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the history of a fire escape @sleepingtigers

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instagram: sleepypwincess - the history of a fire escape (@sleepingtigers)
How to find high waisted shorts u actually like @sleepingtigers

how to find high waisted shorts u actually like: make them urself

Fuckyeaheda how did i manage to accidentally take @sleepingtigers


How did I manage to accidentally take the most perfect photo

Candy cloud will cotton 2012 oil on linen 72 x @sleepingtigers

Candy Cloud, Will Cotton, 2012, oil on linen, 72 x 96 inches

Johnmarkgreenpoetry this life advice is @sleepingtigers


This life advice is especially good for writers and artists.

Floriental zoe ghertner @sleepingtigers


Zoe Ghertner

Daddyslittlegrl this just in @sleepingtigers


this just in 

Orux summer with monika 1953 diringmar @sleepingtigers


‘Summer with Monika’ (1953), dir.Ingmar Bergman.

Classykittenn coldwaveghost by siedemzeroiks @sleepingtigers


coldwaveghost by siedemzeroiks

Hi babes from snapchat add me n lets be frands @sleepingtigers

hi babes from snapchat. add me n lets be frands: tookute2puke

Hittings hes jealous of the moon because you @sleepingtigers


“He’s jealous of the moon, because you look at it. He’s jealous of the sun, because it warms you. I feel you, even when I’m not feeling you. I talk to you when I’m not talking to you. I love you, even when I’m not loving you.”

Basquiat (1996) dir. Julian Schnabel

Boldpapaya ulay on marina ambramovic at the @sleepingtigers


Ulay, on Marina Ambramovic: “At the time we met there was immediately a fascination. Type-wise, character-wise, personality-wise, the work we had been doing singularly, she and me. You know, there was a recognition like you have found a lost brother or a lost sister, or something like this. Plus, that we were born on the same day, November the 30th, both Sagittarius. Obvious. You know, destiny brought us together. We were lovers, we were friends, we were performers, all at once. And our love was always on top of it. 
Me ft bae @sleepingtigers

me ft. bae