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Black Cock AdDICKted Pussy Boi @sub-bttm25

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Needless to say Black Cock has turned me into a depraved, cock hungry faggot that seeks to be dominated, sissified and enslaved by Superior Black Men. I am interested in being exploited by dominant black bulls to use me and sissify me as they please. If you are a black bull in the southern California region and are looking for to help me explore this please get in touch. I welcome all black gods. - Black Cock AdDICKted Pussy Boi (@sub-bttm25)
Donnatgurl oh yes put me in my place @sub-bttm25


Oh yes!!! Put me in my place Daddy!! I am a submissive fuckhole for Black Men’s use.

I need black bull to give me a pounding like that

God daddy i need you inside me so badi cant stop @sub-bttm25

God daddy I need you inside me so bad…I can’t stop thinking about how you fucked me so good yesterday my pussy is still throbbing and can’t wait to get more of you

Sissy maker sissy stable saddle up sissies @sub-bttm25



Saddle up Sissies at the Sissy-Stable

Boy to Girl Change with the Sissy-Maker

I sure am!

Me neitheri need to go back to daddys place for @sub-bttm25

Me neither….I need to go back to daddy’s place for round two I can’t get enough of his big fat juicy cock buried deep inside my hungry pussy

Id feel like im in heaven @sub-bttm25

I’d feel like I’m in heaven!

Mtftransformation reblog if you want to be @sub-bttm25






That’s exactly how I present myself to my daddy when I’m just dying for him to take my pussy and fuck me…my entire body just aches and burns with this insatiable desire for his big fat meaty cock to fill me up so I can feel whole again

Katie sissy kitten i cant wait till the day i @sub-bttm25


I cant wait till the day i can feel a real mans warm cum all over my face :)

The best day of my life…my sweet surrender

God yes i do toogetting my ass rammed by a @sub-bttm25

God yes I do too…Getting my ass rammed by a monster sized black cock while wearing panties and fishnet stockings turned my entire life around…now I can’t even imagine getting fucked without wearing some kind of lingerie…

I love being a sissy i kinda lose myself at times @sub-bttm25

I love being a sissy I kinda lose myself at times and get caught up in this cock induced frenzy and get really charged up and then I want to get really nasty with a sexy tall black muscular man to manhandle me and show me what it’s like to get fucked like a woman and no one has ever made me feel this good before, it was amazing! I can’t wait to get dolled up again and have a hung black bull make me his little femmed out sissy slut that he’s going to bitch out all night, making me watch my self on camera getting fucked in this sexy and really girly babydoll having the time of my life and slowly adapting to a more feminine demeanor and not feeling uncomfortable about it…god I need a dominant buff strong sexy black beast of a man to whip his monster black dick out that made me drop to my knees the moment I laid eyes on it and with no hesitation I instantly agreed to being his bitch and I would love to have him make a woman out of me…

I love getting sissygasms from the intense @sub-bttm25

I love getting sissygasms from the intense pounding my daddy gives me with me his huge fat black cock, it makes me feel like I just spurted out my manhood and I’m getting more and more closer to being a full time femmed out sissy slut . Dick is so much better! And i want to get a lot of dick to make feel like the pussy boi I was born to be, living my life as a sexy little girly sissy fucktoy dedicated to giving sexy black men the type of service they deserve, i am desperate to a black bred sissy slave to a dominant black bull of a man that will train and condition me to become the perfect little sissy that has no way back to his pathetic manhood and with the daily breeding sessions he gives me I can definitely feel the effects of his potent seed eradicating every last traces of my masculinity replaced with an overwhelming desire to be more feminine and the courage to follow my destiny to be a black Bulls pussy boi for life and be blissfully happy with my new purpose in life to look hot and slutty for my bull so he may one day ask me to marry him and I’d feel so happy to spend the rest of my life taking care of my man and fulfilling his darkest desires because thats what a good sissy slut does for her husband and gets off to doi even dirtier and nastier stuff each time going further and deeper into her sexual depravity wanting to out do herself each time.

Trainingforsissies you need to be trained @sub-bttm25


You need to be trained Sissy

Please rid me of this burden I’m ready to be feminine and free to live my life as a black owned sissy slut

Trainingforsissies you need to be trained @sub-bttm25


You need to be trained Sissy

God I’d love to be just dropped off in rough neighborhood dressed like a cockwhore like that, I’d totally would love to run into a groups of black thugs that would waste no time approaching me and holler at me and get me to give it up to them. I’m sure they can sense from a mile that this bitch does get down with the brothers and wouldn’t take them much time to have me on my knees sucking their big juicy black cocks. Coz I’m a bitch for black and I love it :)

Trainingforsissies you need to be trained @sub-bttm25


You need to be trained Sissy

I’ve come a long way to come to terms with this and I feel powerless to undo my past indiscretions. All those sissy captions and hypno videos have done a number on me and I can’t even have gay sex without putting on the girliest lingerie. Sex with my panties on just just makes me feel more dressed up for the role I’m playing I want to get fucked like a slutty girl then I should present myself in slutty girl attire. It just feels so much better. This has made some deep psychological changes in me that may take me further into this rabbit hole and I’m not going to be able to find my way back.

Sissy caprikenny so romantic sigh god i @sub-bttm25


So romantic *sigh*

God I would love to be a sissy bride to a sexy black daddy and spend the rest of my life worshipping my husband and his god like cock. The thought of making love to my man every day and having him use my holes any way anywhere and anytime he wants and fulfilling his most depraved sexual fantasies gets me so giddy with excitement. I’d make such a good wife, so if you are a black bull in need a submissive sex starved cock slut that knows her place in life before a superior black God please message me. I’m ready to dedicate my life to serving you

Castration4me marked4bbc society and @sub-bttm25



Society and humanity are evolving at an ever increasing rate.  The rapid decline in white masculinity is one of the most obvious examples.  Female identity seems to be a more natural state for the overwhelming majority of whites who were labeled male at birth.  As is the natural order of things, the masculine seeks to dominate the feminine. Hence the emergence of the white betaboi.  These are feminine, naturally submissive, whitebois who openly worship Black Masculinity.

We bow to Black men

My pussy belongs to black cock and I’ve never been happier. I’m proud to be q black owned sissy slut :)

I love it when daddy calls me names as he fucks @sub-bttm25

I love it when daddy calls me names as he fucks with his thick monster black cock and I proudly admit to being his sissy slut, faggot, cock whore, pussy bitch etc Because I am! And it feels so good and encourages me to live up to those names and get really nasty. My man deserves the best and I’ll make sure to give him anything! I love being sissyslut!

Samanthajames223 sissy stable do you want to @sub-bttm25



Do you want to look like her when looking into the mirror ?

oh yes

God yes, I want to look hot and have a perfect feminine body with sexy legs and a juicy ass that gets all the black Bulls hard and desperate to get a piece of me and my hungry pussy that Can’t wait for them to fill me up with their God like bbc

Sissy maker boy to girl change with the @sub-bttm25


Boy to Girl change with the Sissy-Maker

I couldn’t have it any other way. My goal in life is to be a sexy fuck doll that gets all the biggest fastest meatiest black cocks a girl could ever ask for. I love knowing that I can get the attention of all the sexy black bulls and how they all want to fuck me and feed my insatiable hunger for dick. I can’t wait to be a black owned sissy and I’m gonna be the nastiest slut ever :)

God im so ready i cant wait any longer @sub-bttm25

God I’m so ready, I can’t wait any longer!

I cant wait to let go and live freely as a sexy @sub-bttm25

I can’t wait to let go and live freely as a sexy little sissy slut and spend the rest of my life getting dolled up for sexy black men to take me home and bitch me out all night. The rush I get from having a big fat juicy black cock buried deep inside my pussy makes me realize how much I love being a feminine submissive fuck doll that can’t get enough cock. I want to be a girl so bad, and have a sexy black bull to own me and transform me to a woman. I love cock!

Janietgirl kerriluvscum i always knew i @sub-bttm25



I always knew I wanted something more out of life. Then I became a gurl and found big black cock. Now my life is complete. Its what I was born to do.



I am meant for this. It took me a long time to realize my true calling in life and now that I’ve finally accepted my hunger and intense desire to live my life serving REAL MEN that prey on week inferior limp wristed tiny dicked pussy boys like me and force them into submission, till they’re fully broken and voluntarily relinquish what little manhood they ever had and accept the righteous path to feminization and unconditional devotion to serving and worshipping their superior black masters and their big black cocks. I’m so ready to take on my new role as a black owned sissy fuckdoll. I am seriously in need for a dominant black sexy beast of a man to take control of my life and start my permanent transition to feminization. If there are any well hung aggressive black daddies in San Diego looking for a cock hungry sissy slut that has an insatiable appetite and tolerance for regular sexual use and abuse , domination, feminization and submission, That will go for hours getting pounded by the biggest and thickest black cocks hit me up!

Comingoutsoon1975 oh so very true thats the @sub-bttm25


Oh so very true

That’s the first thing I did as I woke up this morning and now I’m laying in bed in lace fishnet stockings a thong and the girliest baby doll you could imagine. All I need is a sexy black bull to my brains out

Sissybackforblack sissy pussy galore i mean @sub-bttm25



I mean, who are you kidding exactly?

It’s so true

I’ve never felt so relieved!

Sissy stable do you want to please a man as a @sub-bttm25


Do you want to please a man as a slutty woman ?

I love being fucked like a whore and dressing up for the part just makes it all the more surreal.

Sissigifs follow me at sissi gifs for more @sub-bttm25


Follow me at Sissi Gif’s for more posts like this

God I love that intense swishy feeling a sissy in heat gets when she’s craving a big hard black cock to play with. I’ve never felt such intense sexual cravings for anything in my entire life. It’s as though my entire being is overcome with a fierce hunger and desperation for a BBC to calm me down.

Sissyreaper sissyarchive @sub-bttm25



I actually am at the moment, and it got me thinking about daddy’s big fat juicy black cock and how badly I want to feel him inside me. I can’t stop thinking about Dick it’s the only thing on my filthy mind. I’m such a cock hungry sissy slut I love it!

Ladyboyparty more ladyboy fantasies and no @sub-bttm25


More Ladyboy Fantasies

And no regrets! I love being a sissy fuck slut

Auntiesuzette that look of total satisfaction @sub-bttm25


That look of total satisfaction when his cock goes balls deep inside you.. you know what I am talking about, right gurls?

I know that feeling all too well :) can’t wait to have daddy inside me

Ladyboy t girls @sub-bttm25

Good riddance!! Being a sissy is far more fulfilling

Sissyfemminuccia take note sissies we are made @sub-bttm25


Take note sissies: we are made ​​only to serve men!

I love submitting my soul and my holes to sexy black Bulls I’m theirs to do as they please. I’ll do anything to please my black gods and I feel no shame accepting my place in this world, kneeling before them with complete devotion, begging them to bless me with their holy seed

Mysissydesires1 all sissys have to give in @sub-bttm25


All sissy’s have to give in eventually

Follow me for more captions!

I give in!! I’m proud to be a sissy slut and I can’t wait to live my new life as a black owned cock hungry pussy boy whose only purpose is to serve my black daddy and be a fuck doll for all black cocks, I couldn’t imagine a life better than that!!

Cockdrunk add a little cream and it tastes even @sub-bttm25


Add a little cream and it tastes even sweeter.

Follow me at

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Especially my daddys dark meat :p

Freaksofnaturetraps sissy very @sub-bttm25



Very perversion…Sexual…

This is who I was meant to be.

Take it away im ready to embrace my femininity @sub-bttm25

Take it away! I’m ready to embrace my femininity and be the gurl I’ve always wanted to be spending the rest of my life getting dick daily

Tiffanyann69 i want to be gang banged too love @sub-bttm25


I want to be gang banged too, love black cocks 💖💖💖💖💖💋💋💋💋💋💋

I love my fate and I can’t wait to fulfill my new destiny and transition to a fully feminized sissy slut

Sissypinkfashion @sub-bttm25


sissypf on KIK

I’m so ready ! Take me daddy!!

Kerriluvscum a sissy was meant to be bred her @sub-bttm25


A sissy was meant to be bred. Her hole is designed for men, lots of men, to ejaculate large volumes of sperm into. A sissies cunt can take repeated ejaculations over numerous breedings. Sissies actually require the semen from real men to trigger their sissy DNA and increase femininity. When a man cums in a sissy he is helping her become a better gurl. She needs him to breed her pussy. Its what she was born to do,


I need to be black bred so bad!!!

Despratesissyforalphamales yep thats @sub-bttm25


Yep, that’s something I want frequently.

My ultimate sissy fantasy :)))

Crossdressedcumslut resistance is futile @sub-bttm25



I surrender and dedicate my life to serving black cock

Crossdressedcumslut beg for black cock xxxx @sub-bttm25


Beg for black cock!  XXXX

I couldnt agree more being a black owned sissy is the best thing that has ever have Happened to me and I’ve never been happier neither has my pussy :)

Sissyreaper sissigifs follow me at sissi @sub-bttm25



Follow me at Sissi Gif’s for more posts like this

And I’m proud of it

Sissyreaper httpsissyreapertumblrcom i @sub-bttm25


I want to go all the way and never look back

Sissyreaper httpsissyreapertumblrcom i @sub-bttm25


I also take dick much better than she can :)

Sissyarchive httpsissyarchivetumblrcom @sub-bttm25


Getting fucked is better than cumming just the thought bouncing on my daddy’s big black chick in a slutty baby doll fantasizing my transformation to becoming a she male just makes me so wild and gives me an intense rush of pleasure knowin that I’m ready to go the way and start working on my body to take take its feminine form. Being the girl comes so natural to me and wearing girly clothes and looking sexy for my man gets me really excited. I love getting dolled up for dick and I can’t wait to get on hormones and nice tits and spend the rest of my life turning on men so they can give me all the cock I can handle. Mmmm I love being a bottom!

Sissyarchive httpsissyarchivetumblrcom @sub-bttm25


I am so much better as a girl. This pussy was made for dick. And I’m so good at taking it hard and deep like a cock hungry whore. There’s not going back now my days as a man are fading but my new life as a gurl will be far more rewarding. I’m made for real men to use me as a hole for their Pleasure and I’ve accepted my true self….a depraved scrawny little cock hungry pussy boy that is better suited in panties and lingerie prancin around anxiously trying to turn on manly and dominant black Bulls that will take full pleasure in degrading and breaking me and stripping me of all my self respect. And guess? That’s exactly what I want! I want to feel and accept my inferiority and make it my life’s purpose to worship my superior black gods and their God like cocks.

Sissyarchive httpsissyarchivetumblrcom @sub-bttm25


God I want daddy to breed me so bad! I can’t wait for him to pump his thick creamy nut deep inside my gut and make my transition to becoming a girl complete! I love being a sissy for real men I was born to please bbc’s and I can’t wait To transition to a woman and spend the rest of my life taking dick. And being a full time fuck doll that is happy to serve her sexy black daddy with all my hungry holes. My pussy needs to be fed dick all the time. The thought of my daddy’s nut gushing through my gaping fuck makes me so horny. I can’t wait to have his baby batter flood my pussy and feel it running down my legs. God I love bein a nasty little sissy whore. I love daddy dick!

Sissyarchive httpsissyarchivetumblrcom @sub-bttm25


God I wish daddy would just take me and breed my cum hungry pussy erasing every last ounce of my pathetic manhood away. I would never be happier to let go and accept my true sissy nature. I’d love to transform into a sexy little femmed out sissy that has an insatiable appetite for big black monster cocks. Being a sissy was the best thing that happened to me I’ve never felt more alive and sexually fulfilled. Accepting my place and submitting to my black daddy feels so right and comes so naturally to me. I love bein dominated and having him ravage my small framed girly body with his strong manly hands. I love my fate and I’ve never been happier. I was born to be a cock hungry submissive sissy that lives to serve and worship real men. I love being taken by a big strong manly man as he plows his big fat god like like cock deep inside my pussy and I melt with pleasure. I love cock! And I can’t wait to be a femmed out sissy slut that dresses in slutty lingerie and get fucked like a whore.

Sissyarchive httpsissyarchivetumblrcom @sub-bttm25


Getting fucked in panties is so liberating and hot I get so turned on knowing that I’m wearing panties and begging man to pound my ass in them. I love feeling so girly and sexy. It gets me so hot and bothered accepting my feminine desires by getting my ass plowed by my man’s bbc as I surrender my masculinity without Any hesitation. And it feels so fucking good! I love being a cock hungry sissy Slut and nothing makes me happier than being owned by a sexy black man that plows my fuck holes with his delicious fat black cock. And he knows how to take real good care of my pussy and plows it hard and deep inside my gut making me melt into a sissy gams. I can’t get enough of him I think I’m in love!

Fishingtolive2 alexissux yessssss 0 hell @sub-bttm25



Yessssss ;-0

Hell yes!!!

Omg I’m so ready to give in and spend my life as the sexy sissy slut I was born to beard get all the black cock I can handle.

I love getting dressed up for my man i wore the @sub-bttm25

I love getting dressed up for my man I wore the sluttiest little teddy for him today and it made me feel so girly and slutty as I bounced on his fat juicy black cock. I can’t wait to get dolled up for him on the regular and live out my feminine desires of being a black owned pussy boi