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Sissies: the ultimate cum sluts @sissygasm

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I am straight, a husband, a father, a business owner (yes, I wear a suit and tie to work every day), I drive a Mercedes, I am extremely alpha and dominant, in short, I am a sissy's wet dream. Every sissy wants to look like my wife: blonde hair, blue eyes, 34DD natural breasts, long legs, and a bouncy little ass. Sissies, imagine me driving my hard breeder cock into her perfectly waxed pussy, her big tits bouncing, trying to impregnate her, as she begs me to fuck her harder and to put a baby in her tummy. Did you just cum in your panties? You want to be her more than anything, don't you? I have extensive experience with sissies. I have trained and bred numerous sissies, a few of them with the assistance of my wife. I have also been a Bull for a few cuck couples, so long as the husbands were completely feminized. I also have provided pointers for many sissies as they make their way through their transformation to total sissyhood, on subjects including learning to have a sissygasm while remaining completely flaccid, how to self administer an oversized enema to allow the sissy to look pregnant, and extensive psychological training and conditioning. So join me in enjoying the ultimate cum slut: the Sissy. No other segment of humanity tries harder to be a feminine cock whore. - Sissies: the ultimate cum sluts (@sissygasm)
Dirtylittletrannywhore the cottontail makes it @sissygasm


The cottontail makes it.

Subboigurl spread those cheeks girl take my @sissygasm


Spread those cheeks girl! Take my big black cock deep in that pussy. Tonight I’m gonna fill your sissy belly with gallons of black sperm. These black nuts are gonna give you your first baby. That’s right, your gonna take that dick deep and I’m gonna breed your sissy ass.

This would be an ideal outfit for a fully @sissygasm

This would be an ideal outfit for a fully developed sissy, her clit and ovaries would dangle obscenely under the hem of the dress, sissies always need to make sure to find ways to inform potential breeders that they’re different than other girls.


Kelly Brook - Sideboob - Legs

Subboigurl youve been here so many times you @sissygasm


You’ve been here so many times. You spent the evening doing your hair and make-up. You picked out an outfit that reveals your inner slut. Now, with your eyes shut, you imagine a big strong man underneath you as you ride that fat rubber cock. You expertly work that big dildo, milking it with your ass as if those rubber balls were filled with potent cum. You need a man to take you and make you his. 



Perfect little natural sissy tits and floppy @sissygasm

Perfect little natural sissy tits and floppy little clit, her body is developing nicely.  Those puffy nips must be getting SO sensitive.


Hazel Tucker

Sickfantasies isabelly ferraz @sissygasm


Isabelly Ferraz

When he started out a man he was clearly not @sissygasm

When he started out a “man”, he was clearly not masculine in the slightest way, but he had a little body hair.  No one discussed or thought about his hole, and it only winked open, having only been stretched by the fingers and hair brush handles he had satisfied it with.  Then as he became a “boy” all of his body hair disappeared.  His cock was hard all the time.  His hole became regularly used for the pleasure of real Men, who mostly referred to it as his “boy hole”, until, as he became smoother and smoother, a few began to refer to it as his “boy cunt”.  He began to dress to show off his butt specifically, and began consciously trying to attract men.  As he transitioned to being a “boi”, he became able to cum only when a cock was slamming away at his “pussy”, what nearly every Man called it now.  He became very sensitive about his figure, and he became slimmer and slimmer, and lost any of the minimal muscle mass he might once have had.  Since physiologically his body was naturally suited to the transition that was occurring, his butt remained round and protruding, even as the muscle tone disappeared.  It softened considerably, and it was well on its way to becoming a natural cushion to the pounding of Men’s hips.  After several months of being a “boi”, his brain associated being fucked exclusively with sexual pleasure, and his cock began cumming without bothering to get hard first.  When it did, it was referred to as a “clit”.  His “pussy” was loosening, becoming a soft, pliable entrance.  His “pussy lips” became more noticeable, especially when they became engorged when he was aroused.  As this continued the men who used him began calling him a “gurl” more frequently than a “boi”.  He became perpetually preoccupied with making a cock hard and pleasing it, to the point where every dim thought he had revolved around Men and their cocks, such that when Men began telling him that he had a “bimbo brain”, he was relieved to have his condition explained to him in a manner he could understand, and this contributed to him thinking of himself as a “she” rather than a “he”.  Her “clit” was merely a mild distraction now, it never made any effort to become erect, and the muted sensations it could provide were no match to the all consuming pleasure his increasingly sensitive “twat” generated, heightened by his body naturally directing all of the increased blood flow to his now prominent “pussy lips”, which ringed his loose, relaxed welcoming fuck hole.  He now thought of his “twat” as much more of an entrance to his body than an exit, and it was used as such much more often as well.  As his “clit” never became erect any longer, his insignificant balls began to shrink, which pleased her as they took on a more feminine appearance.  As did her ass, which was now a soft, beautifully round object of desire for any Man.  But neither her ass nor her over used, stretched, pinched, abused, swollen and sensitive nipples were prominent enough for her taste.  In her slow “bimbo brain” she reasoned that while men found them arousing now, they would find them even more arousing if they were larger.  So she sobbed with joy when Men offered her hormones which they explained to her would make not only both her nipples and buns larger, but also her clit and “ovaries” smaller.  From this point forward, she will laugh and cry with delight as her body responds remarkably quickly, thrilling when Men tell her that the hormones make more visible changes in her body than in any they’d seen before, her sensitive, budding chest swelling with pride when they explain the reason is her body had simply always been meant to be supplemented with female hormones.  And she is filled with determination and hope when they tell her that maybe, just maybe, if her ass and tits get big enough, and her clit and ovaries get small enough, someday, if she tries hard enough, and enough cum gets pumped into her twat, she just might be able to get pregnant and have a baby.


Eat Here

A sissys dream cocktail needsboth dinner is @sissygasm

A sissy’s dream cocktail.


dinner is served!

Sissys personal trainer is here to help her with @sissygasm

Sissy’s personal trainer is here to help her with her comprehensive stretching routine.  I love the contrast between the sissy’s clit and the Bull trainer’s cock.

Milk that cock understands sissies and what @sissygasm

Milk that cock understands sissies and what they’re for.


When a siss’s clit is this tiny and cute, she doesn’t need to cover it with her hand, or keep it concealed under a lacy thong, or primarily present herself in the doggy position.  A little clit like this only adds to her feminine appearance and continually reminds both she and her bull what she is and what she’s for.

A wonderful budding sissy body neuromante via @sissygasm

A wonderful budding sissy body.



Dick through legs spread ass apart @sissygasm

Sissy, how does this make you feel?  Are you jealous of your wife, getting to enjoy such a splendid cock?


Now this is a man who knows how to fuck a wife with the husband watching..the peek to show you what is about to drive your wife wild

Occasionally a bull should lightly diddle a @sissygasm

Occasionally a Bull should lightly diddle a sissy’s clit, just to remind her that despite such pleasant stimulation, nature doesn’t intend for her to be able to achieve an erection.


Kimber James 

I guarantee every sissy who sees this picture @sissygasm

I guarantee every sissy who sees this picture begins subconsciously salivating.


throat fucking is so yummy.

She presents her sissy pussy exactly the same way @sissygasm

She presents her sissy pussy exactly the same way a real girl would present a man with her real pussy.

Breeding sissies unfortunately never results in @sissygasm

Breeding sissies  unfortunately never results in one becoming pregnant, which is probably the reason every sissy dreams of getting knocked up by a Bull.


This is one of the hottest pictures ever. 


cream pie anyone?

Except she doesnt have a penis any more she has @sissygasm

Except she doesn’t have a penis any more, she has a soft sexy clit.


Who doesn’t?

Another example of perfectly feminine sissy clit @sissygasm

Another example of perfectly feminine sissy clit and ovaries properly displayed.




(via ez4bc)

This alpha bull is breeding one sissy note her @sissygasm

This alpha Bull is breeding one sissy (note her soft bitch clit dangling between her smooth thighs) while another sissy massages his broad back with her pointy sissy-tits.



This sissy has quickly learned yet another use for @sissygasm

This sissy has quickly learned yet another use for one her most important accessories, a pair of stilettos.  Something tells me her twat won’t be looking so tight and innocent in about 30 seconds.

Here is another example of a sissy clit that @sissygasm

Here is another example of a sissy clit that should be proudly shown off.  Sissies should be reminded continually of the irony that their clits are so soft and insignificant that displaying them actually makes them look more feminine than they would otherwise.

Through the course of this blog i intend to @sissygasm

Through the course of this blog I intend to educate sissies about a wide range of things regarding their appearance, including how their clit should look.  I am of the firm belief that sissies should never allow their clits to become erect.  Straight males who fantasize about being taken in the ass are attracted to she-males, who flaunt their hard jutting cocks, slightly feminized by the presence of their large fake breasts, which “straight” men rely on to convince themselves that they aren’t “gay” for wanting a “woman” to fuck them.  But sissies should never penetrate.  They are non-genetic girls, soft, submissive, and nature intended for them to be penetrated.  Sissies therefore should work to minimize their penises and testicles, keeping them soft, delicate, submissive, flaccid, and cute.  If a sissy can not reduce their clit’s size sufficiently, they should make sure to minimize it’s appearance by keeping it covered by a lacy thong or something similar.  However, if a sissy’s clit is as small and soft and girly looking as this gurl’s, they should be proud of it and display it whenever possible, as a softly dangling decoration reminding everyone of their total and complete lack of masculinity.



A very well used stretched out gaping welcoming @sissygasm

A very well used, stretched out, gaping, welcoming sissy cunt.  And it’s nice she’s so proud of it.


This gurl will have an easy transition to @sissygasm

This gurl will have an easy transition to sissy-hood.



I have two observations here first when you can @sissygasm

I have two observations here.  First, when you can achieve a sissygasm just by having your cunt eaten, your transition to sissy-hood is complete.  Second, sissies should be aware that their bodies are not for their enjoyment, but ONLY for the enjoyment of alpha males.  Therefore, they should NEVER expect nor ask to have their pussies eaten.  They should feel free to have a body wracking orgasm IF their man wants to lick their pussy, but they should never ask for it. 

As a side note, since they can never expect to have their pussy eaten to prepare for a breeding, sissies should keep their holes pre-lubed at all times.  A side effect of this is they will be able to enjoy the feeling of a perpetually wet cunt being all squishy and drippy and inviting.  At times, should they choose to wear an outfit that might show their wetness if they sat down, such as a flirty pink mini skirt without a thong underneath, they should simply squirt their favorite scented lube deep into their twat, then immediately plug it with a jeweled sissy plug to hold their wetness inside them. 

Unless they’re feeling particularly naughty that day and wish to proudly display the large wet spot in the back of their skirt, an obscene message to everyone around them of just how desperately they needed to share their sissy-hood with the world that day.


A beautiful, pathetic sissy slut meekly asking to have her pussy eaten.  Of course she knows that it is not her place to ask, so she simply offers her smooth pink little hole, hoping that today you feel like eating her pussy to a body wrenching sissygasm before you give her the inevitable, twat ruining pummeling.


Callipygean Art

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