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Bad girls need good spankings @spankingnl

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I'm a man, forty years old, and I consider myself mainly a disciplinarian. I subscribe whole-heartedly to the principles of "safe, sane and consensual" and will treat you with respect. This blog is all about my love of spanking, my love of the female posterior in general, submission, spanking related activities such as corner time and pretty much anything else I like. I hope you'll like it too. Geting in touch: ❥ I can be reached via email by clicking here. ❥ I am on Fetlife too. Look me up if you're there. If you are a young lady living in the Netherlands or Belgium and you are curious about or in need of a spanking, please don't hesitate to contact me! ❥ My "likes". - Bad girls need good spankings (@spankingnl)
Cute schoolgirl all ready for her spanking @spankingnl

Cute schoolgirl, all ready for her spanking…. :-)

Oops thats not sunburn @spankingnl

Oops, that’s not sunburn!

Strengersebastian spanking reviews @spankingnl



schoolgirl paddling

Painful and humiliating at the same time. Also quite effective, I’d think.

Suddenly I’m feeling like doing a little school role-play. :-)

Very nice view @spankingnl

Very nice view :-)

I want to see the full series of this @spankingnl

I want to see the full series of this…

Nice bums @spankingnl

Nice bums!

Cute @spankingnl

Cute! :-)

Beautiful lines @spankingnl

Beautiful lines!

Bootyoptics blog model le butts thanks for @spankingnl


Blog Model: ( le-butts )

Thanks for another submission. Booty too impeccable, hope you have a wonderful day love!

See more of her here

Agreed, lovely bum!

Thats a hefty paddle @spankingnl

That’s a hefty paddle… :-)

From the look of things shes getting the @spankingnl

From the look of things, she’s getting the message!

Rino guild085 nice bum @spankingnl

rino // guild085

Nice bum :-)

Nice bum @spankingnl

Nice bum!

She hates when i have to punish her she looks @spankingnl

She hates when I have to punish her!

She looks good when punished though!

Naughty girl at least shes already bent over @spankingnl

Naughty girl. At least she’s already bent over! ;-)

Lovely girl @spankingnl

Lovely girl!

Lovely girl @spankingnl

Lovely girl!

Beginning to learn her lesson @spankingnl

Beginning to learn her lesson…

Crunchiepink thesexxx files hooping is hot as @spankingnl



HOOPING is hot as fuck. Girls that hoop are hot as fuck. And girls that hoop know HOW to fuck well too 😼

Need to learn this 💋

It’s fun to watch too ; -)

Lovely view @spankingnl

Lovely view!


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