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sissy panty gurl 4 Master/Daddy @sissypantyboi4master

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NSFW content, intended for 18 years old and above. i'm brandi, a submissive guy that longs to be trained by a Dominant Daddy/Master to be his cocksucking, faggot, sissy panty gurl. While there are a few pics of me on here, mostly I repost things I like,... - sissy panty gurl 4 Master/Daddy (@sissypantyboi4master)
Faggotlover meeting your daddy calls for @sissypantyboi4master


Meeting your Daddy calls for thinking and preparedness. The final touches can always be completed later :)***

Faggotlover faggatory @sissypantyboi4master



Feminizedsissy white tgirl transvestite before @sissypantyboi4master


White tgirl transvestite before and after. Check out Kirstys TG Playground for more

Feminizedsissy forced feminization mistress @sissypantyboi4master


Forced feminization mistress crossdresser makeover. Check out Luci May for more

Feminizedsissy transvestite anal surprise @sissypantyboi4master


Transvestite anal surprise tgirl. Check out Luci May for more

Feminizedsissy fetish transvestite beautiful @sissypantyboi4master


Fetish transvestite beautiful crossdresser. Check out Luci May for more

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Tgirl cock cuckold fantasies. Check out Pantie Boyz for more

Feminizedsissy transvestite sissy crossdressing @sissypantyboi4master


Transvestite sissy crossdressing sex. Check out Luci May for more

Dick less than 5 inches bitch @sissypantyboi4master



Is your dick less than 5 inches hard?

Don’t try to keep that shit a secret! Let us all know.

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my little bubble butt

I want to rape this sissy pussy.

My thick cock would fit so good inside that…

Bigdaddyblog i was such a sissy slut with a @sissypantyboi4master


I was such a sissy slut with a man

I did it for Daddy

Bent over, ass ready for me…a good Sissy.
Feminizemeplease looking for a daddy to @sissypantyboi4master


Looking for a Daddy to feminize me further …. pls contact me (kik katia.sissy)

Femmepansy luv this caption truth @sissypantyboi4master


luv this caption #truth

Femmepansy soo wonderful to be bent over and @sissypantyboi4master


soo wonderful to be bent over and filled with a real Man’s throbbing meat

Femmepansy cock and sperm are the yummiest @sissypantyboi4master


Cock and sperm are the yummiest things on earth.  my soft wet mouth yearns always for them

Sissified @sissypantyboi4master


Who else wants to get sissified?

Master for sissy boy if you want to be a sissy @sissypantyboi4master


If you want to be a sissy and searching for a master … contact me!

Girdleluv @sissypantyboi4master



Her rz cuckoldcumming the miss jennifer @sissypantyboi4master




please, more, of, your, wife, and, chastity

that fits well under my working suit

Submissive sissy @sissypantyboi4master


Are you a submissive sissy?

I am

Sissykristin omg yes im a sissy faggot @sissypantyboi4master


OMG!!! Yes I’m a sissy faggot!!!

Sissy tvinhose i love cock @sissypantyboi4master


I Love COCK!

Shapeshifterbook teach your male in chastity to @sissypantyboi4master


Teach your male in chastity to present properly for their ultimate use in life. They aren’t males anymore and should become what they are meant to. You’ll all be happy you did.

Click here now

Lolatrap can i be your slavegirl @sissypantyboi4master


can i be your slavegirl?

Bigdaddyblog that is how it should be sissy @sissypantyboi4master


That is how it should be, Sissy. You will get pleasure from my thick throbbing cock inside your asspussy…

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Sucking off her dad!

On your knees in my presence, Sissy.

Daddyforsissybois i prefer when you have no @sissypantyboi4master


I prefer when you have no choice.

Daddyforsissybois daddy is going to fill up @sissypantyboi4master


Daddy is going to fill up your hole. You don’t get to say no.

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my little bubble butt

I want to rape this sissy pussy.

Daddyforsissybois you like when i take charge @sissypantyboi4master


You like when I take charge, don’t you Sissy?

Daddyforsissybois this is the only way youre @sissypantyboi4master


This is the only way you’re allowed to cum now. Sissys who touch their clitty without permission need to be punished.

Daddyforsissybois whispering in your ear get @sissypantyboi4master


Whispering in your ear: get your hand off your clitty, or Daddy is going to punish you.

Daddyforsissybois dont try to fight back @sissypantyboi4master


Don’t try to fight back, bitch. I’m going to leave you in this alley with a mouthful of cum.

Sissification i am forever a sissy faggot love @sissypantyboi4master


I am forever a sissy faggot, love getting pegged with strapons and taking cocks too. It’s so much more fun being exposed when others are watching as you submit. The more pics this sissy gets with strapons, cocks, cum in or on her, the better!

Websissy exactly how i feel when i make myself @sissypantyboi4master


Exactly how I feel when I make myself go out in panties to please other men. Just a little sissy faggot cum dumpster offering his mouth for their pleasure

Sissykatie93 my biggest fantasy make it @sissypantyboi4master


My biggest fantasy :) make it happen ;)

Msterg i se the taste of my new lover excites @sissypantyboi4master


I se the taste of my new lover excites you sissy… good, cause, there is a lot more where this came from… get used to it.  I am liking our new relationship more and more sweetie, thank you for encouraging me… hehehehe

Strict older daddy dom steffipanties my @sissypantyboi4master



My fishnet bodystocking

My throbbing cock especially loves the way you look in that 🌹

Strict older daddy dom femmepansy the @sissypantyboi4master



the natural order: Alpha Male taking his pleasure from the weak, cock worshiping sissyboi

This is the way of the world. The way it was meant to be

Strict older daddy dom practice makes perfect @sissypantyboi4master


Practice makes perfect. Train yourself to orgasm while jerking off your Daddy’s hot thick cock inside you

Okladom this gurl looks ready to start @sissypantyboi4master


This gurl looks ready to start servicing mens cocks.

Okladom cocklockedslavehubby mistresss35 @sissypantyboi4master




But the sissy should never be allowed to play with itself, NEVER! if sissy wants stimulation it should beg mistress or master for a long session of receiving anal sex.

Bigdaddyblog sissy stable reblog if you need @sissypantyboi4master



Reblog if you need a daddy !

Are you ready to wear this for me, Sissy?

Websissy i had found an older man on fetlife @sissypantyboi4master


I had found an older man on fetlife who enjoyed training and using sissies. We met a few times, it seemed a good way to fulfill what had only been fantasies. 

I would always have to wear stockings and panties and a chemise under my clothes so I would be ready if he wanted me. Anytime I could receive a text and have to go and serve him, quickly going to where he was and licking and sucking his cock and swallowing his cum.

Eventually he decided to have a Super Bowl Party. He invited some of his friends and all of mine. I balked and resisted, but by then he was too much in control. 

He made me arrive early, both to get ready and so I could answer the door and let in each guest. He had chosen a very feminine and humiliating outfit. Stockings with large bows in the back, a garter belt that would, together with the stocking tops, frame my ass. On top a tight fitting bustier with a ballet skirt. Heels. No panties, but a jeweled butt plug in my ass and my cock locked in its cage with a pink heart dog tag locked to it that said “Sissy Bitch”.

That was the outfit I wore as I opened the door and greeted everyone of the guests, including my own friends. That was the outfit I wore as I waited on them hand and foot. Bringing them drinks, snacks, saying “yes Sir” or “right away Sir”. 

At first it was a bit awkward, but it didn’t take long until someone reached out and smacked my ass as I walked by. As instructed by my Master, I immediately stopped, bent over and waited saying, “Please let me know when you are finished Sir” That brought a chorus of laughter and rude comments from the men, and the one who had smacked me grinned, stepped up beside me and began to spank my bare ass. He spanked me hard, and it was very humiliating as I knew my ass was turning bright red for all to see. When he finished, again as my Master had instructed, I dropped to my knees, my face just an inch from his crotch. Staring obviously at his crotch I asked, “Is there something I can do to thank you for my spanking Sir?” The men roared with laughter as the man above me just grinned and opened his pants.

As my friends watched I took his soft cock into my mouth, sucked it until it was hard, then sucked it until he came. I swallowed all of his cum, thanked him for allowing me the pleasure and then went back to serving all the men.

There was no restraint after that at all. Every man there had me over his lap, bent over the table, bent over the couch, in some position to offer up my ass and spanked me. My lips were wrapped around the cock of every man there as all the other men watched. I swallowed the cum of every man there as my ass turned more red and throbbed. When the last man left and I began to clean up I wondered what was next. I somehow new that my new Master now owned me utterly and I did not think he would stop with what he had just done.

Sissyofspades that is all i want @sissypantyboi4master


That is ALL I want!!!

Faggotlover good girlpanties off and get on @sissypantyboi4master


Good girl…panties off and get on the bed for Daddy…. And stick that gorgeous Faggot Ass in the air in submission.

Msterg breeding the little bitch until she @sissypantyboi4master


Breeding the little bitch until she overflows…. and still wants more….

Crossdressersworld sallytine firmdaddyc @sissypantyboi4master




The homely girl DaddyC

How lovely lucky girl


Sissytrainingbarbie barbie going to the bank @sissypantyboi4master


Barbie going to the bank and post office (shorts and a tank top over her lingerie)

Admireroftrannyfaggots faggot ass for the @sissypantyboi4master


Faggot ass. For the Real Gentleman.

Femmepansy as it should be opened wide for @sissypantyboi4master


as it should be, opened wide for Daddy, smooth small limp

Admireroftrannyfaggots superior virile alpha @sissypantyboi4master


Superior virile Alpha Male pumping his flaccid inferior FAGGOT.

Faggotlover prepared and ready for daddy @sissypantyboi4master


Prepared and ready for Daddy.

Msterg every gal needs and attitude adjustment @sissypantyboi4master


Every gal needs and attitude adjustment from time to time….  nice rosy cheeks against her white lingerie… whose next?

Msterg sucking cock and getting fucked is what @sissypantyboi4master


Sucking cock and getting fucked is what she is destined for, from here on out…  chastity, not for the weak or timid

Lynne en femme call me princess then fuck me @sissypantyboi4master


Call me princess, then fuck me like a whore.

Spankthatbottom deepthroat it son otherwise i @sissypantyboi4master


Deepthroat it son! Otherwise I paddle your ass until you are begging me to stop

Spankthatbottom after weve finished you can @sissypantyboi4master


After we’ve finished you can make it up to me on your knees boy!!

Spankthatbottom over granddads knee for a @sissypantyboi4master


Over Granddad’s knee for a proper spanking! 

Spankthatbottom i told you some father son time @sissypantyboi4master


I told you some father son time on the boat would be fun boy!!

Spurhanger sissydonna bestsissypics @sissypantyboi4master




Where Boys Will Be Girls

A good sissy example.