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Youth & Naturism @socalyoungnaturist

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Young naturist from the golden state. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. The photos posted here do not belong to me unless stated otherwise. Background image taken at Blacks Beach. - Youth & Naturism (@socalyoungnaturist)
Blissofsisyphus it was hot as fuuuck but we met a @socalyoungnaturist


It was hot as fuuuck but we met a few cool people. It was fun even though we found out the ppl that organized it are basically a cult lmao.

Creativerehab back bend at the standard @socalyoungnaturist


Back bend. (at The Standard, High Line)

Gimmeapetname this was actually a very @socalyoungnaturist


this was actually a very liberating experience

Saythankyoumaster no more ruby rose for you @socalyoungnaturist


No more Ruby Rose for you.

Summerbobummer miss you deep creek xo summer @socalyoungnaturist


Miss you deep creek.
xo summer

Templeofthedowndog handstand lopez island @socalyoungnaturist


Handstand, Lopez Island, Washington

Deimosfoto you can see full sets of my images @socalyoungnaturist


You can see full sets of my images at the link below:

In2ro setting our tits free in the san diego @socalyoungnaturist


Setting our tits free in the San Diego sunset

Theresnoplacelikeyourmouth by jon shot at the @socalyoungnaturist


by Jon / shot at The Dynamic Nude Photo Workshop on Lake Powell, UT

Nymphoninjas this summer i went to a nudist @socalyoungnaturist


This summer, I went to a nudist beach with my boyfriend for the first time. It was quite a liberating and beautiful experience to be naked and feel the sea on my skin. One of my passions (I wouldn’t call it a hobby, since I don’t do it often) is swimming and that day, I managed to transform it into an exciting and new experience. It was an unforgettable time.

I am very glad your boyfriend was there and ready with his camera to capture this moment. I have a hard time believing how fucking beautiful this photo is, the gradiation of color in the sky is one of the best and most detailed I can remember. Her pose is adorable and I love the strand of hair blowing in the wind. This photo looks more like a painting and I am so proud to share it on Submission Sunday. I am sure this photo will be seen again many times here and hopefully again for the best Submissions of the year.

Ayearofdeepcreek @socalyoungnaturist



Ayearofdeepcreek took the ding dongs to the @socalyoungnaturist


Took the ding dongs to the land of many ding dongs. #bellaandsasha #bella_the_doberman #littlesashagrey

Stopgap photo jordanbunniie photos by @socalyoungnaturist


photos by stopgap-photo​ | leonardpage​

Ayearofdeepcreek please dont bother me @socalyoungnaturist


please don’t bother me anymore.”

Edwardisais edward ysais photography @socalyoungnaturist


© Edward Ysais Photography

Ayearofdeepcreek @socalyoungnaturist


#valleyview#hotsprings#hikinginthenude#barebottom#lovethesebeautiestopieces#lifeismagical ❤️✨🌻☺️ @mariamaya @moonpiejones

Naturalswimmingspirit gratitude gratitude @socalyoungnaturist


Gratitude ~ gratitude ~ gratitude ~ gratitude ~ gratitude ~ gratitude #agness #blissedout #flowerchild #gratitude #oregon #oregonexplored #spiritjunkie #skinnydip #illinois #illy #home #love #swim #naturefreak #mermaid #clean #pure #river

Nymphoninjas nymphoninjas ive been waiting @socalyoungnaturist



I’ve been waiting for the outdoor theme for a few weeks now. It also helped me get up the courage to finally submit.

My friends and I decided the other day that we would ditch our bikinis and just dive naked. It’s an amazing freeing feeling to dive for shells in the nude. We played around a bit with my GoPro and got a few awesome shots. This is my favorite one of me, I love how strong my body looks.

I’ve never had the chance to scuba dive naked but after seeing this submission it’s on my list of things to do this summer. You look like a sexy mermaid swimming through the water, I’d love to see other photos from this shoot. This is an awesome first submission, thanks for finally deciding to share and I hope to see more from you soon.

Nymphoninjas one of my favourite outdoor spaces @socalyoungnaturist


One of my favourite outdoor spaces is Ninja and I’s patio garden. We’ve managed to grow a variety of things up there and we can’t get enough of eating fresh vegetables right from the source. I feel at peace when I’m surrounded by plants and often find myself tending to the garden when I need a break from the business of the city. I’m happy that we have a little green space to call our own and I hope any other ninjas with a garden out there are enjoying the fruits of their labour this summer so far. 

Ayearofdeepcreek hot springin with the mama @socalyoungnaturist


Hot Springin with the Mama 💦 🌾✨ @terriandon #Ojai #OhHi #HotSprings #Magic

Wonderhussy hairy armpits at gold bug hot @socalyoungnaturist


Hairy armpits at Gold Bug hot spring near Salmon, Idaho

Vivencianualem goiânia go 2014 acho que a @socalyoungnaturist


Goiânia - GO (2014)

“Acho que a palavra pra mim é: libertador! Porque eu sou tímida pra caramba e só de ter conseguido ir pra lá sem minha roupa foi… uma coisa que eu tinha vontade, mas que eu não imaginava que aconteceria agora… Enfim, Obrigada.”

“Foi uma forma de me aproximar das pessoas que eu não conhecia, mas também foi uma forma de me aproximar mais de mim mesma, porque eu nunca tive essa experiência de ficar tão livre comigo mesma com tanta gente junto.”

“Eu não elaborei ainda tudo que eu senti, mas uma coisa que ficou marcado é o consentimento de todo mundo ficar nu. Qual é o significado da gente ficar nu em consentimento e quando eu estou na minha casa e tiro a roupa e todo mundo tira a roupa, como isso se modifica.”

“Sempre tive vontade, mas achei que nunca teria coragem. E hoje aconteceu de uma forma tão tranquila que quando eu vi eu já estava participando. Quando eu vi eu estava nua, no início um pouco acanhada, depois fui me soltando. E durante a vivência foi muito legal porque você até esquece que tem uma câmera tirando foto. Você interage com as outras pessoas de uma forma tão libertadora que nem parece que tem alguém te fotografando.”

“Eu achei uma experiência bem interessante. Como é incrível, porque se a gente só chegasse e tirasse a roupa ia ser uma coisa, talvez, estranhada. Mas a gente trabalha pra que a gente tenha consciência disso, que a gente faça isso de uma forma consciente pra não se incomodar, pra sentir o corpo, pra ficar a vontade com ele exposto. Então eu achei que foi uma experiência muito, muito interessante nesse sentido, de você, conscientemente, não se importar com o seu corpo e ficar a vontade com ele.”

“A gente se abraçou muito, a gente sentiu muito o corpo um do outro. E, pra mim, isso é sempre gostoso e desafiador porque você esquecer que está nu, permitir todo mundo se olhar, se ver e se tocar. É legal ver pessoas rompendo o processo também, acho que isso é muito importante, isso mexe com a gente também, pra romper mais.”

“Quanto mais pessoas, mais a coisa é intensa, rola uma energia maior.”

Thedeathofyouth sasha 25 of 57 @socalyoungnaturist


SASHA 25 OF 57

Winters summer home garibaldi lake bc this @socalyoungnaturist


garibaldi lake, bc • this is by far the most special place i have ever been. swimming in a giant pool of turquoise blue glacial melt surrounded by volcanoes and wildflowers :’)

Soapstones despertar en el desierto iii 0515 @socalyoungnaturist


despertar en el desierto III 05.15 Sonora MX

Ayearofdeepcreek cleansing in hot springs @socalyoungnaturist


Cleansing in Hot Springs 🌿🌹😊 #muddy#cleanse#hotsprings#roadtrip#summer#soulsisters#relaxed#natural#wildwomen#gypsy#travels#nature#camping

Ayearofdeepcreek repost caileyanne15 the @socalyoungnaturist


#Repost @caileyanne15
the west coast is stealing my heart.

Soapstones carretera 0515 sonora mx @socalyoungnaturist


carretera 05.15 Sonora MX

Nobonnie nude beach @socalyoungnaturist


Nude beach :)

Creativerehab wish i were there @socalyoungnaturist


Wish I were there.

Ayearofdeepcreek causing trouble at the hot @socalyoungnaturist


Causing trouble at the hot springs today in the middle of a thunder storm! Even Araya got in! #ojai #hotsprings #skinnydip

Ayearofdeepcreek look deep into nature and @socalyoungnaturist


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better….. Albert Einstein Much needed day in the #hotsprings in #MatilijaCanyon #naturegetsmebacktome #cleanseyourself #loveyourself

Lucaspassmore rayne photogenics shot by @socalyoungnaturist


Rayne @ Photogenics

shot by Lucas Passmore

Ayearofdeepcreek repost @socalyoungnaturist


#Repost @themaxschwartz
Found a nudist colony in the desert. Deep Creek Hot Springs, California