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sissy panty gurl 4 Master/Daddy @sissypantyboi4master

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NSFW content, intended for 18 years old and above. i'm brandi, a submissive guy that longs to be trained by a Dominant Daddy/Master to be his cocksucking, faggot, sissy panty gurl. While there are a few pics of me on here, mostly I repost things I like, and hopefully you like them as well. If I repost any of your content and you don't want it on here, please contact me. - sissy panty gurl 4 Master/Daddy (@sissypantyboi4master)
Msterg double the pleasure double the fun two @sissypantyboi4master


Double the pleasure, double the fun, two tied up sissies are better than one

Msterg now that is how a sissy should fill her @sissypantyboi4master


Now that is how a sissy should fill her panties…caged and locked…LOL

Msterg see sweetie i told you you could take @sissypantyboi4master


See sweetie, I told you you could take it all, now swallow bitch…

Msterg @sissypantyboi4master


                                     gift wrapped

Msterg all prissied up and caged beautiful @sissypantyboi4master


All prissied up and caged… beautiful!

Msterg making her drop her sheer panties so you @sissypantyboi4master


Making her drop her sheer panties so you can do an in depth inspection in front of your friends….and she does it without hesitation……. tells me she has embraced her future fully

Well trained.

Ragingblackbull now youre prettier @sissypantyboi4master


Now you’re prettier…

Brianspanks boundbabe 20 minutes girl i @sissypantyboi4master



“20 minutes, girl. I swear if you move an inch im going to set your butt on fire all over again! ”

When he said on your knees in the corner, he meant it! She dreaded the long period of boring discomfort even more than the paddling!


Tessthebrat lostinamazement the quality that @sissypantyboi4master



The quality that one associates with Northernspanking, and the appealing spankability of that particular backside.



Bedtime is such a good time for a very Red Rump.  Love the way the dark red extends down her thighs.

OUCH! But I beg of thee why the panties with the PJs?! Does anyone really do that?

I do panties with pjs….all little girls should

Dprdom pacifierlove girls with pacifiers @sissypantyboi4master



Girls with Pacifiers - AgePlay - ABDL - NSFW


Now you know why you are made to wear your suckling bib baby….

Now get in that corner @sissypantyboi4master

“Now get in that corner!”

Dprdom you sounded so excited when i told you @sissypantyboi4master


“You sounded so excited when I told you that I went to the mall to buy you new undies, don’t pout baby. You must have thought I was going to Victoria’s Secret, didn’t you young lady? It will be six months or the duration of your babygirl training before you even touch a pair of silky big girl undies….. Now go try on your new set.”


Degradedsissy1 tvdesire there are no @sissypantyboi4master



There are no words

Although the redundant remnants of its defeated ambitions to manhood have not yet been caged and harnessed in permanent and secure chastity, it will by now know that it is not, was not and never can be a man.

As it lies in its lace stockings and lacy panties, abjectly collared like some pet, its body totally denuded of any hair, it is totally absorbed in the arousal it derives from its uktra-effeminate girlieness.

The fact of its total emasculation and the knowledge that most of its life will be spent pathetically, on its stocked knees, at the sexual and domestic service of others, along with the feelings of weakness and shame that will accompany it for the rest of its life, only add fuel to its arousal.

As both the object and subject of its own sexual desires, it wallows in its own self-destruction.

Daddywantssissys absolutely his presence @sissypantyboi4master


Absolutely, his presence should trigger your inner submissive nature.

Helpmebeagirl omg yes post it so the world @sissypantyboi4master


omG yes.. .post it so the world knows and i can NEVER turn back!!!

Auntiesuzette now she is definitely a cutie @sissypantyboi4master


Now she is definitely a cutie.. nice pose.. white lace, frames her cage beautifully