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Sissy Sinking Deeper @somesissy

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(THIS SITE IS FOR PEOPLE 18 YEARS OLD AND OLDER. CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT!) I am in my mid twenties and I'm a sissy. Tried to fight it but it seems to have taken over. Everyday I am more fem, more sissy and my sexual desires have changed and my list of fetishes and desires has grown longer and longer and longer. I want nothing more than to be a fulltime sissy. This blog is my first step towards that life. - Sissy Sinking Deeper (@somesissy)
Feminization great creating a doll @somesissy


Great! Creating a doll!

Her cheer uniform along with either of those pairs @somesissy

Her cheer uniform along with either of those pairs of fabulously cute sneakers. That’s what I want to wear when I work out.

My sissy exposure began today it is my first @somesissy

My Sissy Exposure began today.
It is my first step towards becoming a sissy faggot. It is one step closer to my dream of serving a Dominant Man.
For the first time, I feel like Becoming a Sissy is more than a fantasy. I know it’s a long road ahead and it might not work out, but I have to try.

Attention alpha males daddies and dominant gay @somesissy


I’m looking for an Alpha Male who wants a Gay-Boi Sissy-Faggot to submit, kneel down and worship his Sneakers and feet. I know it’s not the most common fetish but it’s one of my deepest desires.
I am happy to do this whether I am cross dressed or not. Even if you want me to dress like a jock-boi I will gladly do it.
I want to kiss and lick your sneakers, Sniff Your Socks and Worship your Feet.

(I will possibly Settle for Worshipping your black leather boots, but leather Athletic Sneakers are What I really love.)

Of Course, I won’t stop at your feet. I will kiss up your legs and down your thighs. I will lick your asshole, kiss your Balls and Suck your cock.
If you want to Fuck my Boi-pussy I would be open to that. I have not been truly Fucked by a Man in my life but am looking to lose my anal virginity to a Dominant Real Man who knows how to takes A Faggot’s virginity.
I’m open to other kinks and fetishes and I am looking to Submit And Please a Man who knows what he wants.

My KiK messenger name is StephPerryGurl

Like I said earlier, my sissy side doesn’t have to be a part of this. So, please specify what you like when you message me.

KiK Messenger

Im such a fucking faggot i think about men all @somesissy

I’m such a fucking faggot! I think about Men all the time. When I see men in stores now I think about sucking their cocks. I’m attracted to all different types of men too. I used to think I wasn’t Gay because I only liked a certain type of man and had very specific likes and dislikes, but those lines have blurred. Men of all ages and body types have begun turning me on. I like older men, college jocks, Bears and muscle men. I even like Fairy Fem Gay Bois, Drag queens and Sissy Faggots.
But, the biggest change has been my complete sexual disinterest in women and transgender women. I find many of these women pretty and beautiful but I have no desire to be with them sexually. I thought I liked breasts but they honestly don’t turn me on. I can’t recall a time that they ever did turn me on. And as far as Pussy is concerned I’ve never really liked it, but these days it completely disgusts me. I like women’s clothes, women’s shoes and I love girl music, movies, magazines and T.V.. I get along with Females and love being their friend but beyond that, I am not interested. And, although I am feminine and like girly things and hobbies, I don’t want to be a woman. I have to face the fact that I Love being a Gay Male. I don’t mind the idea of wearing daisy duke jean shorts with a tight male t shirt and a pair of men’s sneakers, as long as my outfit makes me feel Like my true fem-gay self and as long as I present myself as a fag. Of course, I prefer to dress in women’s clothes (especially women’s shoes and underwear) and I also love dressing up in frilly sissy dresses, pink stilettos and all sorts of sissy role play attire. Cheerleader outfits with cute cheerleader sneakers, Maid uniforms, schoolgirl uniforms with Mary Jane heels, etc… I like To doll up like a drag queen, a Bimbo, a 1950s housewife, and so many other things. But, despite all of that I know deep down I’m not female. I don’t want to have a pussy. In fact, I’d rather be in chastity, castrated or even lose my cock and become completely smooth than have a pussy. I don’t want huge tits, although I do want puffy nipples and I might even like to have very small little bitch tits, not because I wanna be a woman but because they would make me feel like an obvious sub bottom Fag when I was with a Man. What I have come to realize over the past year is that I’m A full Blown Flaming Gay Queen. I’ve realized that I am sexually attracted to Men and only Men. I’ve realized that I want to be in a relationship with a Man and Possibly be married to a Man. But, what is possibly my most important realization is that I am a feminine Gay male. Realizing this personal truth has led me down the road of acceptance and self-love. I have a new desire to come out to my family and my friends; a feeling that scares me to death. But, when I think of actually coming out as a Feminine Homosexual I start feeling relief and a physical weight begins to lift off my shoulders and chest. If Anyone read all of this and wants to know more, can offer support, feels the same way please message me. If you are a Man who might be interested in me, I’d LOVE to hear from you! I am on KiK messenger under the name StephPerryGurl

This is me message me on kik for full pic @somesissy


Wanna See my Pics Clearly?
Then message me on KiK messenger

My Name on KiK is StephPerryGurl

Real men see her ass and her body and think about @somesissy

Real men see her ass and her body and think about fucking her.
I see her tights and her sneakers and I Think “OMG, Soooo Cute!” I get horny thinking about wearing her clothes and letting Men fuck my ass.

I totally love these shoes so girly so sissy 3 @somesissy

I totally love these shoes! So Girly, So Sissy! <3

Shes somewhere inside the mind of most followers @somesissy

She’s somewhere inside the mind of most followers of this Tumblr…

Kara x x x

Sherrygtv only a man can be a woman the way @somesissy


only a man can be a woman, the way that a man wants a woman to be “ 

So reluctant to post this but believe the transformation is so extreme and sexy I just had to….

I need a man to take control of me and to expose @somesissy

I need a man to take control of me and to expose me as a Sissy Gurl and to “Out” me as a Gay Boi.
I wanna be these sissies.

The truth being a sissy is not about being a @somesissy

-The Truth-

Being a Sissy is not about being a woman.
Being a Sissy is not about wearing the latest styles and hottest fashion.
Being a Sissy is not about passing as female or tricking/trapping a man into fucking you.

The Truth is, being a Sissy is all about feeling and becoming the over the top femme acting limp wristed fairy faggot that you have always been and will always be.

The Truth is, being a Sissy means that you are 110% GAY. Even calling yourself GAY and FAG and HOMO and QUEER and SISSY makes you horny.

The Truth is, being a Sissy means you watch and masturbate to Gay porn more than shemale porn.
And you know you don’t even look at straight porn. If you masturbate to a woman it’s because you are thinking about wearing her clothes and mincing around like a swishy fairy faggot.

The Truth is, you are a Sissy. You are Gay. Nothing can or will change that fact. The more you deny who you are and what you want, the more you want it and the more you become it.

Somesissy please chat on kik messenger with @somesissy


Please Chat on KiK Messenger with me!!!!!

KiK Username: SissyGurlSteph

Yes please @somesissy

Yes! Please!

I want to wear those shoes with pantyhose and go @somesissy

I want to wear those shoes with pantyhose and go to a ball game with a Real Man.

Attention masculine mature gay daddydom @somesissy

!!!! ATTENTION: Masculine Mature Gay Daddy/Dom Types !!!!

Do you like the photo above? If you relate to the dominant real man in this photo, I Want to Be Your Gay Boi.

Becomingsissy are you ready to be counted as an @somesissy


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