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A Strict Uncle @strictuncle

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Dedicated to discipline Please feel free to comment or enquire. East Anglia, UK - A Strict Uncle (@strictuncle)
Bringbackthecane chinese spanking @strictuncle


chinese spanking

Kneedy1 betsys daddy always pulls her panties @strictuncle


Betsy’s daddy always pulls her panties down for spankings.

Kneedy1 now off to bed perchance to dream of @strictuncle


Now, off to bed, perchance to dream. Of what, who can say?

Pickmeup sortmeout calmmedown they look just @strictuncle


They look just like the gym panties & pleated skirt I used to wear to school, only my regulation underwear was purple (yuk). I used to frustrate my teachers so much because I was top of the class and generally a perfectly behaved pupil (I never ONCE had a detention), but I always had something wrong with my uniform. Knee high socks rolling down, shirt unbuttoned, skirt rolled up too high, squiffy tie….

Chicagotkdaddy addiesloves chicagotkdaddy @strictuncle



chicagotkdaddy ?

Yes, I punished that girl and took this photo.

Spankedgirlsbottoms and the consequences of @strictuncle


And the consequences of those habits are imprinted on her bottom

Pinktored its best to think of the spanking as @strictuncle


It’s best to think of the spanking as a love dance.

Slavetrainings es geht doch nichts über eine @strictuncle


Es geht doch nichts über eine folgsame Sklavin.
There’s nothing like an obedient slave.

Slavetrainings on first contact fill her mouth @strictuncle


On first contact fill her mouth completely out, so she will learn to keep it open for cock.

Beim ersten Kontakt füllst Du ihren Mund vollständig aus, damit sie lernen, es für den Schwanz offen zu halten.

Op het eerste contact haar mond volledig uit te vullen, zodat ze leren om het te openen voor lul te houden.

Slavetrainings o 1968 discipline was harsh @strictuncle



Discipline was harsh at the lycee O attended. The nuns at the school would sometimes order an unruly girl to bend over a desk and pull down their panties for five strokes of a cane. This was always done in front of the other class mates.

This should be a strict rule for all spanking classes.

Slavetrainings babygirlssweetsurrender @strictuncle



Training day.

Practise makes it better every day !

Moredegradedsluts if you cannot behave i will @strictuncle


If you cannot behave, I will put you in the corner until you can crawl to me and say sorry like a good girl.

Slavetrainings spread your legs and hands @strictuncle


Spread your legs and hands behind your head, to start our training!!

Spankingamateur principals office 5 @strictuncle


Principal’s office 5

Thespankozone wellspanked @strictuncle



Shamecollector i will not cry this time i @strictuncle


“I will not cry this time! I will stand it with my teeth clenched. No cane can break my pride!”

Corppun78 a position dreaded by many women not @strictuncle


A position dreaded by many women. Not only is it very embarrassing due to the blatant exposure of her privates, she knows most implements have the potential to catch her privates too.

Masters prized possession @strictuncle




I am sure I will come to love being anally abused by my Master’s huge throbbing cock…eventually. I must be trained to accept it first though, and there will be a definite learning curve.  During that process I must channel all my love and devotion for my owner, into the need I have to please him…. His pleasure becoming mine, as it is meant to be.  That is what will keep me soft and submissive, bending to his will as I should, even while he slakes his lust painfully on my vulnerable body.  

One of my favourite ways and methods to fuck you slave. Your ass while learn to live and love the daily fucking it’s going to get from your owner.

I am coming to realize this Sir… The time and effort you are willing to put into making me your well trained little anal whore and painslut is very appreciated by your property Sir. You are giving me the skills necessary to bring you pleasure Sir… which is my primary function.  As I cry, whimper and accept your mastery over my whore’s body, I also know a deep peace inside. I feel validated and complete. My master’s happiness and use of me fills the inner void, letting me know I am not a complete person without you Sir… and with you I am the fulfillment of your needs and desires.  You have become necessary to my life, the essential piece I was missing.  As you train me to enjoy the punishment your use inflicts on my body, and I delight in the authority you impose on me… the feeling of you filling my once tightly closed and tender, but now gaped, throbbing and swollen ass with your hot sweet cum, echoing the feeling of my heart overflowing with love for my Master.  I am in another world, floating languidly and full of joy at pleasing you… as you pet me and assure me I am your good little anal whore now, and I can sigh contently, gratified and feeling blissful as I know you continue to watch with pride as that ruined, aching fuckhole slowly oozes out my owner’s cum, yet another way your mastery over me and your ownership is proudly displayed on your property.  

Spankingoftheday good otk @strictuncle


good OTK!!

Razrstrpr get your nose in the corner right @strictuncle


“Get your nose in the corner right now and I had better not catch you rubbing yourself or this will just be a warm up!”