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stuff in my vagina @stuffinmyvagina

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This is a blog of my vagina with different things in it. That is all. - stuff in my vagina (@stuffinmyvagina)
Thats all for now folks kiss this @stuffinmyvagina

That’s all for now, folks. Kiss this.

Cotton ball @stuffinmyvagina

Cotton ball.

Remember to eat your veggies kids @stuffinmyvagina

Remember to eat your veggies, kids.

Strawberry and cream @stuffinmyvagina

Strawberry (and cream)

Pencils @stuffinmyvagina


Wii mote @stuffinmyvagina


Peekaboo @stuffinmyvagina


Im back baby @stuffinmyvagina

I’m back, baby!

Little vibrator @stuffinmyvagina

Little vibrator.

A carnival light @stuffinmyvagina

A carnival light.

A gold coin @stuffinmyvagina

A gold coin.

The same bottle in my ass @stuffinmyvagina

The same bottle, in my ass.

Oops im turtling @stuffinmyvagina

Oops, I’m turtling.

Octopussy @stuffinmyvagina


Pussy bling @stuffinmyvagina

Pussy bling.

Hungry pussy meow @stuffinmyvagina

Hungry pussy. Meow.

Having trouble breathing @stuffinmyvagina

Having trouble breathing?

Squeaky clean @stuffinmyvagina

Squeaky clean!

Some lube @stuffinmyvagina

Some lube.

A hello kitty bandaid @stuffinmyvagina

A hello Kitty bandaid.

Three colorful little penis shaped candies now @stuffinmyvagina

Three colorful little penis-shaped candies. Now you can all shut up with the “put a dick all up in thurr” requests. Sweet!

Yeah somebody actually wanted to see this @stuffinmyvagina

…yeah, somebody actually wanted to see this.

Whipped cream @stuffinmyvagina

Whipped cream.

A pair of earrings @stuffinmyvagina

A pair of earrings.

Nail clippers @stuffinmyvagina

Nail clippers.

A wooden spoon @stuffinmyvagina

A wooden spoon.

White fishnets again @stuffinmyvagina

White fishnets again.

White fishnet stockings @stuffinmyvagina

White fishnet stockings.

Paint brushes @stuffinmyvagina

Paint brushes.

A spatula @stuffinmyvagina

A spatula.

Hot sauce spicy @stuffinmyvagina

Hot sauce. Spicy!

Mardi gras beads @stuffinmyvagina

Mardi gras beads.

Tweezers @stuffinmyvagina


A computer mouse @stuffinmyvagina

A computer mouse.

A little blue dino toy @stuffinmyvagina

A little blue dino toy.

A used tea bag @stuffinmyvagina

A used tea bag.

A whisk @stuffinmyvagina

A whisk.

Ice cream scooper @stuffinmyvagina

Ice cream scooper.

Funnel @stuffinmyvagina


Tv remote @stuffinmyvagina

TV remote.

Hand sanitizer @stuffinmyvagina

Hand sanitizer!

Guess whats inside @stuffinmyvagina

Guess what’s inside?

Gameboy game @stuffinmyvagina

Gameboy game.