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Sissy Cum Slut Andrea @sissycumslutandrea

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It's me, Andrea. I'm a sissy that loves to crossdress and take pictures. I'm into crossdressing, femdom, feminization, glory holes, gangbangs, BBC worship, and bondage. I'm NOT into scat or beastiality (I mean the real-life kind; hentai/futa/furry stuff is cool), If your posts are in either of these categories I will unfollow you. I don't use kik or YIM. You can find more pictures of me at var _wau = _wau || []; _wau.push(["map", "vhe7ttu8li2k", "o5n", "420", "210", "natural", "heart-pink"]); (function() {var s=document.createElement("script"); s.async=true; s.src=""; document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(s); })(); - Sissy Cum Slut Andrea (@sissycumslutandrea)
Shemalefeed i like golf a lot more now @sissycumslutandrea


I like golf a lot more now.

Sissy maker sissy stable saddle up sissies @sissycumslutandrea



Saddle up Sissies at the Sissy-Stable

Boy to Girl Change with the Sissy-Maker

Silksatinlacesissyboi nj i love the idea of @sissycumslutandrea


I love the idea of being a malewife. Especially to another hot malewife!

Betaboi4bbc its true being locked changes you @sissycumslutandrea


It’s true being locked changes you

Blackbeastandboibitches in the current economic @sissycumslutandrea


In the current economic recession, a lot of guys are losing their position as the main earner and man of the house and looking for a new role in life. What better time for them to realize that all that time spent at home looking at sluts getting nailed by big black cocks is just preparing themselves for their perfect position: on their knees getting gangfucked by black dicks in every hole!

Blackbeastandboibitches lots of guys learn lots @sissycumslutandrea


Lots of guys learn lots of important lessons at college, but none more important than their place in the pecking order. Skinny little small town white bois, for example, may be exposed to real men and their real black hardness for the first time in their college dorms. No wonder so many go from straight to sissy so quickly!

Tskhloehart find a shemale fuck buddy tonight @sissycumslutandrea


Find a shemale fuck buddy tonight:

Jackiefucher ok where do i go to sign the @sissycumslutandrea


Ok, where do I go to sign the contract and do I really have to stop being a sex slave when it’s paid off or can I keep being a horny slave slut or maybe serve as a whore for your friends.

Crazyxghost please yummy @sissycumslutandrea


Please yummy

Sissycuckcumdump this makes me super happy @sissycumslutandrea


This makes me super happy 😍💦💦💦😍

Sissyreaper sissy reaper more gay every day @sissycumslutandrea


Sissy Reaper … More Gay every day …

Becausemisogyny more than just a chastity belt @sissycumslutandrea


More than just a chastity belt, these locked cunt and ass plugs keep you stretched and ready to be fucked, as well as not giving your access to your cunt and making it clear that you are just property.

Complete feminized oh so beautiful @sissycumslutandrea


Oh, so beautiful!

Faggotryngendersissification its what were @sissycumslutandrea


It’s what we’re all here for.