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Hey there! You can call me S.T. I'm a 25 year old male artist who loves tied and gagged girls! Mostly gonna post bondage stuff, photos, screen caps, drawings and clips from cartoons, but I'll post some other sexy things that I like. Also some stuff might be NSFW. Questions and comments are always welcome! :] - Sit Tight (@sittightbondage)
Bondagephotos our exclusive model busty @sittightbondage


Our exclusive model, busty brunette Christina, tied up tightly and gagged with leopard-print tape in high heels, pantyhose, a miniskirt, and a low-cut, cleavage-revealing top!


Bondagephotos adorable brunette sahrye bound @sittightbondage


Adorable brunette Sahrye, bound with tape then gagged with sports wrap in yoga pants, high heels, and a long sleeve cotton top!

Damselsandothersexyness jennifer lawrence @sittightbondage


Jennifer Lawrence stuffs some marshmellows in her mouth in preparation for the upcoming mouth-packing games. The last image is a fake I did - I thought tape needed to be involved in this somehow.

Here’s a video if you’re further interested (fun starts around 1:50)

I can live with this. Just pretending those marshmallows are panties.

Bondingfun tasha marley chair tied with a @sittightbondage


Tasha Marley chair tied with a pretty large bit gag as seen in this video.


Isn’t she great? Usually,I find  a lot of moaning in videos like this annoying, but Tasha does right. ‘Cuz she’s a pro.

Lovely @sittightbondage


Rip yvonne craig probably one of the sexiest @sittightbondage

RIP Yvonne Craig. Probably one of the sexiest damsels in distress to ever mff and squirm on screen. You will be missed.

Some steamy gifs from an anime called warrior @sittightbondage

Some steamy gifs from an anime called “Warrior Demon Koji.”  You can’t see it here but the dude is shoving a dildo in her.  Don’t worry, thee soft at heart, she ends up liking it in the end and becomes a sex addict.

Faptothefamous lily allen very nice @sittightbondage


Lily Allen

Very nice!

A missed opportunity on arnolds part @sittightbondage

A missed opportunity on Arnold’s part.

More hentai and anime stuff gags @sittightbondage

More hentai and anime stuff gags!

Some awesome stuff gags from various japanese @sittightbondage

Some awesome stuff gags from various Japanese hentei.

In the spirit of halloween heres leggy horror @sittightbondage

In the spirit of Halloween, here’s leggy horror host Elvira, with some lucky dude pulling the gag tight!

Damselsandothersexyness ltbhtf2002 @sittightbondage






That’s hot.


Who is she and where is this from?

Well guys I have figured it out. I know who she is. Her name is Grace Helbig and she’s a youtube vlogger, who believe it or not I have seen before but she looked entirely different. So thanks to google image search for helping me figure this one out. Man I can just watch this gif for minutes at a time and enjoy it all the way.

Good work. Since I evidently have way too much time on my hands, I checked out her channel and found the video that this gif is from. In it, she demonstrates the many ways that one can wear a scarf for the spring. Guess what she calls this look? The “I’m being kidnapped” look. Clever eh?

I’m usually not interested in a girl who is just gagged with no ropes to accompany…but this girl is SO hot and that gag is SO right for her. I know she’s just a youtuber but it makes me think that maybe she’s actually into this stuff? That gag looks preeeetty tight and she looks pretty damn happy to be wearing it. I feel like the average person would have just did a weak OTM gag for a demonstration video like this. Lets hope for more bondage related things from this smoking hot lady!

Sensualhumiliation futile struggling while she @sittightbondage


Futile struggling, while she is being exposed to everyone…

Wish I could find this video. It looks like some good gag talk.

Awesomeabduction the kase of the kreepy @sittightbondage


The Kase of the Kreepy Karnival Kidnapper didn’t go according to plan…

Oof, so good.

A request of someones character over at deviant @sittightbondage

A request of someone’s character over at Deviant Art. Man, it feels so good to draw bondage!

Damselsandothersexyness onscreen gaggings in @sittightbondage


Onscreen gaggings in toon form

That 2nd Gif has been a fave of mine for a while now but, I’m very curious where the first one is from! Any idea, Val?

My first art commission from some nice person over @sittightbondage

My first art commission from some nice person over at DeviantArt!

No matter what the situation Wendy and Tiger Lily keep their grudges with each other, even when the pirates have them bound and gagged on a rock during high tide.

Figured i would post a sketch of something im @sittightbondage

Figured I would post a sketch of something I’m working on. As a kid I used to watch Goof Troop and always wanted Peg (Pete’s wife) to get bound and gagged. She was always so naggy, I don’t understand why it never happened! So this is a preview for a comic making. She’s gonna be upside down in the comic but I figured I’d post her right side up just for a preview. Stay tuned :]

Check my new DeviantArt page for more damsels to come!

Damselsandothersexyness more samples from my da @sittightbondage


More samples from my DA gallery of DID gifs.

I love Val’s DA page!!!

Ianmandrake time to masturbate agreed @sittightbondage


Time to masturbate


Open wide and shut up baby @sittightbondage

Open wide and shut up, baby.

Damselsandothersexyness iamvocabulary carol @sittightbondage



Carol Seleme ♡

Might have found my newest “unhealthy obsession”

On my god…those first two gifs…she is AMAZING!!!!

A short history of jessica rabbit being tied up @sittightbondage

A short history of Jessica Rabbit being tied up officially. Too bad those luscious lips only kiss rabbits and not the sticky side of duct tape.

Nice amateur bondage @sittightbondage

Nice amateur bondage!

Conversation piece a website i will join once i @sittightbondage

Conversation Piece. A website I will join once I have money. Lots of pantyhose bondage.

Abducting a jogger a dream of mine @sittightbondage

Abducting a jogger. A dream of mine.

Some nice bound ladies in leggings @sittightbondage

Some nice bound ladies in leggings!

Damselsandothersexyness these caps really are @sittightbondage


These caps really are the only saving grace of this film. The damsel is Marisa Tomei and the movie is called The Watcher.

Marisa Tomei is SOOO HOT! But too bad she’s gagged with that safe “Hollywood” duct tape. Doesn’t even look like its on her lips!

Gagher shell do well in the slave market @sittightbondage


she’ll do well in the slave market. 

Very nice!

Beautiful women beautiful gags @sittightbondage

Beautiful Women, Beautiful Gags.

Damselsandothersexyness feministsforfacials @sittightbondage



Simply awesome. Zip ties, underwear, nicely stuffed mouth. Now, does anybody have a source?

From a movie called “I Spit On Your Grave 2”. The damsel’s name is Jemma Dallender. Can’t seem to find a video though :(

I just downloaded this entire movie just for this scene (I’m a stuff gag guy) but I gotta say…the scene left a bad taste in my mouth.  The captor kills her neighbor when he breaks in to try to help her, then rapes her in the ass while he’s dying on the floor.  The rest of the movie is about gang rape and gore and that kinda stuff. Kind of killed my mojo…not into rape stuff but I do like this photo set.

Feministsforfacials definitely need @sittightbondage


Definitely need soap-in-mouth punishment on tumblr


Damselsandothersexyness i totally forgot that i @sittightbondage


I totally forgot that I had requested a gif set of this scene. Thank you again Boundsilence.

Ugh this is sooooo gooooood! Link to video please??

Damselsandothersexyness feministsforfacials @sittightbondage



A little-seen, independent film from Spain provided us with one of the best DiD scenes of all time in 2011 with Diamond Flash featuring the gorgeous Angela Villar. The camera stays focused on the damsel for a full 7 minutes, without wavering once as she whimpers and pleads into her gag. The villainess slowly removes her gag to reveal an enormous wad of mouth packing, which is quickly put back in place after she screams and squirms, jiggling her amazing tits all over the screen. A top-notch scene in every respect, it’s a pity there aren’t any subtitles available online to determine what’s being said - and the rest of the movie looks quite good, too. I’m sure one of my 1200 or so followers speak Spanish, so if you’d like to give it a shot, I’ll gladly link you to the scene. Thanks.

Boundsilence, would it be too much to publicly request a gif set of this wonderful scene? I’d love to see this in gif form, unless of course you already have too much on your plate.

GIF SET PLEASE! OH And any chance you could link to the actual video? :]

Blackice210 trisha banos akamy new @sittightbondage


Trisha Banos

AKA…my new obsession.

Always feels lucky to find some leggings bondage @sittightbondage

Always feels lucky to find some leggings bondage!

Zatanna from young justice episode secrets val @sittightbondage

Zatanna from Young Justice episode “Secrets”. Val reminded why I love this character, she’s able to speak magical words and if something were to…cover her mouth…it would render her powerless.

PS. Sorry for my resent spotty posting. I will try to make more frequent posts!

Boundsilence trisha banos shes amazing @sittightbondage


Trisha Banos

She’s amazing :]

Those leggings @sittightbondage

Those leggings…!

Damselsandothersexyness the uk version of the @sittightbondage


The UK version of the hit show Shameless did well to have some tape plastered over their brat’s mouth. If only the US version would follow suit with, say, Emmy Rossum then we’re golden.

What a great scene! And a great damsel :]

Wow @sittightbondage


Damselsandothersexyness boundsilence batman @sittightbondage



Batman: The Brave and the Bold

This scene is even better in gif form

THANK YOU! Ugh, I love this scene. Black Canary is a fine fine lady with that gag on. I wish they were all gagged of course. But its still one of my fav scenes.

The brilliant and amazing april oneil ladies and @sittightbondage

The Brilliant and Amazing April O'Neil ladies and gentlemen! Probably one of the greatest damsels ever to grace us with her muffled cries! Never has the combination of a yellow jumpsuit with ropes tied around ever look so good!

My top 10 celebs id want to see bound and @sittightbondage

My Top 10 Celebs I’d Want to See Bound and Gagged!

Val had asked me about this and at first I really didn’t have a list. I’m not one to fantasize about female celebs, I’m more into fantasizing about girls I already know, but I do love DID scenes in movies and here are the celebs I find attractive enough to dream about getting that treatment! 

10.) Gwen Stefani- Always thought she was interesting looking, got great lips and luscious legs. Would love to have her tied up in that outfit with the leggings she wore in the “If I was a Rich Girl” song.

9.) Jennifer Lawrence- She’s got a super sexy voice that would probably still sound sexy if it was stuffed with a sock. She’s low on the list because sometimes I don’t like her face, but when I do, I really do. I feel like she’d be reaaal feisty too!

8.) Megan Fox- Mostly because she’s playing April O'Neal in that new TMNT movie. I think she has been bound and gagged in a movie before but I remember it being not so great. So….c'mon movie directors! Get on this!

7.) Anne Hathaway- I never liked her until I saw the Dark Knight Rises. Man oh man. She’s got a good girl look with a bad girl attitude. She would definitely have to be bound and gagged in her Cat Woman suit though. Would have been amazing if they remade that scene where Harley Quinn has her tied up on a conveyer belt!

6.) Natalie Portman- She’s one of my favorite actresses, but I’m not sure why I’d pin her this low on the list. Some actresses I find very sexy but not bound and gagged sexy, know what I mean? Anyway, loved her outfit in “Your Highness”. Tie her to a tree in that with a nice white OTM cloth gag and rip her top open.

5.) Nicki Minaj- I hate her music, I hate pop music, I hate rap, but its all the more better! I think the more annoying the damsel is, the more fun it is to see them gagged! I like Nicki with the hair she has in this photo, which she is tied up in, but no gag. She also has an epic ass and legs. Lets see that ass in some tight leggings and maybe some thin twine wrapped so very tightly around it. I’d stuff her mouth with her microphone and keep it secure with the cord.

4.) Scarlett Johansson-  Couldn’t resist. The hottest female celeb out there (Sorry Megan Fox). They teased us in the Avengers with an ok DID scene, but we’ll need more than that to be satisfied! She’d have to be in her Black Widow outfit for sure!

3.) Rinko Kikuchi- This one I just recently discovered when I went to see Pacific Rim! I was blown away (by her and the movie!). I got a big thing for Asian gals and she’s one of the hottest I’ve ever seen. Cute voice that would be climax worthy with a gag in it. Her mech suit she wears in the film is pretty great too!

2.) Olivia Wilde- Wild for Olivia! She is hot hot hot! Especially in Tron, love her haircut like that and that skin tight suit! I would wish for a Tron sequel where she gets bound and gagged, maybe by some light up wires or something. And that face! It would so amazing with any kind of gag!

1.) Hayley Williams- Yep, she’s my number one. I find her extremely cute and sexy. She has an arsenal of super tight pants and leggings that are begging for ropes to be wrapped around them. Like Olivia her face is so pretty it would love great in any gag. She’s got that weird gap in her teeth which would be great with a cleave, but of course I gotta stuff that mouth. Tie her up with the cords and wire they use for the concert amps and then stuff a Paramore T-shirt in her mouth and wrap some tape around it. Leave her in the bathroom on the tour bus.

So there ya go! It was kind of hard to make this list but I think I made the right choices. I had lost of fun with these, in fact I think I got a little hot and bothered writing some of that fantasizing stuff!

Honorable Mentions: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Melanie Laurent, Emma Roberts, Camilla Belle.

So guysi love stuff gags i dont know what it is @sittightbondage

So guys…I LOVE stuff gags. I don’t know what it is about them. Maybe its linked to an experience I had when I was a child. Man, just something about a girl’s mouth being stuffed with a sock or panties or whatever, it drives me crazy! But hey, like most of you I also enjoy tape gags. And that is why I love this scene of Julie Benz from the movie Held Hostage. The kidnapper removes the sock from her mouth to talk to her, then when she starts screaming he gags her with duct tape. A gag snob’s dream scene!

Feministsforfacials for a truly effective gag @sittightbondage


For a truly effective gag, mouth packing is a necessity. A good rule of thumb is- as long as she can touch her lips together, she’ll be (somewhat) intelligible. Saliva will inevitably shrink things down a bit, so better to have too much than too little!

Agreed! Gotta stuff em in there.

Ladies and gentlemenone of my favorite scenes of @sittightbondage

Ladies and gentlemen…one of my favorite scenes of all time.

This is a Soviet film from 1967 translated to “Kidnapping, Caucasian Style”.
 The girl is Nina, who as you can see is amazingly adorable and has some killer legs. On a side note I think she started the whole “leggings as pants” thing long before the hipsters did. The bad guys catch her and drive away, but their car crashes and then Mr. Blonde prince charming comes and un-gags her. She’s mad at him for some reason and slaps him with her one free arm and as she tries to free herself, he grabs her free arm and ties it back behind her. Then in a complete badass moment, gives her a passionate kiss. She wriggles in her ropes, her juicy legs squirming around in the binds. Phew. So perfect. If I had to be nitpicky though, her gag sucks, not on very tight and barely any mmfing at all. But the ropes are so so so right. They really made sure the actress could not move at all. Thank you Russians.

The entire movie is on youtube, please check it out.

Boundsilence @sittightbondage

boundsilence: asked for some Vivian Ireene Pierce gifs, so here’s VIP cosplaying as Daphne Blake.

Classic bondage model tied up while dressed like a classic TV damsel? Yeah, count me in.

Can never go wrong with Daphne.

Damselsandothersexyness boundsilence whoooa @sittightbondage



Whoooa, what is that first one from?
Damselsandothersexyness its a boring ass @sittightbondage


It’s a boring ass Sunday and trolling for bondage scenes and images can only do so much. Message me.I don’t bite.

I, on the other hand, do bite.

Looks like shes got herself in a tight situation @sittightbondage

Looks like she’s got herself in a tight situation.

Damselsandothersexyness law enforcement getting @sittightbondage


Law enforcement getting a mouthful.

Yes yes yes!

Damselsandothersexyness i think i found a new @sittightbondage


I think I found a new contender to challenge my previous avatar for best DID scene ever. Huge props to German TV as always.

Oh my god, Val! I used to have a clip of this but I lost it due to my computer crashing and I’ve been searching for it FOREVER!!! It was one of my faves! Can you tell me where you found it? :D

I sometimes pretend this is sarah silverman kinda @sittightbondage

I sometimes pretend this is Sarah Silverman. Kinda looks like her.

Damselsandothersexyness fear the dreamer @sittightbondage



Julie Benz, aka Darla. Finally she got the DID treatment.

Yeah this is from a movie called Held Hostage. I think she also had another scene in some short production if I’m not mistaken.

Love this scene. After she was gagged with this sock the kidnapper took it out and then gagged her with duct tape. Still trying to find the whole movie :c

Christine carter lookin damn fine in some leggings @sittightbondage

Christine Carter lookin DAMN fine in some leggings and usual attire (ropes and gags should be considered a fashion statement!)

Damselsandothersexyness hooray for thailand tv @sittightbondage


Hooray for Thailand TV! And you know what else…a damsel bound wearing leopard leggings, which happens to be the kind of leggings I adore the most. The OTM gag even matches her leggings which is just an added bonus really. I’m not even going to dive into what the hell is going on in this scene and bore you all to death with an attempted description of it

Oh god, Asian gal AND in leggings? Must be my lucky day!

Damselsandothersexyness actually i just got @sittightbondage


Actually, I just got this devious visual of her trying to call the cops and attempting to (uselessly) gagtalk her predicament to them through her tape covered lips. Wouldn’t that be something?

Nah, she’s just trying to kill some time while waiting for more rope and tape :]

Bondijj the little chick facing the camera is @sittightbondage


The little chick facing the camera is really cute. The bondage is lame, though

Cute, yes, Nice gags, yes, but I do hate front hands bondage.

Getcho ass back here @sittightbondage

Getcho’ ass back here!

Thexpaul2 akira chair tied thats how its @sittightbondage


Akira chair-tied

That’s how its done when you got no rope around!

Allybabes love it mmmmhmmm @sittightbondage


Love it ;)


Megan fox as april oneil on the set of the new @sittightbondage

Megan Fox as April O'Neil on the set of the new Ninja Turtles movie. Unf, lookit those tight ass pants, my god. I really hope they keep the April O'Neil tradition by tying her up and gagging her. Please please movie Gods, hear my plea!

This climax worthy scene is the bondage @sittightbondage

This climax worthy scene is the bondage hall-of-famer Yvonne Craig, famous for playing the 1960’s Batgirl who also got into some heavy binds. Here she is in her prime on a show called The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Nerdy fun fact! The lady un-gagging and re-gagging her is an older Elsa Lanchester who played the Bride of Frankenstein! Who would ever guess that the Bride would be tying up and gagging Batgirl some day!

Feministsforfacials and since it seems to be a @sittightbondage


And since it seems to be a running theme this TGT, here’s one more lovely Asian girl sitting pretty (and silent).


Adorable damsel liane balaban strung up and @sittightbondage

ADORABLE damsel Liane Balaban, strung up and gagged over the mouth (or as I like to call it, the CLASSIC GAG) in the film Seven Times Lucky.

A very cute red haired dutch damsel is captured by @sittightbondage

A very cute red haired Dutch damsel is captured by a leather clad villain type, and begins to talk back to him, probably saying things like “you won’t get away with this, they will find me” bla bla bla trying to threaten him. He reacts with sarcasm and stuffs her pretty mouth shut, then seals the deal with some heavy duty black tape. Now, That’s how you do it!

I have just been informed this is from a Belgian-Dutch TV series called Het Huis Anubis. The actress is the very cute Vreneli Van Helbergen.

Damselsandothersexyness here are some caps from @sittightbondage


Here are some caps from the Batman Brave and bold cartoon. As you can see the three heroines are strung up and suspended while hovering over a shark filled tank. Obviously, only Black Canary is gagged because her Canary Cry can do some damage. Any heroine who relies heavily on her mouth to fight crime is my favorite for obvious reasons.</p

Loooooove this scene. Why do all these super hero cartoons do bondage sooo right? Is there some kind of secret society of super hero artists who are into bondage?

Epic @sittightbondage


Feministsforfacials always reblog jennifer beals @sittightbondage


Always reblog Jennifer Beals in this scene.

Damselsandothersexyness heres another classic @sittightbondage


Here’s another classic 90s gem from the show Once a Thief. Boy oh boy was I ecstatic when I saw something you don’t see in bondage scenes…the damsel wearing leggings! Oh and she’s pretty cute too. Also decided to throw in a butt shot for you guys as well.

Ohhhh my lord, why have I never seen this one before?! Val, you might have to link me to this video! Hooo boy!

Behold the 4 layer gag and yay more asians @sittightbondage

Behold! The 4 Layer Gag! (and yay more asians!)
Frankly I would have been fine with just a 3 layer, as I’m not too partial to over the nose gags (I like seeing a bit of the girls face, especially if she’s cute) but I know a lot of people dig the OTN so that’s why I’m posting it. Enjoy!

I have a big thing yes a big thing for @sittightbondage

I have a big thing (yes, a big thing ;} ) for Asian gals in bondage. This is a gem of a video. She just can’t decide what color or style.

A favorite video of mine a very attractive korean @sittightbondage

A favorite video of mine. A very attractive Korean girl in some black skinny jeans is terrorized by a burglar.  I love the way she squirms on what appears to be a stool. Also the Asians love to use green tape.

Lately this has been my default vid for climaxing @sittightbondage

Lately this has been my default vid for climaxing so I just HAD to make some gifs.

Boundsilence random collection of one off gifs @sittightbondage


Random collection of one-off gifs I’ve made. Most of these I’ve posted before, but there’s a couple new ones as well.


Lois you sick demented murdering freak @sittightbondage

Lois: “You sick demented murdering freak!”

Harley: “How rude!”

This needed a full photoset. I especially love how cute her face is in the last one.

Artofbondage canibal i can not believe this @sittightbondage



I can not believe this is happening to me. They will eat me tonight!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Hey that person stole my gif @sittightbondage

Hey that person stole my gif!

Damselsandothersexyness i love the 4th gif @sittightbondage


I love the 4th gif where she grabs the roll of tape. She’s grown accustomed to it already.

This is good. Oh so good.

Spread em @sittightbondage

Spread em!

Ahoy leggings my girlfriend has a pair like @sittightbondage

Ahoy! Leggings! My girlfriend has a pair like that, every time she wears them I pine over her and wish she could be in a situation like this while wearing them.