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You'll notice that I objectify men and that I like sui-generis stuff. So this tumblr thingy here could be considered a collection of anything and most everything that catches my eye. Especially queer stuff. With religion and politics thrown in for good measure. And LOTS of it includes nudity and s-e-x, so it's very obviously NSFW and FOR ADULTS ONLY. Also, all of it has been found online so I don't claim ownership of anything. All copyright remains with the owner. If you have taken your picture nude -by accident, of course- and it appears here, let me know and make sure you include the post NUMBER so i can delete it. So there. And if you are UNDER 18, a religious nut, a prude, a closeted gay republican (who are the scum of the earth) or like to only look at bland, homogenized things, GO AWAY NOW and watch the 700 Club. Or something.

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