ”

Femdomsexslaves and now you are ready for some @sissycrossdresser


And now you are ready for some real hard cock slave! Get sucking you super fag.

Training the English Mansion way!

Training the cock slave!

Dressing their husbands up as sissy sluts and @sissycrossdresser

Dressing their husbands up as sissy sluts and demanding they put on a filthy sex show for them!

See the movie here! - or at The English Mansion.

Femdomsexslaves they waste no time in turning him @sissycrossdresser


They waste no time in turning him into a cock sucking slut!

Cock training at the wonderful English Mansion!

Anothersissycuck id leave this office in a @sissycrossdresser


I’d leave this office in a second, but then I wouldn’t get much blogging done.

Femdomsexslaves crazy cock insertions spreading @sissycrossdresser


Crazy Cock Insertions! Spreading his urethra and then using a fat metal sounds to fuck the inside of his cock!

Bitch World!

Crossdresser showing off bubble butt and legs @sissycrossdresser

Crossdresser showing off bubble butt and legs!

Sexy crossdressing tranny showing off her big cock @sissycrossdresser

Sexy crossdressing tranny showing off her big cock and bubble butt!

Humiliated cuckold husband forced to fluff his @sissycrossdresser

Humiliated cuckold husband forced to fluff his wife’s lover!

Sexy tranny mistress @sissycrossdresser

Sexy tranny Mistress

Watch these cute sissies suck each others big @sissycrossdresser

Watch these cute sissies suck each others big cocks!

Jemmieloveskinkyplay mmmmmwhat a sexy little @sissycrossdresser


mmmmm…what a sexy little maid!  great edging material

Goth sissyboi trainer two tranny sluts and a @sissycrossdresser


Two Tranny-sluts and a Real girl Mistress …..the way it should be …..NOT like 90% of the bullshit photoshop that people are hiding behind .

Jemmieloveskinkyplay mmmm sexy mistress with @sissycrossdresser


mmmm.. sexy Mistress with a really cute maid!  Great edging material

Dionnespet lady nina and a lucky sissy follow @sissycrossdresser


Lady Nina and a lucky sissy 

Follow me and I will follow you

Jemmieloveskinkyplay dionnespet at least he @sissycrossdresser



At least he might get to cum

mmmmmm…..   I would love to have evn one full blown orgasm, but even a ruined one would be heavenly after so long without any…. great edging material

Femdomsexslaves femdomsexslaves his wife @sissycrossdresser



His wife loves the tease of fucking the chastity controlled cock and big strapon, while his dick strains in it’s metal cage!

Love the straining cock!

Movie Here Now-

Wow! Amazing chastity cage fucking!

Movie Here Now-

Groping the sissy maids giant clit @sissycrossdresser

Groping the sissy maids giant clit!

Bubble butt sissy maid given a firm spanking by @sissycrossdresser

Bubble butt sissy maid given a firm spanking by Lady Nina

I love transforming men into sissy slut dolls @sissycrossdresser

I love transforming men into sissy slut dolls, tying them up tightly and then teasing and milking their cocks! Watching them become what they love.

Lady nina punishing the sissy maids big bottom @sissycrossdresser

Lady Nina punishing the sissy maids big bottom!

Lady nina is served champagne by her fully @sissycrossdresser

Lady Nina is served champagne by her fully transformed sissy maid!

Lady ninas transformed sissy maid caged cock @sissycrossdresser

Lady Nina’s transformed sissy maid, caged cock poking out.

Fucked with a mammoth strapon @sissycrossdresser

Fucked with a MAMMOTH Strapon!

Attempting to suck the biggest strapon in the @sissycrossdresser

Attempting to suck the Biggest Strapon in the World!

Ladyninafan lady nina birch @sissycrossdresser


Lady Nina Birch

Femdomsexslaves sexy boss in nylons and extreme @sissycrossdresser


Sexy boss in nylons and extreme stiletto heels teases her male employee!

Bitch World! -

Oliase feminized i @sissycrossdresser


Feminized I