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sissy panty gurl 4 Master/Daddy @sissypantyboi4master

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NSFW content, intended for 18 years old and above. i'm brandi, a submissive guy that longs to be trained by a Dominant Daddy/Master to be his cocksucking, faggot, sissy panty gurl. While there are a few pics of me on here, mostly I repost things I like,... - sissy panty gurl 4 Master/Daddy (@sissypantyboi4master)
Sissybitchtrixie i love being the bottom @sissypantyboi4master


I love being the bottom

Sissybitchtrixie today i got my sissy bitch @sissypantyboi4master


Today I got my sissy bitch tattoo and I loves being a sissy bitch

Sissybitchtrixie i am a proud to be a sissy @sissypantyboi4master


I am a proud to be a sissy bitch


Daddysissytopper thats a good sissy @sissypantyboi4master


thats a good sissy!

Aliceincumland a good girl keeps her clitty @sissypantyboi4master


A good girl keeps her clitty locked, she doesn’t need it anymore.

Daddiesxlittlexprincess when your little @sissypantyboi4master


When your little becomes frustrated and upset, hold your hands either side of her face, kiss her on the forehead and tell her that she is and will always be your princess.

I think im there @sissypantyboi4master

i think i’m there.

Merrylander magenta today and a fresh shave @sissypantyboi4master


Magenta today, and a fresh shave. It’s been quite some time now, and the frustration is delightful.

Very pretty!

Littleprincessaubrey hoot hoot someones all @sissypantyboi4master


hoot hoot

Someone’s all ready for bedtime.

Itsleaking out and about in my new pullups @sissypantyboi4master


out and about in my new pullups :) very comfortable

Guess daddy is inspecting to make sure she is @sissypantyboi4master

Guess Daddy is inspecting to make sure she is plugged.

I do need a dominant daddymaster like any @sissypantyboi4master

i do need a Dominant Daddy/Master.  Like any sissy, i need structure, rules, guidance, discipline, punishment, cock and use by dominant men on a regular basis. 

A littlelily a pretty little cockette with a @sissypantyboi4master


A Pretty little cockette with a tattoo I would be proud to have x x

so pretty.

Faggotlover good @sissypantyboi4master


Good girl…………………………………………………………………..:) :)…….

Admireroftrannyfaggots faggot ass for the @sissypantyboi4master


Faggot ass. For the Real Gentleman.

Admireroftrannyfaggots now thats how you pump @sissypantyboi4master


Now that’s how you pump a Faggot. Alpha stays bone hard and does the breeding and the Faggot…as it should be,stays soft and serenely impotent.

Admireroftrannyfaggots smooth queer @sissypantyboi4master


Smooth + Queer + Effeminate + Obedient = Impotent.

Femboisdaddy2 fembois sissybois girlyboys @sissypantyboi4master


Fembois · Sissybois · Girlyboys · Traps → here

Bitch daddy the manageable male @sissypantyboi4master


The manageable male.

Lollipopsissy follow @sissypantyboi4master


Follow Http:// for more hot stuff!

Alexissux sissyhusbandfantasies did you ever @sissypantyboi4master



Did you ever think your husband could look soooooo pretty and that ugly, little thing look soooo cute?!?

I want to tease and please them all ;-0

Sissy’s should be locked up.

I am a sissy @sissypantyboi4master

i am a sissy.

Subbymale miederzofe crossdressedcumslut @sissypantyboi4master





benutzt mich auch so

Yes please

Bihan56 bien rouge j aime subir @sissypantyboi4master


bien rouge, j aime  subir

Bihan56 thx79 jadore cette culotte @sissypantyboi4master



J’adore cette culotte plastique *_*

Elle fait tres bebe voila pourquoi nous l aimons cette tres belle culotte plastique qui nous protege

Www rubberpantsboy rubber pants boy plastic @sissypantyboi4master


Rubber Pants Boy - plastic popper pants !

Wittlesissybaby you just stay right there @sissypantyboi4master


“You just stay right there, hubby. Daddy and I are going to go upstairs for a little ‘playtime’. I’ll be back to check on you and your diaper in a couple hours!”

Feminization the more times you find yourself @sissypantyboi4master


The more times you find yourself in this position…

What a good gurl @sissypantyboi4master

What a good gurl!

Nymphetfashion daddys little girl in white or @sissypantyboi4master


Daddy’s Little Girl In White Or Pink / 100% ANGEL Underwear

So cute!

Inchargedad spanked and sent straight to bed @sissypantyboi4master


spanked and sent straight to bed

“yes Daddy”

Domdaddyforsissysluts trainingforsissies you @sissypantyboi4master



You need to be trained Sissy

Chastity ensures that a sissy either has to learn to cum from getting fucked by daddy, or go without cumming :)

It just seems that’s the way it ought to be for a sissy.

Domdaddyforsissysluts ladyboyparty more @sissypantyboi4master



More Ladyboy Fantasies

It is crucial for a slut’s clit to be locked. Not only does it teach her that her pathetic small clit is not supposed to get hard, it also acts as a cute decoration that makes the sissy look more feminine. 

…and more feminine equals more cock in my mouth and pussy!  ;)

I have come to accept that i do not have a cock i @sissypantyboi4master

i have come to accept that i do not have a cock, i have a sissy clitty. My limp, sissy clitty should be locked up so i don’t waste time playing with it and devote more time to pleasing and satisfying real men, who have cocks. i like cock.

Deliciousanddecadence trainingkittenfordaddy @sissypantyboi4master



Looks like she was a bad kitten.

Should have pulled down that bad kittens panties… Daddy


Domdaddyforsissysluts sissyboicollections @sissypantyboi4master




Need to be locked up again😔😔


Take note faggots. 

i am begining to understand, this is how it is supposed to be. As i was told once, “sissy’s don’t get pussy, they are pussy”.

Love those panties @sissypantyboi4master

Love those panties!

Because its so worth it when he says good @sissypantyboi4master

Because it’s so worth it when he say’s “good gurl”.

Domdaddyforsissysluts sissygurlashley @sissypantyboi4master



Plugged and locked.

mmm what a fuckable bitch boy!

pink lock for a pink clit and pink plug for a pink pussy.

Domdaddyforsissysluts tasty sissy pussy @sissypantyboi4master


Tasty sissy pussy.

“yes Daddy!”

Very true @sissypantyboi4master

Very true!

Thebestbbceverfound i made this gif of myself @sissypantyboi4master


i made this gif of myself, hope you like it. 

Very nice, shaved, locked, plugged and pantied.  Ready for the day.

Sissy gurlz tattooed kittenx i have a little @sissypantyboi4master



i have a little sissy clit, that is (usually) locked.  i love to celebrate big cock by worshiping it.

Sissylouiseemma hot summer dress and cold steel @sissypantyboi4master


Hot Summer dress and cold steel chastity - Sissyslut louise

Good to know @sissypantyboi4master

good to know.

Hardcock4sissies love this one if you @sissypantyboi4master


love this one :)

“if you want Daddy”

Yes @sissypantyboi4master


Hold the slut by her hair ftbaljock00 a note @sissypantyboi4master



A note to all cunts out there trying to get by in school:  You are all mindless fuck pigs so just remain focused on being a better slut.  Start by whoring yourself with teachers, coaches, the football team, etc.  The only thing you have to offer to the world is 3 holes.  Stop wasting your time with reading, studying, and endless research projects because it will never matter. You are a retard with 3 holes. The only real profession you have a chance at in life is being a stripper whore. 


Thesissywalrusking show daddy your sissy @sissypantyboi4master


Show Daddy Your Sissy Pussy

Yes Daddy!

I do @sissypantyboi4master

I do

Firmdaddyc the tease daddyc nice outfit @sissypantyboi4master


The tease DaddyC

Nice outfit!

Admireroftrannyfaggots now thats how you pump @sissypantyboi4master


Now that’s how you pump a Faggot. Alpha stays bone hard and does the breeding and the Faggot…as it should be,stays soft and serenely impotent.

Subrichie andreasissygirl darksyde79 @sissypantyboi4master








always love to be on my knees

Yes sir thank you sir @sissypantyboi4master

“Yes Sir. Thank You Sir”

Secretslutemily throatfucked its true i am @sissypantyboi4master



It’s true! I am a Cocksucker.  I want everyone to know it

There’s no other view that makes my mouth water like this one.

Mastershango her sissy cuck boi stands loyally @sissypantyboi4master


Her sissy cuck-boi stands loyally beside the bed, watching the wife get Owned by her Black lover. Master SHANGO.

Faggotlover the natural order of things in @sissypantyboi4master


The natural order of things. In chastity/ in nylons /in FuckMe heels for the pleasure of Alpha Males.

Faggotlover dianne gets a nice load of real man @sissypantyboi4master


Dianne gets a nice load of Real Man Sperm down her throat. Mr C enjoys feeding his Faggot’s.

Femmepansy as it should be opened wide for @sissypantyboi4master


as it should be, opened wide for Daddy, smooth small limp

Daddywantssissys yes they do nothing makes @sissypantyboi4master


Yes they do, nothing makes them feel more used and absolutely owned when they are bred.

Degradedsissy1 so petal tell me again how @sissypantyboi4master


So, petal, tell me again how your just a ‘regular’ guy with a stocking fetish you can give up any time.

When you wear stockings and pantyhose full time, including under your guy clothes and you spend your private time mincing about in high heels and stockings and bra, with your face painted Luke a girl’s you’ve ceased to be ‘regular’.

When you ditch in the corner in your stockings and girlie clothes and watch a real man go your wife and then meekly bend over and allow that same man to penetrate you and fill you with manly fluids as you whimper like a spoiled virgin, you’ve ceased to be a man.

It’s not 'regular’.

You’re not any type of man.

It’s not illegal to be a fag or a sissy.

Just let go, embrace the shame and be what you are.

It really is easier that way.

Daddys sissy aly i am coming more and more to @sissypantyboi4master


I am coming more and more to terms with my fate thanks to Daddy.

Tvlauran paul was regretting taking a bet with @sissypantyboi4master


Paul was regretting taking a bet with Ryan, the result was that Paul should clean Ryan’s place and look after his every need for a weekend. He was not sure how the dress got included but with Ryan’s sisters help, a parody of a good wife had been created. All Paul had to do now was look after the husbands every need, which from comments made already would include being the woman in bed as well. This would either be Paul’s best or worst weekend ever, only time would tell which.

Propper lil sissy @sissypantyboi4master

Propper lil sissy.

Sissytherapy sissycj love the submissive @sissypantyboi4master



Love the submissive feeling of a man’s hand push me down further. Love it!

makes it more pleasant for everybody

Lucyanddaddy a plugged and caged smooth faggot @sissypantyboi4master


A Plugged and Caged smooth Faggot is a contented Sissy…Don’t you agree?

Degradedsissy1 sluttymascha a few chastity @sissypantyboi4master



A few chastity pictures - hope you like it <3 :)

You may go to work dressed as a man, but it’s hard to take your self seriously as a man when underneath you are wearing sheer stockings over you shaved legs, together with a frilly garter belt and panties, whist the pathetic remnants of your former delusions of manhood are impotently locked away.

S1010019 @sissypantyboi4master


Oh, the queer in the maids uniform that’s about to serve us - that’s what I unfortunately married.

Not long after we married I caught it dressed in my clothes and it confessed it had been a transvestite since childhood.

I tried to make some accomodations, but it kept pushing the envelope to a point where I enough hardly ever see it dressed as a man at home and it even started to feminise its appearance in public.

It’s been totally useless as a man to me, preferring yo jerk off into its panties and pantyhose to sex with a woman.

I need a man rather than some feminised facsimile of a woman.

But since divorce is messy, I decided to keep it on as a domestic servant. It dresses as a sissy at all times and lives in the spare room.

The redundant appendage that was once it’s failed claim on manhood is now impotently locked away in perpetuity.

I am still technically married to it, but in actuality it is little more than a feminised menial servant.

It will serve us refreshments until we retire to the bedroom.

It will lick you clean afterwards, if you wish.

Degradedsissy1 dont be so precious princess @sissypantyboi4master


Don’t be so precious, princess.

You’re in a man’s hotel room, on his bed, dressed in stilettos, pink pantyhose and the most ridiculously effeminate dress, with your face painted like a tart.

What did you think you were here for?

Bible readings?

There comes a moment in the life of every sissy, where it had to let go of its delusions of manhood and accept that it is indeed a faggot.

That moment, for you, has arrived.

It’s not a moment where you lose you manhood. Think of it as a confirmation that you were never really a man in any case.

You probably won’t enjoy having a man’s shaft deep inside you, but as you feel yourself being filled with manly juices you will come to realise that this was always going to happen and it will be the first of many times.

Of course there will be a sense of unfathomable shame once you finally let go, but look at you!

You minced into a hotel lobby bar dressed lie that!

What could be less manly?

What could be more humiliating?

Your attempts at manhood have failed.

The defeat has already occurred, honey-buns.

Allowing a man to fill sodomise you and fill you with hit, manly fluids is just a formality - it’s case of consummating your defeat in abject surrender.

Now turn over, and press that painted face of yours into the pillow.

Just concentrate on your girlie clothes and think of this as the pinnacle of effeminacy.

Degradedsissy1 once a sissy has been used by a @sissypantyboi4master


Once a sissy has been used by a man once, it is a kind of opening of the floodgates.

It will find itself in this situation again and again and again.

When dressed in women’s clothing and a man wants to relieve his sexual tensions, the weak sissy is must like plasticine in his hands.

It will just meekly and malleable position itself, face down on his bed, or over whatever object he nominates and allow itself to be used in whichever way he chooses.

Some sissies, are actually attracted to me an may draw some sexual satisfaction for themselves from this.

I suspect the majority are not sexually attracted to men but submit themselves anyhow.

The first time is a highly traumatic epiphany that has been years, maybe decades in the making.

It is the final rubicon that it has vowed it will never cross.

But it eventually does - whether out of pure weakness and submission; whether it is forced; whether it is drugged or intoxicated, or often just out of sheer curiosity to to get it out of its system.

For a sissy in the latter category this will have a familiar ring, for it only finds itself in this situation because of that curiosity all those years ago, when it first wanted to try on a pair of stockings or silky panties - “just this once” to satisfy the curiosity.

It knows by now that it is not strong enough to stop it happening again. The fact that it is even in this situation, when it has told itself for sol long that this is a situation it would never allow itself to be in, should be a reliable guide to the future.

Despite the trauma of “losing its manhood” (even though it’s manhood deserted it many years ago, if indeed it had any at all) and the fact that it probably didn’t enjoy it, it will do it again.

By the time a sissy has come this far, it has come to accept that weakness, submission and defeat are its natural disposition and shame and degradation have become a powerful source of arousal.

Once the floodgates have been opened, it will be repeated, time and time again - in countless hotel rooms; in restrooms; down alleyways; at roadside rest stops; in cars; in gloryholes and adult book shops.

Most of the men will be anonymous, maybe even faceless. They may be young, old, well built, scrawny or obese - it doesn’t matter. It’s about the surrender.

As it lies there abjectly dressed in its stockings and high-heels and girlie clothes, allowing countless men to sodomise it; to pound it brutally; to grind themselves to climax slowly - as it feels it’s loins being filled with the juices of real men, it’s mind is in a kind of haze.

It its not participating in this at all. It is being used like an object.

It’s mind is totally absorbed in its degradation and reconfirmation of its status as a sissy and a faggot.

Degradedsissy1 just hold that pose faggot @sissypantyboi4master


Just hold that pose, faggot.

Before I pound the last delusions of any kind of manhood out of you and reduce you to a pitiful mess, I just want one shot for posterity……

……and to post on the internet, so your former wife, your family, and your former friends and colleagues can see what you’ve done with your life.

Dressed in your pretty sissy stockings, you high heels, the pink blouse, a pink slave collar declaring you a ‘faggot’ and the remnants of your former delusions of manhood impotently locked away, and covered in frillies… you think they’d be impressed?

Transsexualsissy ashleytvpdx yes double @sissypantyboi4master




Double Yes!

Daddyforsissybois lay on your back and spread @sissypantyboi4master


Lay on your back and spread your legs for me. It’s the only thing you’re good for.

Rick spank soo horny @sissypantyboi4master


Soo horny..

Msterg double the pleasure double the fun two @sissypantyboi4master


Double the pleasure, double the fun, two tied up sissies are better than one

Msterg now that is how a sissy should fill her @sissypantyboi4master


Now that is how a sissy should fill her panties…caged and locked…LOL