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small sissy cock @smallsissycock

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Submissive owner of a tiny, prematurely ejaculating, useless penis. Obviously Im no longer able to satisfy my wife but luckily she has discovered the wonders of cuckolding. I get excitement from the humiliation I get for having a babydick and a lack of control, whether it comes from my wife, her friends, or her bulls. Im at ease with the fact she can rarely be bothered to pleasure me. Theres plenty of other guys shed rather get off, and who can get her off in return. I dont blame her for that, its Darwin in action. smallsissycock at yahoo dot com - small sissy cock (@smallsissycock)
Pearl necklace @smallsissycock

Damn, that rope of cum just keeps coming! Feeling something like that splattering against the back of your throat must be heavenly.

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I love wearing the key to my husband’s chastity device on a chain around my neck out in public, especially when he’s with me. He knows that if a stranger asks me about it, I always tell them the truth.

A Keyholder should never hide the reason she wears her key when asked :)

Oh god! The idea of being out with my wife while she wears something with a plunging neckline, showing off her cleavage and framing a key like that… And then freely admitting without hesitation that its a key to my cocklock, all while Im there. The thought is making my nublet DROOL.

This makes me insanely jealous knowing that ill @smallsissycock

This makes me insanely jealous. Knowing that Ill never look so pretty and feminine while wearing some gorgeous lingerie isnt fair. If I could click my fingers and be her, Id do it in a heartbeat.

I would love these so much just enough of a hole @smallsissycock

I would love these so much! Just enough of a hole to let my little pecker and tiny balls be free. So. damn. cute! 

This is fantastic and i bet that little guy feels @smallsissycock

This is fantastic and I bet that little guy feels thoroughly humiliated and useless.

People ask why I think my prick is worthless and why I let my wife do what she does. Well, this is why. It would be mean and cruel NOT to let her get satisfaction elsewhere because shit like that little bump (which is about what Ive got) just doesnt cut it.