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My view for a fleeting moment... @sluttywives

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- My view for a fleeting moment... (@sluttywives)
Come here @sluttywives

Come Here !

Celebritynippleslips abbey clancy suffers nip @sluttywives


Abbey Clancy suffers nip slip as she sits on the front row at London Fashion Week

Jamel le loup no comment @sluttywives


No comment…. 💫 #kiyiyavuraninsanlik #refugee #peace #humanitywashedashore #syria #kurdish #kurdisch #makepeacenotwar #restinpeace #rip #picoftheday #photooftheday #tumblr #tweegram #instadaily 💫

Phroyd aerial view of the cityoftents the @sluttywives


Aerial view of the #CityofTents - the #Zaatari camp is home to more than 120,000 #SyrianRefugees in Jordan

From Twitter


Jedavu artists around the world respond to @sluttywives


Artists Around The World Respond To Tragic Death Of 3-Year-Old Syrian Refugee

On Wednesday morning (Sept. 2), Turkish police found the body of a 3-year-old Syrian refugee – Aylan Kurdi – who had drowned together with his 5-year-old brother Ghalib and mother Rehan in the Mediterranean sea while trying to escape Syria. Images of his lifeless body went viral, driving home the danger and desperation of the refugee crisis in Syria and inspiring a powerful emotional response from artists around the world.

These touching responses range from grief to rage, and regardless of where you stand on the Syrian refugee crisis and Europe’s response, one thing is certain – children like Aylan and Ghalib should not be dying like this.

Raisedbywolvesxo this makes me so sad may your @sluttywives


This makes me so sad, may your soul find eternal peace little boy. =(

Rosadamascena i hope humanity finds a cure @sluttywives


“I hope humanity finds a cure for visas” by Khalid Albaih | in memory of the drowned Syrian refugee boy who washed ashore on Bodrum’s coast.

Rosadamascena untitled by mahnaz yazdani in @sluttywives


Untitled by Mahnaz Yazdani

In memory of drowned refugee children

313thelastshininghopeofislam you should be @sluttywives


You should be quiet if kids are sleeping, not when they die

Crushis abdullah kurdi the father of the @sluttywives


Abdullah Kurdi, the father of the drowned Syrian refugee tells the story of his family!