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I am a bisexual, submissive girl who loves BDSM and pet play. I have a master who loves photographing our adventures. We take requests. Drop us a line and I might just pose the way you want :p Obviously this blog is NSFW 18+. All the pics are of me. - Slutty Bunny (@sluttybunny)
Thelittleskylark i laughed so fucking hard i @sluttybunny


I laughed so fucking hard.

I generally only post my own pictures but this was so stupid I had to share. OMG

Carla kitten oh god naughty bunny is my @sluttybunny


Oh god, naughty bunny is my favourite.

That’s Sluttybunny :p

Brilliant little position my wrists are cuffed @sluttybunny

Brilliant little position.  

My wrists are cuffed to my collar.  The vibrator is taped to a wooden pole.  I am impaled on the pole and the vibrator is humming against my clit.  A little push on the end of the pole and it goes deeper into me and pushes the vibrator harder against my clit.  Sometimes he spends forever not letting me orgasm.  Other times its orgasm after orgasm until I just want them to stop.  :)

Nsfy not safe for yahoo so this is the other @sluttybunny

NSFY - Not Safe for Yahoo

So, this is the other pic that Tumblr decided to delete off our blog for violating community guidelines.  All I can say is WTF!  If mild BDSM is now in violation of the community guidelines than a lot of blogs are going to be in trouble.     

Hello gunbunny 1 i personally think this @sluttybunny

Hello Gunbunny #1

- I personally think this picture has everything you need in life. Guns, ammo, big tits, tactical vests & Hello Kitty. 

Gunbunny 1 black white check out my trigger @sluttybunny

Gunbunny #1 (Black & White)

Check out my trigger discipline (my tits aren’t too bad either ;)

In honor of reaching 5000 followers today thanks @sluttybunny

In honor of reaching 5000 followers today.  Thanks you to my devoted sleazy fans.  Stay tuned for more kink! :-)