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Bad girls need good spankings @spankingnl

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I'm a man, forty years old, and I consider myself mainly a disciplinarian. I subscribe whole-heartedly to the principles of "safe, sane and consensual" and will treat you with respect. This blog is all about my love of spanking, my love of the female posterior in general, submission, spanking related activities such as corner time and pretty much anything else I like. I hope you'll like it too. Geting in touch: ❥ I can be reached via email by clicking here. ❥ I am on Fetlife too. Look me up if you're there. If you are a young lady living in the Netherlands or Belgium and you are curious about or in need of a spanking, please don't hesitate to contact me! ❥ My "likes". - Bad girls need good spankings (@spankingnl)
Thong it towel marks on my booty i need more @spankingnl


towel marks on my booty, I need more oil…

I’d love to apply it. 😆

Nice bottom @spankingnl

Nice bottom 😉

Very pretty @spankingnl

Very pretty!

And now hands on your head @spankingnl

“And now, hands on your head. ”

Nice view @spankingnl

Nice view!

Kimiko had immediately taken a liking to her boss @spankingnl

Kimiko had immediately taken a liking to her boss. He was good looking in a masculine kind of way, groomed and well dressed. Over time, they had developed an odd relationship. It had started with small instructions from him, which she found strange at first though they were also strangely satisfying to her. Things like picking up a dropped pen, not by squatting and picking it up but rather by bending over.
Gradually, he had become more controlling. She remembered the first time he had her come in, stand in front of his desk for 15 minutes without saying a word to her and then dismiss her. She had had no idea how to handle that and yet she found it impossible to disobey him. To her own amazement, she felt sexual excitement at this treatment.

He seemed to know how he was affecting her with this instructions. He seemed to understand how they made her feel somewhere deep inside where she had bottled up desires never shared with anyone. It was as if he had tapped into her secret fantasies.

The first time when he had ordered her to do something really revealing was on a Friday when both of them were working overtime. He had told her very matter of factly to raise her skirt. After a second or two, she complied. She raised her skirt so her could easily see her underwear. When told to turn around, she complied again. Yes, her face was flushed with shame but both of them knew it was more than just shame at being exposed. It was shame at wanting to expose herself for him. It was shame at the excitement she was feeling. From that day, he knew that she’d comply with other, more embarrassing instructions still.

He had made her undress, he had told her to write words on her body that she had never thought of using to describe herself. He had made her finger herself to orgasm standing on his desk while he was on the phone. He had made her grind herself to orgasm on the corner of his desk. He had made her do so many things but he had never once touched her. Kimiko longed for his touch. A caress, a slap, a pinch, anything. But she could wait. She would perform for him, she would show him what he wanted to see and perhaps one day soon, he would touch her. When he wanted to. Because he was the boss, in all ways.

I say anyone for tennis @spankingnl

I say, anyone for tennis?

Lovely pair of bottoms @spankingnl

Lovely pair of bottoms 😊

Aspankingsoon pillows bare bottoms a @spankingnl


… pillows, bare bottoms …. a little spankfest about to happen ….

We can dream… :-)

Comitan china matsuoka nice little peek @spankingnl


China Matsuoka

Nice little peek!

Letswatchgirls galina dubenenko mavrin @spankingnl


Galina Dubenenko |  href="" target="_blank"MAVRIN

Hm…nice bum!

Love this angleand what a lovely bum @spankingnl

Love this angle…and what a lovely bum!

Beautiful curves and tan lines @spankingnl

Beautiful curves and tan lines… :-)

Arinyaspankingworld thats a fun prank and @spankingnl


that’s a fun prank. and good to remember. of course the ending wasn’t so fun for her

Source: Girls Boarding School

I bet the cleaning was very thorough though. :-)

Lovely @spankingnl


Littleblackholes captured by the silence @spankingnl


Captured by The Silence

**please do not remove caption**

Beautiful rope work!

Summertime75 hold still stan love it just @spankingnl


Hold still


Love it, just a millisecond before impact!

An old fashioned trip to the woodshed not @spankingnl

An old-fashioned trip to the woodshed. Not something a girl looks forward to.

Boundbabe sadsub michaelrmasterson sneak @spankingnl




Sneak preview from an upcoming update to the member’s area of  This morning I administered one of the hardest switchings I have ever done.  Miss Ivy was made to cut and clean three different switches and I used all of them until they were shredded. As you can see, it was an effective punishment and she learned her lesson.


OW!! How on earth was she able to hold that still??.  Ive been switched hard before where it left welts and I was dancing around so much that the marks were all crisscross.

I agree, she took that extraordinarily well. Switches sting terribly and I’ve never seen marks this neat made by a switch.

Lovely bum @spankingnl

Lovely bum!

Wow what a nice bum @spankingnl

Wow, what a nice bum!

Lovely bum in great lingerie @spankingnl

Lovely bum in great lingerie!

Love her reactions to the lash @spankingnl

Love her reactions to the lash. 

Awesome bubble butt @spankingnl

Awesome bubble butt. :-)

Wellredandremorseful what a glorious sightkeep @spankingnl


what a glorious sight…keep those legs straight..only six more to go..

Truly a well punished young lady!

Excellent bum @spankingnl

Excellent bum!

Oops she accidentally dropped her knickers @spankingnl

Oops, she “accidentally” dropped her knickers… :-)

Nice bum @spankingnl

Nice bum ;-)

Tokujiro airi suzumura lovely bum @spankingnl


Airi Suzumura

Lovely bum!

Not exactly suitable footwear for a day out in the @spankingnl

Not exactly suitable footwear for a day out in the woods…but who cares? ;-)

Lovely blushing cheeks @spankingnl

Lovely blushing cheeks 😄

Vinylximagen this summer uniform would @spankingnl


This summer uniform would cause a scandal at school. 😆

In detention its always the cane @spankingnl

In detention, it’s always the cane…

Hoola hoops are fun @spankingnl

Hoola-hoops are fun. :-)

Lovely view @spankingnl

Lovely view!

Summertime75 no partying tonight chastity @spankingnl


No partying tonight

Chastity Belts

Indeed, without the key, no fun to be had.

Were just getting started young lady @spankingnl

“We’re just getting started, young lady!”

Letting the cool air deal with the heat emanating @spankingnl

Letting the cool air deal with the heat emanating from those fiery cheeks.

About to be spanked and not too happy @spankingnl

About to be spanked and not too happy!

Hope she has permission to rub @spankingnl

Hope she has permission to rub…

Nice and clean @spankingnl

Nice and clean. :-)

Two girls engaging in some spanking fun @spankingnl

Two girls engaging in some spanking fun. :-)

Boundbabe cornertimehe uses it before after @spankingnl


Cornertime–he uses it before , after and during a whipping.

Before–so she will anticipate whats coming and to settle her down.  She will have a chance to move from angry to contrite and submissive

During –  to take a break in the middle of the whipping but to keep her aware theres more to come.  He gives her ‘the lecture”

After–  to make her reflect on what she got and how she will behave in the future and to provide him the pleasure of viewing her bright red bottom

BTW- I hate cornertime no matter when it is!

Oh, I like to assign corner time. Mainly to admire my handiwork. A contrite girl with a bright red bottom is a wonderful sight… :-)

A quick peek through the open door reveals a @spankingnl

A quick peek through the open door reveals a moment of domestic discipline…

Hersassymouthintolerant stemur one sister @spankingnl



… one sister gets a hard strapping on her bare ass while the next one watches …

Readied for bed, all bathed and pjed. When their butts will be red and sore enough, they will be sent blubbering to bed.

Neither of them will forget this evening any time soon! Sleeping on their stomach will be the best option… :-)

Boundbabe the bath brush is one of the most @spankingnl


The bath brush is one of the most evil, hated tools (Hated by me but loved by him)

I can imagine why, they’re just so…effective :-)

Yourbadgrrl i wanna believe lol i dont @spankingnl


I wanna believe! lol

I don’t want to believe. I want to know. :-P