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Soul Sinners @sloppycunts

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Underground ice covering for us right now @sloppycunts

Underground Ice covering for us right NOW!!! or 99.7 if you’re in London Town!!!! Flex super sub comin off the bench with a late winner of a show!!

We are proud to announce that soul sinners will be @sloppycunts

We are proud to announce that Soul Sinners will be standardly headlining this festival in Hungary this summer. Check us out if you’re about and catch us blatantly headlining it up in some mad setting on the continent. We’ve arranged our own livestock to be there cos that’s what headliners fuckin’ do. It’s goin on from the 4th - 6th of August and Leeroy from The Prodigy is headlining it’s gonna be cool

Pow were new to this blogging lark but we talk @sloppycunts

Pow! We’re new to this blogging lark but we talk shit and thats going on all over the internet so a bit more ain’t gonna make no odds to us or anyone else. Follow us and we can promise you won’t get any kind of rash from it, and that you will definitely wake up one morning with dirty pictures of a bird called shelly on you’re phone that you have no recollection of. Or not. But do follow us and listen. Or Don’t. In fact, what are you doing? Take the dog for a walk or something you fuckin fucktards

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