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SISSY PANSY FAG for REAL Men to Use. @sissypansyfag

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Total Sissy Pansy Faggot..make me beg for cock - SISSY PANSY FAG for REAL Men to Use. (@sissypansyfag)
Poppersniff cocktops ehguyz sheetan666 @sissypansyfag





Always have been
Always will be

Love my poppers!

yes yes yes

Never Stop the Sniff!!


Nakedcollaredgirl great commitment perfect @sissypansyfag


Great commitment

PERFECT #cdc #commitment

Sissy stable well cleansing enemas and @sissypansyfag


Well, cleansing enemas and over-sized suction cup Dildos helped a lot :)

i  am  in this situation - or at least want to be #CDC

Faontk the benefits of a well trained manjust @sissypansyfag


The Benefits of a Well Trained Man

Just like any relationship, a Female Led Relationship (FLR) takes effort and work to be successful. What is in it for the female?

  • Endless pampering whenever you want
  • No need to do laundry. That’s his job now.
  • Kitchen cleaned & dishes washed and put away every night
  • Bills are paid every month. I don’t even think about them.
  • Orgasms whenever I want, however I want and he expects nothing in return
  • A play toy (him) to play with whenever I want
  • Coffee ready for me every morning
  • I have the final say in all matters and he knows this and agrees to it. He yields to my authority and decisions. This means arguments are practically non existent.
  • He anticipates my needs and wants and strives to make me happy. This is huge!
  • Gifts and flowers from him just because he appreciates me
  • Open communication.  We talk about anything.
  • I never have to clean a bathroom again.  Yea!
  • My clothes are ironed every day
  • I do what I want
  • He does everything I tell him to do.
Sissy maker sissy stable would you allow a @sissypansyfag



Would you allow a picture be taken of you covered in another mans cum ?

Boy to Girl change with the Sissy-Maker

Sissy maker boy to girl change with the @sissypansyfag


Boy to Girl change with the Sissy-Maker

Lollipopsissy follow @sissypansyfag


Follow || SoniaSissy got banned!

Love this could it scream gay sissy faggot any @sissypansyfag

love this - could it scream gay sissy faggot any louder?

Sissymotivational that instant where her @sissypansyfag



That instant where her hand gives in and she just decides to let it happen to her.

You’ll get there sissy. You’ll get there if you really want it half as badly as you think you do. And when that moment finally comes, your life will change forever.