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Snowflake roasting service @spankaway

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Gifs | Pics | Videos | Faq My gf Snowflake and I have a teensy exhibitionist streak going - and we've been posting some of our photos to r/spanking. Since they always seem to end up here anyway I figured maybe I'll make us a tumblr of our own. I'm not sure where I'll go with this - but anything not otherwise marked is our original creation - yes even if it's a reblog, a lot of people have found our photos before I found tumblr. NSFW, 18+ only, graphic BDSM content. You've been warned. - Snowflake roasting service (@spankaway)
Dirtyspritelegend on her knees to please @spankaway




Warmup is over.

This might be the single cutest gif I’ve ever made <3

All posts from this session.

I love them.

Why people just wanna have sex with their kids and abuse. This why they over here, wearing diapers and spanking eachother and shit till they bleed.

That is a profound misunderstanding of kink in general, and our dynamic especially.

Spirtosadico spankaway i thought she was @spankaway



I thought she was just a little too chipper after her caning (she said her masochism kicked in toward the end) and decided that ten additional swats with the giant paddle thing would help me get the point across. You can see her accepting her fate in the first gif.

The paddle finish definitely did the trick - after ten good swats Snow was apologetic and contrite to my standards.

All posts from this session.

I found this gif from another blog but I knew I can find it on spankaway

Snow is by now everywhere over the net (or, at least, all over tumblr)

It happens - and it is, after all, kind of an awesome gifset :)

Snownaps are the best naps @spankaway

Snownaps are the best naps :)

Spirtosadico girlfriendtraining one good @spankaway



One good thing about my g[f] being a brat in the morning, is that I can nip it in the bud

Your girlfriend?
I could bet she is Snowflake of spankaway

You’re right - but that is actually the title of our original reddit post all those years ago, so I don’t think anyone was impersonating us :)

Pre-wateramark era too.

BBB discontinued that bath brush, sigh. Not cool. 

Rosalynsprinkle spank a way oil on canvas 20 x @spankaway


Spank A Way
Oil on Canvas
20″ x 16″

Sorry for the nsfw content. I don’t usually post things such as this, but I just wanted to post it so the person whose image I used for this painting saw it.
spankaway Sorry about the right arm, I kind of screwed up, lol. Oh well, hope you like it!

We think it’s great, thanks for taking the time!

At least some things havent changed @spankaway

At least some things haven’t changed :)

I could have really used a few more months of @spankaway

I could have really used a few more months of this, sigh. Time is a ravenous monster.

Hisarmsmyhome spankingoftheday the best @spankaway



the best spanked little butt of all time

spankaway This is Snow’s spanked little butt though…right? ._.

Yup, from long before our tumblr days. Hell of a compliment though :)

Theresnoplacelikeyourmouth cant wait to shoot @spankaway


Can’t wait to shoot with this guy in Phoenix! 😂 ps. His number [snipped] 👍

[Creepy intensifies]

[Maximum Creep]

I’m offended on so many levels I’m not even sure where to start. 

Girliegrrl and also with you @spankaway


And also with you.

Monday snoobs @spankaway

Monday snoobs :)

Missfeministme c desade please dont forget @spankaway



Please, don’t forget to love me when you’re done.

Pretty sure this is Snow, spankaway?

Yeah, this is one of our gifsets, converted to b&w and cropped to hide the watermark. 

I often like b&w, but here I really miss the pinks.

Happy sunday @spankaway

Happy Sunday :)

A completely unrelated photo from years ago that i @spankaway

A completely unrelated photo from years ago that I came across in my library and nearly died of cuteness.

An explorer!

Im sure some of our recent reddit pics are @spankaway

I’m sure some of our recent reddit pics are already floating around tumblr - so it’s time to provide a direct source :)

Contrition has always been one of my favorite @spankaway

Contrition has always been one of my favorite emotions.

Blackbookartist thanks to spankaway a fun new @spankaway


thanks to spankaway - a fun new technique I tried.  Hope you like