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Stoner Muscle Bear @stonermusclebear

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I LOVE HUGE. Big jacked arms, freaky bloated cocks, huge built backs, big beer guts, thick bubble butts. I love em' hairy, pumped, and nasty. Also into vacuum pumping, weed, and poppers! NOTE: I do not own any of these pictures, if you are the owner and... - Stoner Muscle Bear (@stonermusclebear)
Filmben i cant believe its only wednesday @stonermusclebear


I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday morning 😩😩😩

Dontellheriambi dontellheriamb if you like @stonermusclebear


dontellheriamB –> if you like it I’ve good news for you

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Sex emotions if you like this pic you should @stonermusclebear


If you like this pic, you should find much more stuff in my archive to enjoy

Noodlesandbeef hotel butts vegas outtake with @stonermusclebear


Hotel Butts Vegas outtake, with alpha.

Daddyandcubby daddyandcubby sex date night @stonermusclebear



Sex Date Night - Cubby’s about to get fucked. A back workout at the gym was the foreplay. #daddyandcubby #dadandson #fuckingcubby

Cubby says I was successful. His hole is throbbing. But I can tell you this: he’ll sleep soundly on my chest tonight

Thebigbearcave a juggernaut my gods @stonermusclebear


a juggernaut. my gods


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