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The Southern Crotch @southerncrotch

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It's that sacred area on a man, between his legs, where the denim of his jeans comes together to form a cross. This space is devoted to the beauty of looking up into the Southern Crotch. - The Southern Crotch (@southerncrotch)
Shiny more old pictures from my goodboy days @southerncrotch

Shiny! More old pictures from my GoodBoy days.

A farewell gift to my blogs followers i made @southerncrotch

A farewell gif(t) to my blog’s followers. I made these years ago. You may have seen them around the net. Thanks for all the fun over the years! See you next time.

Acid squirt gun fights @southerncrotch

Acid squirt-gun fights

Sprung @southerncrotch


Zaliti literally my favorite picture @southerncrotch


literally my favorite picture

Lovelessdarkwell i love his just come over and @southerncrotch


I love his “Just come over and suck me off already” face. 

Mydoublelife19 this is how i fuck guys on the @southerncrotch


This is how I fuck guys on the dl. 

Oh daddy @southerncrotch

Oh, Daddy!

Skinheads need love too @southerncrotch

Skinheads need love, too

Best seats in the house @southerncrotch

Best seats in the house

Live feed @southerncrotch

Live Feed

Voyeurbulgedude dominic santos shows off for @southerncrotch


Dominic Santos shows off for his new fans.

Great smile @southerncrotch

Great Smile!

Great cock @southerncrotch

Great Cock!

Great pecs @southerncrotch

Great Pecs!

Great legs @southerncrotch

Great legs!

How many naked warehouse workers does it take to @southerncrotch

How many naked warehouse workers does it take to change a light bulb?

Dive right in @southerncrotch

Dive right in

Black monster dick bulge @southerncrotch


It’s not only real, it’s also magnificent!

This kind of joking often leads to seriousness @southerncrotch

This kind of “joking” often leads to seriousness.

Voyeurbulgedude bestoftheboys mikemasters @southerncrotch




Mike Masters:

13 Ways to be a Better Cocksucker!

1. Know what it means to be a cocksucker.

2. Know what guys want from a cocksucker.

3.  Understand how much more a guy can get from having a cocksucker and give it.

4. Develop an amazing technique. You do this by practice, reading books and blogs about cocksucking and oral sex. It also helps to get a blow job so you can see how what he is doing makes you feel.

5. Develop friendships with other cocksuckers, either on line or, even better, real time. It’s great to be able to talk and relate to someone who shares your need and understands you.

6. Keep yourself in  shape to be the best cocksucker possible.  Sometimes being a cocksucker can take stamina.  Being on your knees can be uncomfortable after a while, so practice and get used to it.

7. Stay healthy and get checked regularly.

8. Spend a little time each day to let guys know you are available to suck their dick.

9. Do not expect or want reciprocation.

10. Be reliable. It’s ok if you are not available exactly when he wants it because even an at call cocksucker leads a busy life. But you must always let him know whether or not you are available and then be there if you say you will.

11. Take training and direction. Learn what your feeder likes and doesn’t.

12. Don’t use your hands on his cock unless he asks for it.

13. Have pride in being a cocksucker.  Have self confidence and self respect though always being mindful of your role as a cocksucker, (see 1,2 and 3 above).

Excellent advice, especially # 5 and #13

OMG. I tend never to repost something with so much dialogue. But this was a must. Kudos to the author.

I had completely forgotten about these gifs i made @southerncrotch

I had completely forgotten about these gifs I made a few years ago. I still have that singlet. Anyone wanna rassle?

Some ants are getting a mighty fine view @southerncrotch

Some ants are getting a mighty fine view….

Youre probably wondering why we called you here @southerncrotch

“You’re probably wondering why we called you here today….”

Sweet @southerncrotch


Wrestler bro dude @southerncrotch

Wrestler bro dude

Popejohnsmith so ready @southerncrotch


So Ready…

Thugsandtwinks thickboyswag @southerncrotch




Some guys are worth getting hairballs for @southerncrotch

Some guys are worth getting hairballs for

Best of @southerncrotch


Popejohnsmith blue bouncer @southerncrotch


Blue Bouncer

Best of @southerncrotch


Cumpletelyhappy i have 206 bones in my body @southerncrotch


I have 206 bones in my body… this guy is just giving me another one.

X1randevbprsiq29g4n 70s insolence @southerncrotch


’70s insolence.

Literal @southerncrotch


Latex jockstrap @southerncrotch

Latex Jockstrap

Not so tired after all @southerncrotch

Not so tired after all

Cut bait @southerncrotch

Cut bait

Never @southerncrotch


Voyeurbulgedude go ahead grab that ass you @southerncrotch


Go ahead, grab that ass.  You recognize an invitation when you see one.

Sperminherman greg kolb left with unnamed @southerncrotch


Greg Kolb (left) with unnamed groper, ca. 1970s.

Awesome Colt picture, from back in the day. Their poses are perfect. Really artistic.

The look the taste of cotton @southerncrotch

The look … the taste … of cotton!

Shetland8 sure you can try on my hat itll @southerncrotch


“Sure, you can try on my hat, it’ll cost you a blow job!” I’d be wearing that hat!

Unbutton @southerncrotch


1980s perfection @southerncrotch

1980’s perfection

501 butt @southerncrotch

501 butt

The aftermath @southerncrotch

The Aftermath

Red bones tumblinwithhotties im jealous of @southerncrotch



I’m jealous of that worker

we all are

Voyeurbulgedude damn nice photoset umphh @southerncrotch


Damn nice photoset. umphh.

Another favorite @southerncrotch

Another favorite.

Alekzmx no idea who this is butt it sure @southerncrotch


no idea who this is BUTT it sure deserves a reblog

Shooting @southerncrotch


Show er @southerncrotch


Strip @southerncrotch


Another thing there should be a name for wearing @southerncrotch

Another thing there should be a name for: wearing your jockstrap wrong, with the straps going up between your cheeks. Jockwedgie? Jongstrap?

Stripping @southerncrotch


Studposse man arms @southerncrotch



Sexy @southerncrotch


Classic move @southerncrotch

Classic move

2 holer @southerncrotch


Popular @southerncrotch


I can read lips @southerncrotch

I can read lips

I obey @southerncrotch

I obey!

Voyeurbulgedude scarpucci the view is @southerncrotch



….& the view is great! =)

(((( XXX )))


And by anybody, I mean you.

Furious public jo @southerncrotch

Furious public j/o

Another favorite @southerncrotch

Another favorite.

Civilian casualty @southerncrotch

Civilian Casualty

Wow he managed to take that whole baseball bat @southerncrotch

Wow, he managed to take that whole baseball bat!

(Yeah, I’m kidding. Don’t freak out. And don’t try that at home!)

Rank has its privileges @southerncrotch

Rank has its privileges

In training for his frat brothers visit @southerncrotch

In training for his frat brothers’ visit

Cyclinguy ahhhh those astana riders @southerncrotch


Ahhhh, those Astana riders

Jackpot @southerncrotch


Another favorite @southerncrotch

Another favorite.

Winner take all @southerncrotch

Winner take all?

Well @southerncrotch


Its whats inside that counts @southerncrotch

It’s what’s inside that counts

Bubblebuttland guys on facebook vs guys when @southerncrotch


Guys on Facebook VS Guys when they login to Tumblr

Op shorts @southerncrotch

Op shorts

Southern crotch @southerncrotch

Southern Crotch

Secrets @southerncrotch


Tumblinwithhotties tommy defendi and alex adams @southerncrotch


Tommy Defendi and Alex Adams (gifs by b0tt0m)

Romy7 something something @southerncrotch


Something, something, something, flexing.

Something, something, something, dark side…

Shakeweight @southerncrotch


Romy7 santi aragon datlower body b @southerncrotch


Santi Aragon

Dat…lower body :b

Romy7 ruben capote @southerncrotch


Ruben Capote

Wetboi808 just being me @southerncrotch


Just being me…

Boy scout reunion @southerncrotch

Boy Scout Reunion

Popejohnsmith nursery fort lauderdale @southerncrotch


Nursery - Fort Lauderdale 

Menloveshortshorts red wet shorts @southerncrotch


Red Wet Shorts

Butt overload @southerncrotch

Butt overload

More favorites @southerncrotch

More favorites.

More favorites @southerncrotch

More favorites.

Pretty @southerncrotch


Coach taught him that move @southerncrotch

Coach taught him that move