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The Southern Crotch @southerncrotch

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It's that sacred area on a man, between his legs, where the denim of his jeans comes together to form a cross. This space is devoted to the beauty of looking up into the Southern Crotch. - The Southern Crotch (@southerncrotch)
Shiny more old pictures from my goodboy days @southerncrotch

Shiny! More old pictures from my GoodBoy days.

A farewell gif t to my blogs followers i made @southerncrotch

A farewell gif(t) to my blog’s followers. I made these years ago. You may have seen them around the net. Thanks for all the fun over the years! See you next time.

Acid squirt gun fights @southerncrotch

Acid squirt-gun fights

Sprung @southerncrotch


Zaliti literally my favorite picture @southerncrotch


literally my favorite picture

Lovelessdarkwell i love his just come over and @southerncrotch


I love his “Just come over and suck me off already” face. 

Mydoublelife19 this is how i fuck guys on the @southerncrotch


This is how I fuck guys on the dl. 

Oh daddy @southerncrotch

Oh, Daddy!

Skinheads need love too @southerncrotch

Skinheads need love, too

Best seats in the house @southerncrotch

Best seats in the house

Live feed @southerncrotch

Live Feed

Voyeurbulgedude dominic santos shows off for @southerncrotch


Dominic Santos shows off for his new fans.

Great smile @southerncrotch

Great Smile!

Great cock @southerncrotch

Great Cock!

Great pecs @southerncrotch

Great Pecs!

Great legs @southerncrotch

Great legs!

How many naked warehouse workers does it take to @southerncrotch

How many naked warehouse workers does it take to change a light bulb?

Dive right in @southerncrotch

Dive right in

Black monster dick bulge @southerncrotch


It’s not only real, it’s also magnificent!