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I make up stories. Sometimes, I attach them to pictures. Mostly cuckold-themed. Mostly in English. Always NSFW.                                         –b3       - Smutty Captions (@smuttycaptions)
Before the wedding hooker two for the price of @smuttycaptions

Before the Wedding: Hooker

Two for the price of one…

One of these girls oral fetish its so hard to @smuttycaptions

One of These Girls: Oral Fetish

It’s so hard to choose sometimes, so I didn’t…

Pimped by her bull petite i love imagining the @smuttycaptions

Pimped by her Bull: Petite

I love imagining the large size differential…

Before the night is through anal lucky @smuttycaptions

Before the night is Through: Anal

Lucky boyfriend, too…

Pimped by her bull uppity imagination can be @smuttycaptions

Pimped by her Bull: Uppity

Imagination can be such a terrible thing…

Before the night is through train sport fans @smuttycaptions

Before the Night is Through: Train

Sport fans have it rough sometimes…

Before the night is through breasts sometimes @smuttycaptions

Before the Night is Through: Breasts

Sometimes it looks even better when you can’t see that much…

Before the night is through titty fuck more or @smuttycaptions

Before the Night is Through: Titty Fuck

More or less what the previous caption made me think of…

Before the night is through oral id love to @smuttycaptions

Before the Night is Through: Oral

I’d love to see that picture, too…

Before the night is through bridesmaids what @smuttycaptions

Before the Night is Through: Bridesmaids

What happens at the wedding stays at the wedding…

Before the night is through threesome oh what a @smuttycaptions

Before the Night is Through: Threesome

Oh what a wedding this will be…

Craigslist ads med school now you understand @smuttycaptions

Craigslist Ads: Med School

Now you understand how she can make it without parental support or a scholarship…

Before the night is through ass before the night @smuttycaptions

Before the Night is Through: Ass

Before the night is through, all sorts of interesting things will happen…

Before the wedding asian your beautiful bride @smuttycaptions

Before the Wedding: Asian

Your beautiful bride reminding you of what you just lost…

You choose thigh more impossible choices @smuttycaptions

You Choose: Thigh

More impossible choices…

Slut wife self conscious you watch her go @smuttycaptions

Slut Wife: Self-conscious

You watch her go, knowing she’s on the hunt, but she won’t let you follow her…

Craigslist ads barbie doll so was it a happy @smuttycaptions

Craigslist Ads: Barbie Doll

So was it a happy thing to find the ad, or not?…

Craigslist ads dare when a dare goes too far @smuttycaptions

Craigslist Ads: Dare

When a dare goes too far, almost everybody wins…

Craigslist ads bbc hard to believe we wont be @smuttycaptions

Craigslist Ads: BBC

Hard to believe we won’t be able to find those in craigslist anymore…

Your wife his slut big tits when her bull has @smuttycaptions

Your Wife, HIS Slut: Big Tits

When her bull has maybe a little bit TOO much power over your wife…

Male chastity nipple its been a while i @smuttycaptions

Male Chastity: Nipple

It’s been a while I haven’t posted a chastity caption…

Pimped by her bull proper maybe a new series @smuttycaptions

Pimped by her Bull: Proper

Maybe a new series. Right now, this is a one-off.

Your wife his slut offered a present for when @smuttycaptions

Your Wife, HIS Slut: Offered

A present for when you get home… maybe…

What you dont know webcam so maybe getting @smuttycaptions

What You Don’t Know: Webcam

So maybe getting that webcam wasn’t such a good idea…

What you dont know office what do you think @smuttycaptions

What You Don’t Know: Office

What do YOU think happens when your wife heads out to work looking like a million bucks?…

What you dont know submissive what you dont @smuttycaptions

What You Don’t Know: Submissive

What you don’t know about your wife, but probably wished you did…

Slut wife blacks what your wife was really up @smuttycaptions

Slut Wife: Blacks

What your wife was really up to in college…

What you dont know bi ever wonder what your @smuttycaptions

What You Don’t Know: Bi

Ever wonder what your wife might be up to when you leave for your nightshift?…

What you dont know suck ever wonder where your @smuttycaptions

What You Don’t Know: Suck

Ever wonder where your wife learned to suck cock so well?…

My best friends wife awkward what would you do @smuttycaptions

My Best Friend’s Wife: Awkward

What would YOU do if you walking in on your best friend’s wife half-naked in the bathroom?…

Your boss her bull sucking the perks of being @smuttycaptions

Your Boss, Her Bull: Sucking

The perks of being a boss…

Your wife his slut panties little is sexier @smuttycaptions

Your Wife, HIS Slut: Panties

Little is sexier than a woman taking off her panties in public…

My best friends wife bet what would you do if @smuttycaptions

My Best Friend’s Wife: Bet

What would YOU do if you won your best pal’s wife for an evening?…

My best friends wife doggie what would you do @smuttycaptions

My Best Friend’s Wife: Doggie

What would YOU do if your best friend’s wife showed up, drunk and horny?…

My best friends wife chastity funny the things @smuttycaptions

My Best Friend’s Wife: Chastity

Funny the things you learn when you’re taking someone’s picture…

My best friends wife disliked what would you @smuttycaptions

My Best Friend’s Wife: Disliked

What would YOU do if your best friend’s wife both disliked you and wanted you?…

My best friends wife strawberries picking up @smuttycaptions

My Best Friend’s Wife: Strawberries

Picking up an old series—what would YOU do if you found your best friend’s wife eating strawberries in the kitchen?…

What you dont know stripper why yes i do have @smuttycaptions

What You Don’t Know: Stripper

Why yes, I do have a crush on Jamie Ray Newman—come on, who wouldn’t?…

Slut daughter girlfriends what happens when a @smuttycaptions

Slut Daughter: Girlfriends

What happens when a daughter’s girlfriends are a bad influence…

Pictures from her bull black cocks when a @smuttycaptions

Pictures from her Bull: Black Cocks

When a picture makes a poor hubby realize he has no chance…

Pictures from her bull cum just one more thing @smuttycaptions

Pictures from her Bull: Cum

Just one more thing she doesn’t do with her hubby…

Pictures from her bull strip game a perfect @smuttycaptions

Pictures from her Bull: Strip Game

A perfect body, about to be uncovered for someone else’s pleasure…

Pictures from her bull lingerie what will she @smuttycaptions

Pictures from her Bull: Lingerie

What will she not do for him?…

Pictures from her bull riding him love this @smuttycaptions

Pictures from her Bull: Riding Him

Love this photo. Love the pose, love the view, love everything that’s implied…

Pictures from her bull dress im back and @smuttycaptions

Pictures from her Bull: Dress

I’m back. And continuing with the theme that will keep us busy for the next two weeks, namely the vicarious thrill of seeing a bull teasing a poor hubby by sending him pictures of his wife slutting it up…

Slut daughter blow job queen do you really want @smuttycaptions

Slut Daughter: Blow Job Queen

Do you really want to know why your daughter is so popular?…

Slut daughter date a daughter getting ready @smuttycaptions

Slut Daughter: Date

A daughter, getting ready for a date… and what a date it will be…

Your wife his slut heartbreaking sometimes @smuttycaptions

Your Wife, HIS Slut: Heartbreaking

Sometimes, being a cuckold is not all that it’s cracked up to be—it can be emotionally difficult, even…

You choose panties another impossible choice @smuttycaptions

You Choose: Panties

Another impossible choice for the poor hubby…

What you dont know ass a nervous wife getting @smuttycaptions

What You Don’t Know: Ass

A nervous wife getting ready for her husband’s best friend visit…

You choose boobies more evil choices for our @smuttycaptions

You Choose: Boobies

More evil choices for our poor chastity boy…

Making a deal panties more about making a @smuttycaptions

Making a Deal: Panties

More about making a husband pay by using the wife. I gotta say, I’m starting to like that Tony character. Oh. and love the ass…

Making a deal swimsuit once in a while i have @smuttycaptions

Making a Deal: Swimsuit

Once in a while I have this drive to write a caption from a perverted dominant perspective. This is one of those…

Your wife his slut shaved a beautiful woman @smuttycaptions

Your Wife, HIS Slut: Shaved

A beautiful woman, proud of a job well done, about to go off and please her bull.

Pictures from her bull bikini lets continue @smuttycaptions

Pictures from her Bull: Bikini

Let’s continue with the theme with which we finished last week. Love the thong in this picture…

Pictures from her bull breasts celebration week @smuttycaptions

Pictures from her Bull: Breasts

Celebration Week post #5: I also have a thing for evening dresses. And ladies that lay it bare…

Before the wedding naked celebration week post @smuttycaptions

Before the Wedding: Naked

Celebration Week post #4: I have a thing for brides, especially stunning brides in stunning dresses…

You choose blow job celebration week post 3 i @smuttycaptions

You Choose: Blow Job

Celebration Week post #3: I just love when a dominant offers a lose-lose choice to a submissive…

Making a deal prim and proper celebration week @smuttycaptions

Making a Deal: Prim and Proper

Celebration Week post #2: Prim and proper and a pawn in shady desperate games…

What you dont know yellow dress celebration @smuttycaptions

What You Don’t Know: Yellow Dress

Celebration Week post #1: Pretty legs in a pretty wrapper. What’s the expression? What you don’t know sure can hurt you?…

Slut daughter beach what to do when daughters @smuttycaptions

Slut Daughter: Beach

What to do when daughters flirt about with their come-fuck-me bikinis…

Slut daughter nightgown always loved this @smuttycaptions

Slut Daughter: Nightgown

Always loved this picture—what you see and what you don’t see and all the delights that are merely hinted at…

Slut daughter sunbathing continuing with the @smuttycaptions

Slut Daughter: Sunbathing

Continuing with the slut daughter theme for a little while. And here you thought that sunbathing was innocuous…

Slut daughter english teacher all about @smuttycaptions

Slut Daughter: English Teacher

All about daughters and their difficulties in English…

Slut daughter prom after last weeks mad @smuttycaptions

Slut Daughter: Prom

After last week’s mad captioning bash on the Bull Running Club serial, back to a more reasonable schedule. Here’s a first cap in a new series about daughters behaving badly…

The bull running club part 8 conclusion our @smuttycaptions

The Bull Running Club: Part 8 (Conclusion)

Our girl finally gets introduced to the Club and learns the rules…

Previous parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

The bull running club part 7 things heat up for @smuttycaptions

The Bull Running Club: Part 7

Things heat up for our girl…

Previous parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

The bull running club part 6 what is she willing @smuttycaptions

The Bull Running Club: Part 6

What is she willing to do to protect her relationship?

Previous parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The bull running club part 5 something @smuttycaptions

The Bull Running Club: Part 5

Something different for our girl—and she likes it…

Previous parts: 1, 2, 3, 4.

The bull running club part 4 things heat up for @smuttycaptions

The Bull Running Club: Part 4

Things heat up for our girl when other guys are brought into the picture…

Previous parts: 1, 2, 3

The bull running club part 3 third caption in @smuttycaptions

The Bull Running Club: Part 3

Third caption in the series. The fun that happens in a peach outfit…

Previous parts: 1, 2.

The bull running club part 2 second caption of @smuttycaptions

The Bull Running Club: Part 2

Second caption of the series. Love the lips. 

Previous: Part 1.

The bull running club part 1 okay after an @smuttycaptions

The Bull Running Club: Part 1

Okay, after an interaction with a fan, I was inspired to write the next series of captions, all forming a single story. The pictures are rather tame, all the action’s in the (rather abundant) prose…

Seeking forgiveness lingerie a one shot @smuttycaptions

Seeking Forgiveness: Lingerie

A one-shot caption, with a different but related perspective. When your girl says sorry but really isn’t…

Did you know soft spot a girl pleasing her @smuttycaptions

Did You Know…?  Soft Spot

A girl pleasing her man—just not her husband…

Did you know tease perfect legs perfect @smuttycaptions

Did You Know…?  Tease

Perfect legs, perfect ass—who wouldn’t tease with a body like that?…

Did you know self shot i always found this @smuttycaptions

Did You Know…?  Self-Shot

I always found this picture more tantalizing than more revealing self-shots. Probably because there’s something inherently sexy about a girl wiggling out of her skirt. Why would she do that, though?…

Did you know work her legs just drive me @smuttycaptions

Did you know…?  Work

Her legs just drive me crazy. I had to figure out what the story there was…

Did you know escort love just love this pic @smuttycaptions

Did You Know…?  Escort

Love, just love this pic. A leggy blonde in heels—what else could one ask for?

Did you know porn star another cap in that @smuttycaptions

Did You Know…? Porn Star

Another cap in that series where you learn stuff about your wife. What else do you think you don’t know?

Did you know girls little is sexier than two @smuttycaptions

Did You Know…?  Girls

Little is sexier than two pretty girls getting it on…

Did you know black cocks new series stuff you @smuttycaptions

Did You Know…?  Black Cocks

New series. Stuff you probably didn’t know about your wife. Love this pic: on all four on the bed, round ass up in the air, worshipping a big cock with her mouth…

Slut wife boots another slut wife getting ready @smuttycaptions

Slut Wife: Boots

Another slut wife getting ready to go out and find herself a man. Love the boots, really love the boots…

Slut wife the beach love this picthe girl @smuttycaptions

Slut Wife: The Beach

Love this pic—the girl looks so happy. There’s gotta be a good reason…

Cheating wives and girlfriends the self shot @smuttycaptions

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends: The Self-Shot

Lovely girl with a lovely smile, looking demure, about to embark on a cheating frenzy…

Cheating wives and girlfriends cum continuing @smuttycaptions

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends: Cum

Continuing with the cheating theme a little bit. This picture called to me, I don’t know why. The look on her face, the cum pooling in her mouth…

Cheating wives and girlfriends the rival i have @smuttycaptions

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends: The Rival

I have a few cheating captions on stack. Let’s start with this one, with a rather classical girl on her knees picture…

Male chastity mother in law a straight up male @smuttycaptions

Male Chastity: Mother-in-law

A straight-up male chastity caption—is she cruel, innocent, or something else…?

Evil bull valentines day lingerie another evil @smuttycaptions

Evil Bull: Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Another evil bull caption, where the cost of falling in lust with the wrong man soon starts to become too much…

Evil bull unshaven another evil bull caption @smuttycaptions

Evil Bull: Unshaven

Another evil bull caption, in which a wife is forced to humiliate her poor hubby…

Evil bull brother in law what do you get when @smuttycaptions

Evil Bull: Brother-in-law

What do you get when you combine a nice ass and an evil bull?

Before the wedding the contest ive been @smuttycaptions

Before the Wedding: The Contest

I’ve been meaning to write some wedding-themed captions, because some very nice wedding-lingerie pictures have accumulated in my inbox. All that white lace is enough to turns one’s head…

Wifes new boyfriend decisions even though this @smuttycaptions

Wife’s New Boyfriend: Decisions

Even though this pic barely shows anything, I’ve always found it endearingly arousing. It’s just a matter of figuring out the story behind it…

Wifes new boyfriend becoming a maid a wife @smuttycaptions

Wife’s New Boyfriend: Becoming a Maid

A wife dressing up, but not for hubby…

Wifes new boyfriend practicing i love pictures @smuttycaptions

Wife’s New Boyfriend: Practicing

I love pictures of girls primping themselves in front of mirror in preparation for dates. All that expectation building up…

Job perks the girlfriend final caption in the @smuttycaptions

Job Perks: The Girlfriend

Final caption in the Job Perks series. Probably my favorite, too. 

Job perks the entertainment coordinator seventh @smuttycaptions

Job Perks: The Entertainment Coordinator

Seventh (of eight) in the Job Perks series. We meet the party girl…

Job perks the massage therapist sixth of eight @smuttycaptions

Job Perks: The Massage Therapist

Sixth (of eight) in the Job Perks series. Today, the massage therapist…

Job perks the maid a new caption in the series @smuttycaptions

Job Perks: The Maid

A new caption in the series about this guy that gets a nice job with the kind of perks that most heterosexual men would really enjoy. Today, we meet the maid, of course.

Wifes new boyfriend the gift and were back @smuttycaptions

Wife’s New Boyfriend: The Gift

And we’re back. I’ll try to finish off old series before starting new ones. (Yes, I do have new ideas.) 

Today’s caption is a caption about a wife and her new boyfriend, Shawn. It took me a while to figure out why the wife was so happy in the picture. It’s obvious now…