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Farm for girls training @slavesforauctions

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A place for girls who need training - Farm for girls training (@slavesforauctions)
Farmd0gsrevenge petgirl monday @slavesforauctions


Petgirl Monday

Whiteslaver blondes still bring in the big @slavesforauctions


Blondes still bring in the big bucks. 

Obedienceenforced humiliated and naked @slavesforauctions


Humiliated and naked, standing quietly, whilst we discuss your body and if you’re any good as a servant.

Shekneelsbeforeme far too much lipstick pet @slavesforauctions


Far too much lipstick, pet. You know I don’t want it on My private parts.

Decius c the newly arrived slave girls were @slavesforauctions


The newly arrived slave girls were presented to the chief warden. For not undressing completely, the blonde already had deserved her first flogging.

Haakaem next lot is a former cheerleader new to @slavesforauctions


next lot is a former cheerleader, new to her collar… bidding will start at 50000

Throwing you away after 6 months of training the @slavesforauctions


After 6 months of training, the dog is finally reunited with its owner.

Hellenepopodopolous white woman hunter the white @slavesforauctions


White woman hunter: The white ‘rabbit’ will be released in the morning and the hunt will commence in the afternoon.

Dogirl lesson learned @slavesforauctions


lesson learned

Itamefemales young lady you probably know why @slavesforauctions


Young lady, you probably know why you are here ? Your owner paid a huge amount of money to buy you. He was impressed by your beautiful body and your sweet skin and wanted to use them for his personal satisfaction.

He was really disappointed by your behavior. You should know that you are not any more one of these obnoxious and insolent free girls who can choose their partners and their sexual positions. 

He expects you to obey him, to worship hip, to admire him. Not to try to escape, and to insult him every day.At 19, you should know what your role is, now.

Your owner sent you to Me because I am the best slut tamer of this area. I have a specialty : taming of stubborn girls like you.

He gave me all the rights he has to tame you. I have the right to torture you in every possible way. I have the right to use your body for my sexual satisfaction. And he wants me to give you back only when you will be perfectly obedient.

So, this will be the rule from now on : I will torture you during 3 hours each day. And more if you need to be punished for your behavior, of course.

The only way for you to escape these 3 hours of torture per day, is when I will decide that you are obedient enough to go back to your real owner. 

And I will decide that your obedience is enough when you will be totally obedient, without failure, without hesitation, without disappointment, during 35 days.

Each time you will disobey, I will reset the counter to 0.

I hope that I have been clear. So now, to show me that you are a good girl, you will turn yourself, bend over, open your ass with your finger, and let me use your anus for my pleasure.

Slavetrash yes mistress @slavesforauctions


yes Mistress

Slavetrash i wish i were her @slavesforauctions


I wish I were her

Thehumiliater best wedding bells ever @slavesforauctions


best wedding bells ever

W hunter homecoming @slavesforauctions



Womenindogleashes see more women in dog collars @slavesforauctions


See more women in dog collars and leashes at LEASHED GIRLS!

Worldofeldor freshly caught slaves marching @slavesforauctions


Freshly caught slaves marching towards the market

White slave begformypleasure @slavesforauctions





Ah crap, look at this! Here comes the fucking fail parade! I’ve never seen so many unworthy cunts in one place.

white pigs to be sold at the BLACK auction black

we are a pathetic Nan nu zhu Owned by( Lin, Adriawa, Jinki, Amalia and Nhi) Empresses of the North

On a leach here you are darling this slut is @slavesforauctions


Here you are darling, this slut is just for you !!

Slave trainer for beginners this is how id take @slavesforauctions


This is how i’d take La-D for a picnic. Tied, gaged with the frustratingly slow vib in her pussy. Unable to move, unable to turn of the vib and for damn sure not allowed to cum, because, good Tease-Toys never cum!

Subcaptivated inspection time @slavesforauctions


Inspection time.

Blackfemalesaresuperior white slave put in its @slavesforauctions


white slave put in it’s place by it’s BLACK MISTRESS

Slavekate love the use of the rope in this @slavesforauctions


Love the use of the rope in this picture. Her collar isn’t just going to be handed to her - she’s earning it the old fashioned way.  What a delight.

Slavekate love the use of the rope in this @slavesforauctions


Love the use of the rope in this picture. Her collar isn’t just going to be handed to her - she’s earning it the old fashioned way.  What a delight.