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this tumblr is NSFW, adults-only,and mostly reblogs with a tiny bit of original content. click here to see my fetlife profile click here to ask a rubberdoll click here to see the archive - sneedoll (@sneedoll)
Lipstixxx noir lipstixxx is back in black @sneedoll


Lipstixxx is back (in black).
See the full video at Futile Struggles

Therubberdollowner @sneedoll


Total enclosure brings out the “Dr. Frankenstein” in me.  I can imagine a sub being placed in this setup for 48 hours and then come out as a perfect rubber doll :)

Please note: I nor my rubber dolls are in this image nor did  we create or claim ownership of this image.  It will be removed at the owner’s request within 24hrs.  

Call me it happytouseyou suspending the @sneedoll



Suspending the latex doll call-me-it

i’m “up” for this Sir

Rubberdollemmalee the interesting fact about @sneedoll


“The interesting fact about remote controlled electro stimulation is that you can’t leave away. It’s just coming in moments when you don’t expect it!”


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Thefrejadottir got a new rubber55 hood and @sneedoll


Got a new Rubber55 hood and preparing for a full enclosure bondage session


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