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Sissies: the ultimate cum sluts

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I am straight, a husband, a father, a business owner (yes, I wear a suit and tie to work every day), I drive a Mercedes, I am extremely alpha and dominant, in short, I am a sissy's wet dream. Every sissy wants to look like my wife: blonde hair, blue eyes, 34DD natural breasts, long legs, and a bouncy little ass. Sissies, imagine me driving my hard breeder cock into her perfectly waxed pussy, her big tits bouncing, trying to impregnate her, as she begs me to fuck her harder and to put a baby in her tummy. Did you just cum in your panties? You want to be her more than anything, don't you? I have extensive experience with sissies. I have trained and bred numerous sissies, a few of them with the assistance of my wife. I have also been a Bull for a few cuck couples, so long as the husbands were completely feminized. I also have provided pointers for many sissies as they make their way through their transformation to total sissyhood, on subjects including learning to have a sissygasm while remaining completely flaccid, how to self administer an oversized enema to allow the sissy to look pregnant, and extensive psychological training and conditioning. So join me in enjoying the ultimate cum slut: the Sissy. No other segment of humanity tries harder to be a feminine cock whore.

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