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Diapered Sissy @stephykate

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- Diapered Sissy (@stephykate)
Thatpoofybunny subject fallen angel @stephykate


Subject: Fallen Angel. 

Successful escape attempts: 0

Sweetbabymina im a baby bunny @stephykate


I’m a baby bunny.

Tammynicolesmith my cute little toddler dress i @stephykate


My cute little toddler dress I wore yesterday 

Britelizzy for my fanz notice anything extra @stephykate


For my fanz, notice anything extra?

Tammynicolesmith cloth diapers if you never @stephykate


Cloth Diapers

If you never tried cloth diapers you don’t know what you are missing.  They are super super soft on your bum bum and when you layer them they are so thick and make you waddle when you walk. The more you wash them the more softer they become. You will also need some plastic pants to go with your cloth diapers and there are many styles and cute print to choose from. Not only are your diaper nice and thick but when matched up with some plastic pants they really look big on you  and crinkle when you walk. Don’t forget the diaper pins they come with all kinds of cute designs on them. 

Britelizzy chilling outside at night @stephykate


Chilling outside at night🌛

Rustibusssnibb those panties really covers the @stephykate


Those panties really covers the diaper. So nobody will know your secret. :)

Sweetbabymina abdl adultbabygirl pacifier @stephykate


#abdl #adultbabygirl #pacifier #lilspace

Pottipantsjuli juli a diapered sissy baby @stephykate


Juli, a diapered #sissy baby

Mikeypampers is i really am sad that i will @stephykate


I really am sad that I will never experience actual school humiliation like this. 

Britelizzy got punished with an enema @stephykate


Got punished with an enema

Calydon n trish trishie got a little spanking @stephykate


Trishie got a little spanking and then her fluffy A+ diaper. Pretty self-explanatory, but TODAY she’s wearing her adorable clip-on bangs. Please reblog this into interstellar space so Trishie can see how beautiful she is with bangs.

Jessicapresley hey there daddy p @stephykate


Hey there, Daddy :-P

Beautiful – breaking hearts with this pic!

Jessicapresley lil whimsical babygirl ミ @stephykate


Lil’ whimsical babygirl ミ☆


Alittlebitofdaring mommy said that good girls @stephykate


Mommy said that good girls undress when they’re told.

Your pics are getting cuter and cuter!!!!

Missbratdom sissy diaper chronologies @stephykate


Sissy Diaper Chronologies 

Britelizzy love that i can fit into little girl @stephykate


Love that i can fit into little girl dresses. This one has to be my favorite shows my diaper well too!!!

Too cute!!!! Would love to say hi

Sissyalicewonderland pictures i took after @stephykate


pictures i took after getting dollied up for a camshow!! i love giving camshows to people in my frillies and diapers :) hit me up if you ever want one!

Theneroki sorry for the lack of content @stephykate


Sorry for the lack of content recently! (Been busy)

I’ve got some more ABDL stuff, not sure how interested you lot are… Want me to share?

Mikeypampers is mikey pampers in barbie @stephykate


Mikey Pampers in Barbie training bra.

Katvarina guten morgen @stephykate


Guten Morgen

Sweetbabyjenny sweet baby jenny in her stroller @stephykate


Sweet Baby Jenny in her Stroller

Candimcbride had a lovely sunday yesterday and @stephykate


Had a lovely Sunday yesterday and it has certainly carried over into my Monday. Love this west coast weather

Imawaytoneverland a quick good morning to @stephykate


a quick “good morning” to everyone.

have a lovely, beautiful, and smiling day! make the most of it & know that neverland is here to cheer you on! (✿◠‿◠) 

ps. stay dry if you can!

please do not re-upload these without permission.
your neverland.

Sweetbabymina freshly diapered adorable @stephykate


Freshly diapered


Sissykitten theres nothing like cloth to @stephykate


There’s nothing like cloth to provide ridiculous thickness. :3

Babyoliviasoph hi love your be hind @stephykate



Love your be-hind!!!

Sissyalicewonderland a lovely day in lolita and @stephykate


a lovely day in lolita and padded :)

Thatpoofybunny about time i started finishing @stephykate


About time I started finishing off these fairy pullups! True I can fit into them but it isn’t exactly the most comfortable.

Too cute!!!

Sissymaids diapered sissy @stephykate


Diapered sissy

Isabellaichinose some cute shots from last @stephykate


Some cute shots from last night while I was playing games. I love how my new dress sort of matches with Yoshi! :D

Sissymaids hot mistress with her two sissy @stephykate


Hot Mistress with her two sissy slaves

See emily play baby having a little fun at home @stephykate


Having a little fun at home :P, wanted to give the darker girl look a try.

34qucker the ever popular baby slave lucy now @stephykate


The ever popular Baby-Slave Lucy, now on Tumblr, enjoy~!

Littlediapersissy just me in my diapes and @stephykate


Just me in my diapes and dress[:

Absolutely adorable!!!!

Slavefoxie padding on display while walking to @stephykate


Padding on display while walking to the sea front

Sissymaids sissy under control @stephykate


Sissy under control

See emily play baby this little girl is missing @stephykate


This little girl is missing a daddy >_

See emily play baby ok last one lol tookloved @stephykate


Ok… Last one lol took/loved more pics than I thought . Pt.3

See emily play baby halloween full make up @stephykate


Halloween full make up “Little Red Riding Hood” :P

Mikeypampers is i so remember this feeling i @stephykate


I so remember this feeling. I want it again!

Littleladyluna happy new years eve lovelies @stephykate


Happy New Year’s Eve, lovelies! I hope you all have a wonderful night. <3

Sissytwins facing their sissy futures hand in @stephykate


Facing their sissy futures hand in hand

Pinksissychloe following on from yesterday @stephykate


Following on from yesterday, here are some better shots of my nightwear.

Babybottle girl babybottlegirl love your baby @stephykate



Love your baby bottles!!

Sissymaids for a happy life @stephykate


For a happy life….

Diapercuck whimper i cant imagine what she @stephykate


*whimper*  I can’t imagine what she might decide to do if it went higher than fifty…  This could be trouble…

Sweetbabymina dips under shorts today @stephykate


😃dips under shorts today

Isabellaichinose perspective shot @stephykate


Perspective shot.

Cute @stephykate


Kop4560000 diapered sissy schoolgirl wetting @stephykate


diapered sissy schoolgirl wetting thick terrycloth nappies

Naughty but cute tryin to look cute xd @stephykate


tryin`to look cute xD

Bunnyonthebottom cupcake panties @stephykate


Cupcake panties~

Shysissytoddler88 i think this is my favorite @stephykate


I think this is my favorite picture of myself :)

It is VERY cute!!!!

Sweetbabymina do not erase text hellos so i @stephykate


Do NOT erase text!

Hellos! So I finally did it! I am posting my very first Giveaway! The Rules are simple… You must reblog but please don’t be a spammer! You Must be Following me! I love my followers and I think it’s about time I give them a little somthing to show it!

The Winner will have the choice of 1 of 3 custom made outfits! A Romper, Dress, or Diaper Cover and Bib Set! The pictures shown are just samples of past items I have made. Above also are some of the fabric Choices that you may have to choose from!

Also if check out my shop on Etsy!

The Giveaway will end on Oct 31 and the winner will be chosen using a random number generator after the contest is over. I will message the winner via tumblr ask so keep your boxes open!

Love my new jon jon @stephykate

Love My New Jon Jon

Mommy had me write lines for touching myself @stephykate

Mommy had me write lines for touching myself without her permission sweetbabymina

Thatpoofybunny frilly leg gathers the way a @stephykate


Frilly leg gathers.
The way a diaper “smooshes” outward when you sit.
Tugging down your pullups to use the potty like a big girl / boy.
All-over print that hides when you wet.
The layers of padding weighing down your rump to remind you what you’re wearing.
The scent of baby powder.
Stacks of diapers in your closet.
Stacks of diapers on your shelf.
The sound of tapes unsnapping.
All the rustling and crinkling…
Dry and snuggly,
Warm and marshmallowy.

Just some little things I love about diapers~

Catie cunt me yet again from later on @stephykate


Me, yet again from later on yesterday (07.27.13), still in the same very full diaper. Yes, yes, I know this dumb piggy has grown a lil’ tummy since my Mommy started feeding me regular baby food and stuff, but we’re switching routines to work it back off, so I’m not ashamed. I actually think it’s kinda cute as “babyfat,“ though, yes, I’ll be glad when it’s gone again.

Too cute these are my favorite plastic pants @stephykate

Too cute.  These are my favorite plastic pants!!

Looks like fun i dont know which side id @stephykate

Looks like fun.  I don’t know which side I’d rather be on though…

Chatteblonde daddy took me to the park @stephykate


daddy took me to the park yesterday :)

Littlekittenlissa for my 100 followers 3 @stephykate


For my 100+ followers. :3

Imaqueen28 i love this one piece @stephykate


I love this one piece !

Moorstephy follow me sissies @stephykate


Follow me sissies!!

Bambinogirls blog i was up high playing and @stephykate


I was up high playing and Daddy couldn’t check my diaper from where he was so he told me to drop my shortalls so he could see if I needed a diaper change yet.

So were you?