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SHORT PENIS @stubbydicks

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This Blog is for adults only, anyone under the age of 18 must leave this site now. NSFW. This blog shows off my favorite small dicks I've found on tumblr. Feel free to submit if you truly have a short penis,(under 5 inches long) the shorter the better! KIK username: stubbyone Short dick guys like to show off too! - SHORT PENIS (@stubbydicks)
Showyourtinydick pinching up one of the tiniest @stubbydicks


Pinching up one of the tiniest dicks on earth!

Showyourtinydick little dick wanker jay @stubbydicks


Little Dick Wanker Jay

Showyourtinydick people passing by and seeing @stubbydicks


People passing by and seeing it.

They would see those healthy sized nipples waaaay before they noticed even a hint of cock lol

Flacid is under 05 inches hard is under 10 @stubbydicks

Flacid is under 0.5 inches

Hard is under 1.0 inches

I have an uncircumcised micropenis @stubbydicks

I have an uncircumcised micropenis.

Amicropenisblog i was born too with micropenis @stubbydicks


I was born too with micropenis. It shrinks back inside me rather like yours does when I am soft. My penis is 3" long, when is erect. I have also surgical incorporated testicle in scrotum, birth I am with undescended testicle. Surgery I am navigate, when I am were 5 years old. Doctor first tried get in testicle in scrotum by means of feed hormone. That oneself however unsuccessful. TOTALY FLAT CROTCH… My life and micropenis - it is long fable. Like small I all the time visit doctor. I’m take classes in hormonal treatment. My undescended testicle one another medicament unsuccessful get into scrotum. I had endure surgery. From surgery I have testicle in scrotum. In period puberty I was much time monitoring doctor. My penis wasn’t almost apparent, I’m began get injection hormone testosteron (medicament Agovirin). Me begin grow up pubes hair, but penis stayed tiny. In puberty I began feel, that me draw men, that I’m homosexual. With my psychic condition I in seventeen had to look for psychologist. Much me in teens helped sport, played I am ice-hockey. All the time I plenty work out - I swim several times a week, in wintry month with friend played ice-hockey. ciao. Jan

Theirishchub another hotel room another @stubbydicks


Another hotel room, another morning wood.

Chubbycub78 gorgeous @stubbydicks



Chubbycub78 its so hot today i did house @stubbydicks


It’s so hot today, I did house chores naked. Sweating buckets

Showyourtinydick impressively small lol @stubbydicks


Impressively small? lol

Welcome to the Smallest Dick of the Day Club!

My uncut small cock @stubbydicks


About to start playing with my little uncut cock.

Showyourtinydick holy shit youre a dickless @stubbydicks


Holy shit! You’re a dickless wonder for real!

Showyourtinydick take a look at a dickless @stubbydicks


Take a look at a Dickless Wonder! Do you qualify for this special status? Compare yourself to these pics and Find out now!

Fierybiscuts electricunderwear cubbie30 @stubbydicks




(via TumbleOn)


Hay this is from my old job! :3

Nicksondickson90 justim hornyhuhu @stubbydicks

nicksondickson90: horny..huhu

Fatguy3inch showyourtinydick see it sticks @stubbydicks



See it sticks out as long as I suck in the gut and hold the roll in place.

So pathetic! lol

TP rolls make great pocket pussies, just stretch a condom over it and down the middle lube side in. Home made flesh light for little dicks

Superchubfatpads hello hot fatpads @stubbydicks


Hello hot fatpads

Chubxlife good morning @stubbydicks


Good morning

Showyourtinydick i certainly hope ive managed @stubbydicks


I certainly hope I’ve managed the two saddest dick pics ever oh well one of the two…

How could we not make this dicklet  – Smallest Dick of the Day!

Sirwindstorm my tiny clit @stubbydicks


My tiny clit

Amicropenisblog showyourtinydick fully @stubbydicks



Fully hard.

You are the epitome of a little mushroom dick lol

nice head!

-> submit your micropenis <-

Showyourtinydick i swear it really is in there @stubbydicks


I swear it really is in there somewhere.


Showyourtinydick hi im jamie nugent and this @stubbydicks


Hi, I’m jamie nugent and this is my pathetic excuse of a dick, as hard as it gets, please remind me how little I am please :)

Amicropenisblog no shaft just skin @stubbydicks


No shaft, just skin!

Sirwindstorm my baby face without my usual @stubbydicks


My baby face (without my usual beard) fits with my baby cock.