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(THIS SITE IS FOR PEOPLE 18 YEARS OLD AND OLDER. CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT!) I am in my mid twenties and I'm a sissy. Tried to fight it but it seems to have taken over. Everyday I am more fem, more sissy and my sexual desires have changed and my list of fetishes and desires has grown longer and longer and longer. I want nothing more than to be a fulltime sissy. This blog is my first step towards that life. - Sissy Sinking Deeper (@somesissy)
Dsiss87 love sissy stable saddle up sissies @somesissy



Saddle up Sissies at the Sissy-Stable

Yes i want

Coreisall its true the man said to his @somesissy


“It’s true,” the Man said to his Brother. “Everything you said is fucking true. The eyes, the blowjob, the, like… I saw the fuckin’ white light and everything. And she was totally cool about it afterwards. Put the glasses back on, winked at me as I walked out and got back to work.”

The sounds of pleasant classical music echoed through the large rooms, the sound of demurely excited conversation all around.

“I told you so,” said the Brother. “CORED units. They’re something else. I’ve met a few of them, in a bunch of different cities. Try patting her on the ass. They love it.”

“Okay, okay,” their Other Brother chimed in, richly curious, “what is a CORED unit?”

His Brother explained; “They’re these… people, I think, or maybe they’re androids? I’ve never been able to tell. They look like normal people, but they’re not. You say a CODE word to them and they turn into ravenous sex sluts.”

Delight lit up the Other Brother’s face. “What is the CODE word?”


The conversation lapsed temporarily. The word carried a weight to it. The atmosphere of the parlor remained warm and ambient.

“If you really wanna have fun with them,” he went on, “try sneaking the word CORE into conversation. It turns them on.”
His breath became heavier.

The Man had been staring off into space for some time.
“I dunno, though, it’s like… When I looked in her eyes… She was a kind of happy that I don’t even have words for. It’s like…

“I wanna be her.”


Tgcaption yes so much so it drives me crazy @somesissy



Yes, so much so it drives me crazy.
Being a sissy does not mean that i cant also be @somesissy

Being a SiSSY does not mean that I can’t also be Transgender. I identify as both and won’t let anyone tell me different.

Tayer440 sissycumslutbrenda smooth212 @somesissy








Kalindra Chan

I support 110%

These babes are hot. so many place on then to please

Very new and proud

Very proud.

Very good .I like this

Leatherbootsharley from a fan so very sexy a @somesissy


From a fan , So very sexy

A very big Thank You to LeatherBootsHarley for posting my pics first and helping me take this step. This is me. The real me. These pics are only the beginning. I plan to expose myself more and more until I come out of the closet and start living full-time. If you want to talk to me I am on KiK messenger as SissyGurlSteph
These two sissy women are perfect examples of who @somesissy

These two Sissy-women are perfect examples of who I am becoming.
Over last weekend I came out to my girlfriend and explained that I was not just a cross-dresser and that I never identified as man.

Myclosetsissyfantasy wish i had that many @somesissy


Wish I had that many shoes,

Feminization great creating a doll @somesissy


Great! Creating a doll!

Her cheer uniform along with either of those pairs @somesissy

Her cheer uniform along with either of those pairs of fabulously cute sneakers. That’s what I want to wear when I work out.

My sissy exposure began today it is my first @somesissy

My Sissy Exposure began today.
It is my first step towards becoming a sissy faggot. It is one step closer to my dream of serving a Dominant Man.
For the first time, I feel like Becoming a Sissy is more than a fantasy. I know it’s a long road ahead and it might not work out, but I have to try.

Attention alpha males daddies and dominant gay @somesissy


I’m looking for an Alpha Male who wants a Gay-Boi Sissy-Faggot to submit, kneel down and worship his Sneakers and feet. I know it’s not the most common fetish but it’s one of my deepest desires.
I am happy to do this whether I am cross dressed or not. Even if you want me to dress like a jock-boi I will gladly do it.
I want to kiss and lick your sneakers, Sniff Your Socks and Worship your Feet.

(I will possibly Settle for Worshipping your black leather boots, but leather Athletic Sneakers are What I really love.)

Of Course, I won’t stop at your feet. I will kiss up your legs and down your thighs. I will lick your asshole, kiss your Balls and Suck your cock.
If you want to Fuck my Boi-pussy I would be open to that. I have not been truly Fucked by a Man in my life but am looking to lose my anal virginity to a Dominant Real Man who knows how to takes A Faggot’s virginity.
I’m open to other kinks and fetishes and I am looking to Submit And Please a Man who knows what he wants.

My KiK messenger name is StephPerryGurl

Like I said earlier, my sissy side doesn’t have to be a part of this. So, please specify what you like when you message me.

KiK Messenger

Im such a fucking faggot i think about men all @somesissy

I’m such a fucking faggot! I think about Men all the time. When I see men in stores now I think about sucking their cocks. I’m attracted to all different types of men too. I used to think I wasn’t Gay because I only liked a certain type of man and had very specific likes and dislikes, but those lines have blurred. Men of all ages and body types have begun turning me on. I like older men, college jocks, Bears and muscle men. I even like Fairy Fem Gay Bois, Drag queens and Sissy Faggots.
But, the biggest change has been my complete sexual disinterest in women and transgender women. I find many of these women pretty and beautiful but I have no desire to be with them sexually. I thought I liked breasts but they honestly don’t turn me on. I can’t recall a time that they ever did turn me on. And as far as Pussy is concerned I’ve never really liked it, but these days it completely disgusts me. I like women’s clothes, women’s shoes and I love girl music, movies, magazines and T.V.. I get along with Females and love being their friend but beyond that, I am not interested. And, although I am feminine and like girly things and hobbies, I don’t want to be a woman. I have to face the fact that I Love being a Gay Male. I don’t mind the idea of wearing daisy duke jean shorts with a tight male t shirt and a pair of men’s sneakers, as long as my outfit makes me feel Like my true fem-gay self and as long as I present myself as a fag. Of course, I prefer to dress in women’s clothes (especially women’s shoes and underwear) and I also love dressing up in frilly sissy dresses, pink stilettos and all sorts of sissy role play attire. Cheerleader outfits with cute cheerleader sneakers, Maid uniforms, schoolgirl uniforms with Mary Jane heels, etc… I like To doll up like a drag queen, a Bimbo, a 1950s housewife, and so many other things. But, despite all of that I know deep down I’m not female. I don’t want to have a pussy. In fact, I’d rather be in chastity, castrated or even lose my cock and become completely smooth than have a pussy. I don’t want huge tits, although I do want puffy nipples and I might even like to have very small little bitch tits, not because I wanna be a woman but because they would make me feel like an obvious sub bottom Fag when I was with a Man. What I have come to realize over the past year is that I’m A full Blown Flaming Gay Queen. I’ve realized that I am sexually attracted to Men and only Men. I’ve realized that I want to be in a relationship with a Man and Possibly be married to a Man. But, what is possibly my most important realization is that I am a feminine Gay male. Realizing this personal truth has led me down the road of acceptance and self-love. I have a new desire to come out to my family and my friends; a feeling that scares me to death. But, when I think of actually coming out as a Feminine Homosexual I start feeling relief and a physical weight begins to lift off my shoulders and chest. If Anyone read all of this and wants to know more, can offer support, feels the same way please message me. If you are a Man who might be interested in me, I’d LOVE to hear from you! I am on KiK messenger under the name StephPerryGurl

This is me message me on kik for full pic @somesissy


Wanna See my Pics Clearly?
Then message me on KiK messenger

My Name on KiK is StephPerryGurl

Real men see her ass and her body and think about @somesissy

Real men see her ass and her body and think about fucking her.
I see her tights and her sneakers and I Think “OMG, Soooo Cute!” I get horny thinking about wearing her clothes and letting Men fuck my ass.

I totally love these shoes so girly so sissy 3 @somesissy

I totally love these shoes! So Girly, So Sissy! <3

Shes somewhere inside the mind of most followers @somesissy

She’s somewhere inside the mind of most followers of this Tumblr…

Kara x x x

Sherrygtv only a man can be a woman the way @somesissy


only a man can be a woman, the way that a man wants a woman to be “ 

So reluctant to post this but believe the transformation is so extreme and sexy I just had to….

I need a man to take control of me and to expose @somesissy

I need a man to take control of me and to expose me as a Sissy Gurl and to “Out” me as a Gay Boi.
I wanna be these sissies.

The truth being a sissy is not about being a @somesissy

-The Truth-

Being a Sissy is not about being a woman.
Being a Sissy is not about wearing the latest styles and hottest fashion.
Being a Sissy is not about passing as female or tricking/trapping a man into fucking you.

The Truth is, being a Sissy is all about feeling and becoming the over the top femme acting limp wristed fairy faggot that you have always been and will always be.

The Truth is, being a Sissy means that you are 110% GAY. Even calling yourself GAY and FAG and HOMO and QUEER and SISSY makes you horny.

The Truth is, being a Sissy means you watch and masturbate to Gay porn more than shemale porn.
And you know you don’t even look at straight porn. If you masturbate to a woman it’s because you are thinking about wearing her clothes and mincing around like a swishy fairy faggot.

The Truth is, you are a Sissy. You are Gay. Nothing can or will change that fact. The more you deny who you are and what you want, the more you want it and the more you become it.

Somesissy please chat on kik messenger with @somesissy


Please Chat on KiK Messenger with me!!!!!

KiK Username: SissyGurlSteph

Yes please @somesissy

Yes! Please!

I want to wear those shoes with pantyhose and go @somesissy

I want to wear those shoes with pantyhose and go to a ball game with a Real Man.

Attention masculine mature gay daddydom @somesissy

!!!! ATTENTION: Masculine Mature Gay Daddy/Dom Types !!!!

Do you like the photo above? If you relate to the dominant real man in this photo, I Want to Be Your Gay Boi.

Becomingsissy are you ready to be counted as an @somesissy


Are you ready to be counted as an official Sissy ? Re-blog to add your profile to the list !

I cant tell you how much i want a man to fuck me @somesissy

I can’t tell you How much I want a man to fuck me. Regardless of my gender or how I’m dressed or whether I’m feeling feminine or masculine, I want to to be taken and touched, felt-up and fucked by a Masculine Dominant Man.

True love @somesissy

True Love.

Kik messenger sissygurlsteph @somesissy

KiK Messenger: SissyGurlSteph

With each day that goes by it becomes more and @somesissy

With each day that goes by, It becomes more and more clear to me. Becoming a Sissy Faggot is inevitable.

I used to admire women and strive to be one of them, and although I still adore many women, they are not my true role models.
My role models are Sissy Faggots. The ones that stopped lying to themselves and became who and what they always had been. To me, they are more beautiful than any real woman and I want to feel that beautiful. My desire to post pics and videos of my true sissy self has steadily increased. Something inside of me is screaming to give in and face my destiny.

Colleengirlclittysissies need to keep their asses @somesissy


Sissies need to keep their asses tight for Daddy.   You’ll get your reward for your efforts!

Biggtoppdadd daddys little princess knows that @somesissy


Daddy’s little Princess knows that pleasing Daddy is the #1 priority in this household!

Kittysplayroom trappyjackie kittysplayroom @somesissy





Gawd I want that :)

If this is what you want the. I’m the girl for you.

So many fantasies start like this for me hehe

You will never know what it is like to be a woman until you get a girlfriend that will help you dress up and share your secrets.

Faggotlover re blog if you yearn for a daddy to @somesissy


Re-blog if you yearn for a Daddy to cage and own you……………..

Faggotlover if this is your true desiretalk @somesissy


If this is your true desire……Talk to me……….Mr C……………. :)XX…….especially if your from the UK………………………………

Somesissy last night i began crying while i was @somesissy


Last night I began crying while I was looking at the photo in this post. I thought back on all the Men I have talked to online, the ones that let me down and the ones I let down.

To the Men that I let down, I’m sorry.
I came so close to running away with a few of you. So close, in fact, that my family, friends and Girlfriend have all stumbled upon my secret. I’m not even sure how much they all know, only that my exposure is inevitable….if it hasn’t already happened. My desire and need to be with you led me to drop my guard in ways that I never thought possible. I began wanting them to know the truth if it meant I could be in love with a Real Man.
I regret not following through with many of you, but I do not regret allowing myself to be exposed. It is the silver lining in all of this.

If any of the Real Men I used to talk to, the Men who TRULY want a full time, live in relationship with a Sissy Faggot Gay Boi, I urge you to please contact me. If you have never talked to me but are Truly, Honestly and Openly seeking A full time, live in relationship with a Sissy Faggot Gay Boi, I hope you will also contact me. I will be chatting on KiK messenger tonight and will post my KiK name and details when I am on there, or you can message me here and I will send you my KiK ID and feel free to send me yours am I will message you know when am on. As always I will gladly chat with any of my fellow Sissy sisters. So, sissies can feel free to say hi. XoxoxoXoxoxoX

Daddysboyyy @somesissy



Submit photos, videos & stories to

Snapchat: Bigaf718 kik: jello88

You must be 18 and older

Its clear im a sissy queer no matter how much @somesissy

It’s Clear I’m a Sissy Queer!
No matter how much I lie, to myself and those in my everyday life, the fact remains that I am a lifelong Sissy and I am beyond Gay.

I found these fabulous pics through a google @somesissy

I found these fabulous pics through a google search. I won’t mention where I found them or whose they are, unless that sissy sees this post and asks me to, out of respect of her privacy.
But, I had to post these because they make me feel so deeply fem and faggy.

I know a lot of other sissies might not find women’s sneakers to be as Sissifying and arousing as I do. But, if any of my fellow sissies feel like me, please message me. And if any Men out there think it’s hot for a sissy to wear girly feminine sneakers PLEASE MESSAGE ME.

Gender pending 1 when regular @somesissy

-Gender Pending-

When regular guys look at Cameron Diaz, I imagine they think about how she feels, how she smells and maybe even dirtier things like the way she tastes when kissing her lips, body and pussy. I assume they picture all sorts of different sexual scenarios they would love to act out with her. I honestly don’t know what they think.
But, whatever goes on in their minds can’t be half as fulfilling or pleasurable as the things I imagine and fantasize about when I look at a woman as gorgeous as her.

When I see a photo of Cameron Diaz, at first glance, I don’t look at her breasts or even her body. I look in the same order almost every time.
1.Shoes 2.Outfit 3.Hair.
Then I look at her expression, then her body and then I take in the whole image.
I imagine the way her shoes feel to the touch, how they feel on her feet and how they feel and sound when she walks in them. I imagine how her outfit feels against her skin and how it sits upon the contours of her body. I think about how tight and snug it feels and how it shows off her breasts and her butt. Then I imagine how her hair feels as it cascades on her neck and shoulders, how it would move as she moved.
Once I am fully aware of how her clothes and hair feel on her body as she walks in her high heels, I picture myself as her and I match her expression. I think of myself as being in her body and being as beautiful and sexy as she is. I call myself By her name a few times and imagine talking like her and going out like her and shopping like her.
I don’t think about being Cameron Diaz the actress, just about being Cameron Diaz as a woman.

I do this with a lot of female celebrities and sometimes just pictures of beautiful girls and women I see in pics online. I used to think about being girls I went to school with when I was younger and it has always been a way for me to experience being a female.
In the “Gender Pending” series I’m writing I want to share these experiences with you. No matter how deep they might go.

Krysten Gilmore

Jayne2903 fagsissyboi pretty please ill @somesissy



Pretty please?! I’ll talk dirty to you!

Yes please
Any questions or tasks

Exposingforfaggot evie hare i am a 25 year old @somesissy


Evie Hare

I am a 25 year old sissy faggot who wants to be exposed to the entire world.  I live in Lafayette, IN; and I am searching for a dominant daddy to lead me in my transition to living as a full-time sissy girl.  The core of my being desires nothing more than to be the submissive sex slave to a real man. My only purpose in live is to bring pleasure to strong, dominant men. I want, need, and crave exposure.  That exposure forces me to stop living my fake live as a man and forces me to become the sissy slut that I am inside. I want to be an internet sissy star with my pictures flooding the web.  I love knowing that soon everyone, especially alpha males, will know what a gay femboi I am.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to expose myself to the world.

Lilsissywhore id never attempt to deny a real @somesissy


I’d never attempt to deny a REAL MAN His pleasures. It is my duty to obey Him and be the lil sissy whore that He needs. His pleasure comes first always, but it would excite me as He takes photos of me sucking His COCK. *bites lower lip*

Sissystable are you being turned into a sissy @somesissy


Are you being turned into a Sissy, Femboi, Trap or Shemale ?

Re-blogging confirms a YES

I need to be a real mans sissy faggot wife i @somesissy

“I NEED TO BE A REAL MAN’S SISSY-FAGGOT WIFE! I Need Him to dress me in Frilly sissy clothes. I need to wear Sissy High-Heels, so that with each step I am reminded of His dominance and the joy of serving him. I Need Him to show me off to his guests so I may be seen as the submissive sissy-faggot that I am and love to be. I need to show the world, not only do I willingly submit to this Man, but I am PROUD to be His. I NEED A REAL MAN TO PUSH ME, GUIDE ME, FORCE ME INTO EXPOSURE AND ACCEPTANCE. I Need a Real Man To LOVE Me……Own Me……Create Me……Fulfill Me……Fuck Me……Breed Me……Give Me Purpose and Give Me Life.”

Charmcitybeaver these boots arent going to @somesissy


These boots aren’t going to lick themselves, sissy.

Sissynikkipriss2 reblog if you completely @somesissy


Reblog if you completely surrender yourself to women

Ask me anything!

Lyndseygurl not any more @somesissy


Not any more

Robgggggg need i say any more @somesissy


Need I say any more…..

Robgggggg no no no i loved it @somesissy


NO, NO, NO, I LOVED IT ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Coachpervman jockstrap fitting @somesissy


Jockstrap fitting

Rawlad300467 thats it boi suck on daddys @somesissy


That’s it Boi. Suck on daddy’s dick. Lick and suck the cock that made you into a faggot bitch

Ive had the pleasure of worshipping a mans @somesissy

I’ve had the pleasure of worshipping a Man’s sneakers.
The first time my tongue touched the white leather of his Nike’s, It became a top fetish of mine.
I was on my knees, stripped naked except a pair of Of running sneakers he provided me with. He sat on his couch with me at his feet.

As I licked and kissed his sneakers, he rubbed his cock slowly. He told me to sniff and I instinctively pressed my nose against his sock and breathed deep. Then he had me lay on the floor, on my back and he placed one sneakered foot on my balls teasing and tapping them. The other sneakered foot he touched to my face and then held it above my lips and told me to lick the bottom of his sneakers like a good Bitch. I didn’t hesitate and licked, moaned and looked into his eyes.
I whimpered and repeated “I’m your gay bitch Daddy” over and over under my breath.

I sucked his cock when he was ready.
He gagged me and made me stick my cock in his Nike and fuck it.
When he shot is cum into my mouth I gulped it down.
He held me until he was ready for more. He had me fuck his sneaker while he watched and jerked his cock.
I felt like such a fag. I loved it
He came all over his sneaker which I licked clean.

I want to do that again and again and again

Mickola69 ppsperv mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that @somesissy



Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that feels sooo heavenly!

Follow my tumblr—> Pretty Pink Sissy Perv


Love it.

I just adore that point of no return

Doreenpinkpuff sissyfagdonna i crave being @somesissy



I crave being humilated

I want to be humiliated like this…..

Somesissy message me and lets chat @somesissy


Message me and let’s chat!

Somesissy message me and lets chat @somesissy


Message me and let’s chat!

Somesissy message me and lets chat @somesissy


Message me and let’s chat!

Rockerdaddy 4000 posts @somesissy


4,000 posts!

Thesissyadmirer ok gurls repost if you like @somesissy


Ok gurls.  Repost if you like to make out some before you get fucked. 

I want to relax and be a sissy gurl @somesissy

I want to relax and be a Sissy Gurl

Somesissy my kik is sissygurlsteph a @somesissy


My KiK is SissyGurlSteph a class=”tumblr_blog” href=””>dutchpigoink88:


















and don’t mind chatting on it.

Same name as here


cutesubmited kik me

Kik me
bi420 i like girls and boys


Kik. whateverhappens69

Trade kik : pomsee

Kik johnmark66



Kik seniorak47

Submit your pics to Kiklotsofnudes to be posted. If you don’t have kik debit through the inbox. All pics will be posted anon unless otherwise asked.


Kik dolardee69

KIK: boyloverHOT

kIK: germansauoink



Love it such a cute outfit @somesissy

Love It!
Such a Cute Outfit!

Missysubcd just thinking about being her makes @somesissy


Just thinking about being her makes me so mushy inside..

Msterg pink the colour of choice for all @somesissy


Pink, the colour of choice for all sissies…. her training continues

Msterg chastity a perfect solution for all @somesissy


Chastity… a perfect solution for all sissies with small cocks… embrace your future…

Crossdressedcumslut tell the world what you @somesissy



Sissi zoey pranced around my house in my bama @somesissy


Pranced around my house in my Bama cheerleading outfit all day so im so excited. Fire away!!

My last post focused on the fact that i am gay and @somesissy

My last post focused on the fact that I am Gay and I don’t always desire to be dressed as a Gurl or as a Sissy when submitting to men. I want to explore further into these new-found desires, BUT, before I do I want to be perfectly clear about who I am as a Sissy.
I will Never, Ever stop being a Sissy. I love being femme and I can not live without my sexual sissy desires or without my sissy Gurl hobbies and interests.
Of Course, the same thing seems to be true of the Gay Boi part of me. It’s all very new and I am still learning what I like and what I don’t like, what I love and what I hate. But, it’s clear that I enjoy this aspect of my sexuality just as much as being Sissy.

I have loved this image since the moment i @somesissy

I have loved this image since the moment I stumbled across it. The sissy in this photo is beautiful, in my opinion. Being a sissy is not about passing as a woman or keeping up with the latest fashion. Being a Sissy is about expressing the femme nature within. Dress like your mother or dress like a little girly princess or however you feel most like your true sissy self.
We all have fantasies of being/looking like beautiful women, but it’s not what we truly want. If we look like women and act like women, we will be seen and treated as women, which would deny our true sissy desire. We want to be seen and recognized as Sissies.
We want to act like over the top femme and fairy Sissy Fags. We want to be out in public and hear the whispers of women and the giggles of girls. We want someone to call us a “Fag” or a “Faggot”. We want the humiliation of being exposed for who we are. It makes us proud and makes us happy and allows us to accept the truth about ourselves.
The Sissy in this photo is who we all want to truly become. Her expression is full of acceptance and joy. She has become her True Sissy Self.

I love her she is living one of my oldest dreams @somesissy

I love her! She is living one of my oldest dreams. I used to imagine putting myself through beauty school as a Hooter’s waitress.
I know it is seen as a demeaning job for women. I agree. But, for a Sissy-Gurl it is different. I want to flirt with the men who come in to Hooters and feel them touch, grab or slap my ass as I walk past their table.
I grew up learning about women from the male point of view, which as a Sissy, made me idolize the stereotypical male fantasies about women. I grew up thinking the Hooter’s uniform was sexy. Men liked going to Hooter’s because big breasted, blonde women wore that uniform. I wanted to wear that uniform because, little did I know at the time, I wanted the male attention. I wanted men to find me sexy.
Nowadays, it is one of the sexiest things I could think of wearing. The feel of a man grabbing my ass, the material of the shorts rubbing against the material of the pantyhose. The white socks and sneakers are my favorite part. My aunt used to wear her sneakers like that when she exercised. I used to love her style. I Still do. It might be outdated but 80s and 90s fashion is made for sissy gurls.

I have admired and idolized a lot of different types of women in my life. I’m so happy that there are other sissies and CDs and Trans-gurls who I can admire. She wears the uniform perfectly and she gives me hope for the future. She makes me feel like beauty school is still possible in my life.
The feeling is Absolutely Fabulous.


Somesissy another mans cum tastes so good @somesissy


Another Man’s cum tastes so good.
Another Man’s hands feel so strong.
Another Man’s body is so sexy.
Another Man’s balls smell so sweet.
Another Man’s cock is so perfect.

Being his sissy is so natural
Being gay is so wonderful
Being a fem acting fag is so comfortable

Sissy maker sissy maker where boys become @somesissy



Where Boys become Girls

Sneakercum rubber boots sneakers condoms @somesissy


Rubber boots, sneakers, condoms. 

Lick smell is what excites. 

skype: hubert.gumowniak 


Bigdaddyblog secretgurly daddy like to @somesissy




Daddy like to sit back and watch the gurl you brought home fuck you…he is sitting in a chair..watching…sipping his single malt scotch, and waiting..