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I am a bi guy who has very particular tastes. With guys I am a bottom exclusively and I'm not into kissing or making out. I generally don't like gay porn and I'm not into cock worship. However...After I sucked my first large cock, I kind of developed a cock fetish. (Although I like looking at small ones too. You'll find them on here as well.) I've never liked body hair however, so I find shaven cocks and asses the most appealing visually. I know it's pretty narrow but it's what I like. - Smooth Cocks and Ass (@smoothcocks)
Horny with a cockring @smoothcocks

Horny with a cockring

Dick and jane from the lost archive of @smoothcocks


(from the lost archive of:

Cutat56 see more like this at @smoothcocks


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Me in the shower @smoothcocks

me in the shower

Anon7824 small bald hard on @smoothcocks


Small bald hard on

Boyboygirllove oh the things i would do to that @smoothcocks


Oh the things I would do to that ass ;)

Anon7824 rather embarrassing @smoothcocks


Rather embarrassing

Jeremie m some quality alone time with my lelo @smoothcocks


Some quality alone time with my Lelo Ella