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Snowflake roasting service @spankaway

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Gifs | Pics | Videos | Faq My gf Snowflake and I have a teensy exhibitionist streak going - and we've been posting some of our photos to r/spanking. Since they always seem to end up here anyway I figured maybe I'll make us a tumblr of our own. I'm not sure where I'll go with this - but anything not otherwise marked is our original creation - yes even if it's a reblog, a lot of people have found our photos before I found tumblr. NSFW, 18+ only, graphic BDSM content. You've been warned. - Snowflake roasting service (@spankaway)
Transparentyouthphantom from spankawaycom @spankaway



That is definitely not our website!

Dirtyspritelegend on her knees to please @spankaway




Warmup is over.

This might be the single cutest gif I’ve ever made <3

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I love them.

Why people just wanna have sex with their kids and abuse. This why they over here, wearing diapers and spanking eachother and shit till they bleed.

That is a profound misunderstanding of kink in general, and our dynamic especially.

Spirtosadico spankaway i thought she was @spankaway



I thought she was just a little too chipper after her caning (she said her masochism kicked in toward the end) and decided that ten additional swats with the giant paddle thing would help me get the point across. You can see her accepting her fate in the first gif.

The paddle finish definitely did the trick - after ten good swats Snow was apologetic and contrite to my standards.

All posts from this session.

I found this gif from another blog but I knew I can find it on spankaway

Snow is by now everywhere over the net (or, at least, all over tumblr)

It happens - and it is, after all, kind of an awesome gifset :)

Snownaps are the best naps @spankaway

Snownaps are the best naps :)

Spirtosadico girlfriendtraining one good @spankaway



One good thing about my g[f] being a brat in the morning, is that I can nip it in the bud

Your girlfriend?
I could bet she is Snowflake of spankaway

You’re right - but that is actually the title of our original reddit post all those years ago, so I don’t think anyone was impersonating us :)

Pre-wateramark era too.

BBB discontinued that bath brush, sigh. Not cool. 

Rosalynsprinkle spank a way oil on canvas 20 x @spankaway


Spank A Way
Oil on Canvas
20″ x 16″

Sorry for the nsfw content. I don’t usually post things such as this, but I just wanted to post it so the person whose image I used for this painting saw it.
spankaway Sorry about the right arm, I kind of screwed up, lol. Oh well, hope you like it!

We think it’s great, thanks for taking the time!

At least some things havent changed @spankaway

At least some things haven’t changed :)

I could have really used a few more months of @spankaway

I could have really used a few more months of this, sigh. Time is a ravenous monster.

Hisarmsmyhome spankingoftheday the best @spankaway



the best spanked little butt of all time

spankaway This is Snow’s spanked little butt though…right? ._.

Yup, from long before our tumblr days. Hell of a compliment though :)

Theresnoplacelikeyourmouth cant wait to shoot @spankaway


Can’t wait to shoot with this guy in Phoenix! 😂 ps. His number [snipped] 👍

[Creepy intensifies]

[Maximum Creep]

I’m offended on so many levels I’m not even sure where to start. 

Girliegrrl and also with you @spankaway


And also with you.

Monday snoobs @spankaway

Monday snoobs :)

Missfeministme c desade please dont forget @spankaway



Please, don’t forget to love me when you’re done.

Pretty sure this is Snow, spankaway?

Yeah, this is one of our gifsets, converted to b&w and cropped to hide the watermark. 

I often like b&w, but here I really miss the pinks.

Happy sunday @spankaway

Happy Sunday :)

A completely unrelated photo from years ago that i @spankaway

A completely unrelated photo from years ago that I came across in my library and nearly died of cuteness.

An explorer!

Im sure some of our recent reddit pics are @spankaway

I’m sure some of our recent reddit pics are already floating around tumblr - so it’s time to provide a direct source :)

Contrition has always been one of my favorite @spankaway

Contrition has always been one of my favorite emotions.

Blackbookartist thanks to spankaway a fun new @spankaway


thanks to spankaway - a fun new technique I tried.  Hope you like


Sometimes there are no reasons @spankaway

Sometimes there are no reasons.

Daily routine @spankaway

Daily routine.

The7thblogger wake the fuckdoll by pissing on it @spankaway


Wake the fuckdoll by pissing on it

Sacredmorbid close your guard hahaha i think @spankaway


Close your guard!😂😜

Hahaha I think of it as a body-triangle just waiting to happen - but this wasn’t the right time for some rib-crushing fun :)

Dewaynewb first just a few come over for our @spankaway


First just a few come over for our regular munch.  Then they see even their shy friends eyes when they show them what their bare blushing bottom looks like after a munch.

Turns out the most inhibited singles and married women are the ones who ump at the chance to expose themselves and get some stimulating attention from friends.  Plus some they had always hoped to be friends even intimate friends with.

What starts at 2 or 3 at first quickly turns into 20 or 30 at the munch.  Country Club members arrange for larger venues to facilitate larger gatherings.

As do the local colleges and stage production locations.  As much as many under the age of 21 hope to be allowed in may areas require age 21 or older photos ID to get in.

Dear “White Alpha American Athletic Male” (WAAAM?) - in BDSM parlance, a munch is a non-play fully-clothed gathering of local kinksters who want to meet like-minded people in a casual low pressure atmosphere. They’re traditionally held in public and fairly vanilla settings, and nobody is supposed to be exposing themselves or getting spanked. That’s what play parties are for.

Naptime intensifies @spankaway

[naptime intensifies]

More naptime as requested weve worked hard to @spankaway

More naptime, as requested.

We’ve worked hard to preserve Simba in the face of Dogbear’s increasingly enormous teeth. He’s a survivor.

Naptime has been in very short supply lately @spankaway

Naptime has been in very short supply lately :)

Weve been getting a lot of these lately guys @spankaway

We’ve been getting a lot of these lately - guys, we’re perfectly fine, there is no need to worry. We’ve just been incredibly busy with, well, living, and took an impromptu tumblr vacation. There is only so much time in a day, and lately ours have been very very filled. Hope all of you have been doing great in the meantime.

Some people have been complaining that i should be @spankaway

Some people have been complaining that I should be riding something more age-appropriate - so I brought home a fully dressed 29 year old.

Paperylyrics is there something wrong with me @spankaway


Is there something wrong with me that I can recognize Snow’s bum, even when it’s being displayed without credit?

The quiet hurt dignity of a political prisoner @spankaway

The quiet, hurt dignity of a political prisoner. That expression is what it costs to have five minutes of “peace” around here.

Sorry buddy, totally worth it.

Imhislittlekitten credit spankaway lol @spankaway


Credit: spankaway

Lol reddit to tumblr repost in just a couple of hours. Btw, this is the RAW version after a bit of finessing, as opposed to the SOOC jpg posted here earlier.

Good sex is all about communication after a good @spankaway

Good sex is all about communication - after a good assfucking, it never hurts to ask your partner if their butthole is holding up all right.

Everyone says that the fuji x100 has a great jpeg @spankaway

Everyone says that the Fuji X100 has a great jpeg engine and it’s kind of true. I’ve been messing with the RAW version of this file for a while now, but it looks pretty good straight out of the camera (well, aside from a crop). Definitely impressed with this little camera, quirks and all. Apparently the trick is to never put your hands on its successors. I hear it tends to be expensive.

Our lesbian adventure a girl we occasionally have @spankaway


A girl we occasionally have over for some fun, she loves to be spanked and dominated

The day to day life of a real lesbian couple, Lauren and Rachel, daily updates get following

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Sure you do. 

Seriously guys, this is silly. 

Btw, on the first day of our blog I reblogged another repost of this photo, originally posted to /r/spanking. Post #2, almost 2 years and nearly 35 thousand followers ago. Damn does time fly.

Sexuality ness our lesbian adventure i came with @spankaway



I came with out asking Lauren’s permission, this was my punishment

The day to day life of a real lesbian couple, Lauren and Rachel, daily updates get following

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Noooo this is spankaway



Its coming creators cred @spankaway

It’s coming! 

[Creator’s cred]

We are a graceful people @spankaway

We are a graceful people :)

Sub374 spankaway yay for new toys i love old @spankaway



Yay for new toys.

I love old cameras,    working or not I collect them.   Just found an enlarger from the 1930’s

Well… this is actually the newest camera I own, made in 2011. It’s two generations behind now, so I was able to find one on the cheap (especially since the first gen has some… quirks). 

The dinosaur of my collection is actually my full frame. I know, woe is me.

The final fate of the enterprise was considered @spankaway

The final fate of the Enterprise was considered too disturbing to release to the public. Resulting coverup is considered to be among the most comprehensive in history, cementing the role of Section 31 as the hidden muscle behind Starfleet counter-intelligence.

Look at him, he knows what he did.

Tiffanyyorke subgirlygirl lovely no wheres @spankaway




No! Where’s the after care? Where’s “he” with his comforting arms to soothe and love her?  

“He” is taking the photos, and is somewhat amused that you expect to see all of the details of a scene in a before/after set.

It is a very different sort of camera and it will @spankaway

It is a very different sort of camera and it will take me a while to get a hang of it. But it’s super fun already.

Yay for new toys @spankaway

Yay for new toys.

Chibimoonbabygirl is this incorrectly sourced @spankaway


Is this incorrectly sourced spankaway content?

Yup. Some naughty person chopped the watermarks.

Nudeathleticbabes close up vulva in close up @spankaway


close up, vulva in close up, only nude cunts, shaven pussy, en primer plano, sólo coños desnuda, coño afeitado, ,屄 ,阴户, пизда, киска, hairy fanny, pubic hairs, chatte poilue, moule en gros plan, Fotze, nackt Muschi

#vulva #nudefanny #barepussy #eroticpics #hairyclams #chatte #poilue

hairy cunt and cute pussy’s close up at

I saw the words ‘close up’ and 'hairy clam’ and I just lost it with giggles.

“-deep breathing- Let me… See… the VAGINAAAA CLAAAAM”


Dogbear refuses to cooperate with my indoor @spankaway

Dogbear refuses to cooperate with my indoor shutter speeds. I suppose that means I have to get a better camera :D

Missfeministme spankaway isnt this snow @spankaway


spankaway isn’t this Snow?

Yup. This is on track to being one of our most-reposted images, often netting a lot more notes than the original :)

We don’t usually mind, but it’s annoying that someone went through the effort of scrubbing out our fairly unobtrusive watermark. I do kind of like the recoloring job they did on it.

It is kind of a fabulous photo.

Weve been inundated with requests for more pics @spankaway

We’ve been inundated with requests for more pics of dogbear and this one is all kinds of adorable.

Sigh were going to need a bigger bed very very @spankaway

Sigh, we’re going to need a bigger bed very very soon.

252ph earlybedtimepunishments the morning @spankaway



The morning after…

wasn’t spanked hard enough. that’s not the morning after……………

Hard enough is a subjective measure and we had a wonderful time that night, but yes, that is Snow relaxing a little after the session and her marks have already started to fade. Actually no matter how hard you spank a well-tempered butt, the redness will always disappear after a bit. The morning after remnants, along with “fresher” photos and even a video can be accessed through the caption that was originally on the photos. 

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Subsdream beautifullysubmissive @spankaway





A truly vicious creature.

That’s no way to talk about Snow! ;)

It hasn’t eaten them yet!!!

But he looks like he’s planning to do it any moment

He’s softening us up with sleep deprivation. Soon we’ll be too weak to resist when the killing blow comes.

A truly vicious creature @spankaway

A truly vicious creature.

Weve been getting a lot of requests for more pics @spankaway

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for more pics of dogbear. He is pretty photogenic, but hardly ever sits still long enough for me to get a good shot. So I cheat.

Jeanpriapos believe me this hurts me more than @spankaway


Believe me, this hurts me more than you.

Prazerpuro spankaway ok maybe i do feel @spankaway



Ok maybe I do feel stared at a little…

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up your ass, you dirty blonde whore.

We seem to have acquired a miniature bear thing @spankaway

We seem to have acquired a miniature bear thing, so if you don’t hear from us we’ve probably been eaten.

Vilewickedwretch spankaway wishing everyone @spankaway



Wishing everyone a cuddly New Year’s :)

Kinda want to just fling my computer across the room right now. But then someone would have to clean it up.

Not the reaction we were hoping for - hope the new year treats you well. 


Wishing everyone a cuddly new years @spankaway

Wishing everyone a cuddly New Year’s :)

Moriartys i wanted to make a post about leelah @spankaway


I wanted to make a post about Leelah Alcorn but I lack the requisite words to describe how I feel. But this is exactly what it should be like. Leelah’s death is a heartbreaking tragedy and it should leave everyone speechless. That being said, however, we cannot simply sit back and mourn her by reblogging text posts and saying how messed up this is. In her note, she said that she wanted her death to mean something. So please, help her rest in peace by helping all you can and adding resources you find below. We can make a change. You matter.




You matter. You deserve love, to be cherished, and to pursue happiness. You deserve to feel safe.


Soveryangry spankaway a roadside belting for @spankaway



A roadside belting for disobedience - a bit later in the day. 

I love outdoor ‘it needs to happen right now’ spankings

Agreed, those are the best. This was a really fun episode, part of an amazing trip.

Eviltepes poeticsir those moments whimp @spankaway



Those moments

Whimp. Cute butt though.

Snide remarks tend to lose a lot of their bite when goofy spelling is involved.

Lilyvonsexypants submissivefeminist @spankaway





smile wider slut…..your teeth aren’t showing, or do you want me to go find another bitch more grateful to have me torture her slut tits ?


That is a wince, o domliest of doms, whose gates are doubtlessly being battered down by legions of hungry women as we speak. Snow just loosened the binder clamp, and a fresh wave of pain turned her smile into something else.

The smiles came before and after:

But this is a whole other kind of special moment, one I was lucky enough to catch in the split second that it happened.

Good luck with finding your “submissive female soulmate”, but you might find that it’s a little easier if you come across a bit less unpleasant.

I love these smack downs. Spankaway is my fucking hero sometimes.

And now, I would be terrified to EVER say something like this to a Domliest of Doms type who harassed me on my blog, for fear that they’d start trying to spread false DMCA clams on my posts.

Fuck you, Tumblr staff, for putting so much effort into protecting Klansmen, and so little into protecting everyone else.

I wouldn’t worry about it - while we’re still here on tumblr we’ll always speak our minds. And if someone gets us shut down for bogus reasons, well that’s on them and we’ll figure something else out. Life is too short to live in fear, and in the end this is just a blog.

Tumblr staff were as helpful as they could be, but they have to follow the law, and that particular law is just a pain in the ass for everyone. This isn’t their fault.

Do not be fooled by the adorable exterior the @spankaway

Do not be fooled by the adorable exterior, the dark side is strong with this one…

Boxing day is supposed to be mellow nature @spankaway

Boxing day is supposed to be mellow - nature obliged :)

Hope everyone is having a great winter holiday!

This one might start popping up on tumblr courtesy @spankaway

This one might start popping up on tumblr courtesy of /r/gw - it seems prudent to beat the reposters :)

Happy Holidays everyone!

Heroscorpio i would rather use my hand you @spankaway


…I would rather use my hand.  You are losing lots of feelings and most importantly losing communication doing so

Hands have their place too - neither is really a substitute for the other.

Feelings are in the mind, and wielding a powerful unfeeling instrument of justice feels amazing - and on the other side of things, a hunk of wood is always going to have a whole different sensation behind it.

As for communication, I’ve heard that argument lots of times, but it has never made a lot of sense to me in regards to my personal experience. If your communication is solid, a detail like that isn’t going to make much of a difference to your rapport. If it isn’t, ditto.

To the OP: thanks for not chopping our watermark, but please try to reblog the original when possible.

Perfectcunts this is heaven we appreciate @spankaway


This is heaven

We appreciate that you credited us in the tags, but please don’t wipe out our already quite unobtrusive watermarks - and it’s probably simpler to just reblog the original

Southernprofessor the spanking dear was for @spankaway


The spanking, dear, was for thinking an e-book is a suitable replacement for the real thing.

E-books don’t have that old-fashioned bibliophile appeal (then again, neither do paperbacks), and will never match the feel of a solid binding and high quality paper. 

But there are certain advantages. 

I’m a lazy curator and that’s far from all of them, but you get the idea.

Color experiment @spankaway

Color experiment.

Dornishmans wife thats a lovely paddle and @spankaway


That’s a lovely paddle!

(And a beautiful bum, too…)

This photo seems to be making the rounds lately, which is awesome because I reeeeeally like how it came out. Also, in case anyone is curious - source for the paddle.

Spankingoftheday sexy play spanking has @spankaway


sexy play spanking has started…..going to be a fun, fun night.

That’s a butt that deserves to be appreciated in its original resolution:

And since you guys had to put up with so many @spankaway

And since you guys had to put up with so many reposts, here is something new :)

Spankaway we never did get a good coffee club @spankaway


We never did get a good coffee club submission in, sigh.

All posts from this session.

Spankaway it came way too small but that has a @spankaway


It came way too small but that has a charm all its own <3

Nightshade2000 spankaway spankaway @spankaway




Cuteness. Because something good needs to happen on our blog today :)

People reported this one was broken - fixed.

Lol is snow throwing a fit, or just kicking her feet?

Caught her as she was re-crossing her feet, no tantrums :)

Spankaway i could try to explain but really @spankaway


I could try to explain, but really, does it matter?

Edit: bwahaha it looks like Bettie Page is whipping Snow’s butt :)

Spankaway taking a step away from all the @spankaway


Taking a step away from all the drama, for some comfy afternoon panties. And Civilization.

Spankaway another view of the brattastic little @spankaway


Another view of the brattastic little angel.

Spankaway another one from a recent motivation @spankaway


Another one from a recent “motivation for finals” spanking, just because I was going through our library and liked it :)

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This one was coming out broken on my app, let’s see if this works…

Spankaway even in a storm of drama a guiding @spankaway


Even in a storm of drama, a guiding star(fish) :)

Spankaway shooting at 113 means a lot of @spankaway


Shooting at 1/13 means a lot of missed shots - but also gives some room for happy accidents. Love the way this came out.

Spankaway as a few people pointed out once in @spankaway


As a few people pointed out, once in a while Snow’s socks do match :)

Spankaway do i keep the sci fi on the bottom @spankaway


Do I keep the sci fi on the bottom for a reason?


Spankaway i cant come up with a good @spankaway


I can’t come up with a good combination of bike, GoT, and snow puns - but here is a cool picture :)

Spankaway hmm i smell a new cornertime @spankaway


Hmm, I smell a new cornertime position :)

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Spankaway our most recent rspanking @spankaway


Our most recent r/spanking contribution.

All posts from this session.

The dramabomb :)

Spankaway just digging through some of our @spankaway


Just digging through some of our vacation photos.

Spankaway sunny snow @spankaway


Sunny Snow :)

Spankaway snow wears the pants when we go out @spankaway


Snow wears the pants when we go out to lunch :)