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Diapered Sissy @stephykate

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- Diapered Sissy (@stephykate)
Thatpoofybunny subject fallen angel @stephykate


Subject: Fallen Angel. 

Successful escape attempts: 0

Sweetbabymina im a baby bunny @stephykate


I’m a baby bunny.

Tammynicolesmith my cute little toddler dress i @stephykate


My cute little toddler dress I wore yesterday 

Britelizzy for my fanz notice anything extra @stephykate


For my fanz, notice anything extra?

Tammynicolesmith cloth diapers if you never @stephykate


Cloth Diapers

If you never tried cloth diapers you don’t know what you are missing.  They are super super soft on your bum bum and when you layer them they are so thick and make you waddle when you walk. The more you wash them the more softer they become. You will also need some plastic pants to go with your cloth diapers and there are many styles and cute print to choose from. Not only are your diaper nice and thick but when matched up with some plastic pants they really look big on you  and crinkle when you walk. Don’t forget the diaper pins they come with all kinds of cute designs on them. 

Britelizzy chilling outside at night @stephykate


Chilling outside at night🌛

Rustibusssnibb those panties really covers the @stephykate


Those panties really covers the diaper. So nobody will know your secret. :)

Sweetbabymina abdl adultbabygirl pacifier @stephykate


#abdl #adultbabygirl #pacifier #lilspace

Pottipantsjuli juli a diapered sissy baby @stephykate


Juli, a diapered #sissy baby

Mikeypampers is i really am sad that i will @stephykate


I really am sad that I will never experience actual school humiliation like this. 

Britelizzy got punished with an enema @stephykate


Got punished with an enema