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"A mind is a beautiful place to play." - Sumddy ~ All Over The World ~ Author of Erotic stories since 2006 ~  All Captions as Original Erotic Writing herein All Rights Reserved Sumddy (TM) 2012 - 2015 (C) (R) and expressly not public domain ~ Captions are fictional and depict role-play adult fantasy, and do not in any way involve minors: All references are terms of endearment within the Daddy/daughter/lg genre. ~ ADULT CONTENT 18+ ONLY ~ Thank you to all my followers, all the models, artists, photographers, bloggers, and Tumblr ~ "Sumddy, RUINING babygirls for the rest of the human race since whenever he wrote his first word." quote from tumblr fan, dbc ~ "One Kiss At a Time, Sumddy Global Refresh" ~ No matter how many imitators, there's only one Sumddy ~ - SUMDDY (@sumddy)
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I do baby i love your breasts my babys @sumddy

…”I do baby, I love your breasts, my baby’s breasts, sucking your hot little titties, your puffy hot nipples, my little girl’s milky soft warm breasts. Mmm, baby, you like it too, don’t you baby, Daddy sucking them, Daddy licking them, making them so full of milk for Daddy. Yyygghhesss, making you so wet for Daddy, hungry for Daddy. Kiss Daddy, baby. Taste your pretty little titties in Daddy’s mouth, your baby-milk in Daddy’s mouth, how good your nipples taste in Daddy’s mouth. Mmmmggyyhhesss, baby, Daddy’s inside you. Daddy’s cock in your warm little pussy, Daddy so deep in your warm tight little cunny so wet for Daddy. Daddy so deep in your warm little girl belly, Daddy sucking your pretty little girl titties, your tongue in Daddy’s mouth, makes Daddy…so hot, too.”…    -    Sumddy © 27NOV2015

That night daddy had spooned behind her in @sumddy

…”That night Daddy had spooned behind her in Daddy’s big bed, Daddy so hard, her so warm and wet, Daddy’s furry chest on her back, Daddy’s fur on her bottom, his legs so warm entwined with her’s, her opening for Daddy her letting Daddy slip inside, her wanting Daddy inside, her in her little nightie pushed up sliding on Daddy, her in Daddy’s big arms in the dark of Daddy’s room, her and Daddy spooning, Daddy so big inside her, so hot and hard inside her, her cumming and cumming on Daddy, his breath his hot whispers, her whispering yes for Daddy to cum inside her.”…    -    Sumddy © 27NOV2015

When baby and daddy are home all alone @sumddy

…”… when baby and Daddy are home all alone together….”…    -    Sumddy © 27NOV2015

Id picked up two movies to watch and was in my @sumddy

…”I’d picked up two movies to watch and was in my robe expecting to be home alone when she came in asking what movies I’d gotten, and which I was going to watch first as she picked them up and read the jackets. When she saw Tokyo Decadence I saw her react to the jacket image but she tried to play it off casually saying, let’s watch this one first Daddy, do you mind? I was a little embarrassed. I’d picked up a sexy film to watch alone expecting to jack off while my daughter was out that night, and here we were laying on the couch together watching the film, her leaning warm against me like she always did, the scenes getting steamier and streamer, my growing more and more uncomfortable we were watching this together, my cock throbbing hard, my baby so warm against my side; I hadn’t jacked off in days, and needed to cum, the older man directing the younger woman to stand in front of the hotel windows and to slowly, slowly rock her hips was so fucking hot and sexy I could barely resist touching myself, stroking my erection, her shape so much like my daughter’s, her long hair so much like my daughter’s, until she was dripping, grinding wet making herself cum when my daughter suddenly sprung rolled off the couch over my leg between my legs, before I could even react pushing open my robe and taking my erection in her warm little hands taking me into her warm soft little mouth and began sucking me, jacking my cock, pulling and stroking and sucking me so spontaneously but like —  like, she’d practiced this moment a thousand times as the scene continued on the screen behind her, a perfect moment, her unable to sop herself, her taking the opportunity, my letting her, my not stopping her, my little baby sucking Daddy, fucking my cock with her warm little hands her warm little mouth, her so hot she was rubbing her breast against my legs, squirming and moaning to the girl on the screens moans, Daddy watching her, the man watching the girl gyrating her hips, her panties soaked though, my groaning, “oh god baby, yessss, suck Daddy,” completely letting go, watching my beautiful sexy little girl suck me, her climb up into my lap her little skirt up around her waist, her white cotton panties soaked through, her pull them aside, her bald little cunny so perfectly shiny swollen wet, her sliding the head of my cock through her warm soft wet little slit to her warm little hole, sinking down on me, her so tight, her so wet and soft and warm she buried me inside her almost all of me in one motion, almost every hot hard inch of my cock inside her by the second. My little baby panting, squirming hot, fucking Daddy before I could object. Her leaning forward kissing me, pushing her warm little tongue into my mouth her breast into my chest fucking Daddy so intensely like an admission she’d wanted this for years, as much as I had, to the sounds of the woman in the scene moaning behind her, my daughter fucking me, my fucking her back, her so incredibly impossibly soft and creamy slippery warm and tight as i slid my hands under her top, pushing it up, cupping squeezing my daughter’s lovely breasts, sucking her swollen hot breasts filling my hands, fucking my little girl, thrusting into her, pulling her down onto my erection, Daddy buried balls deep in her hot tight wet little cunny in the dark of the room. The TV light flashing, the woman moaning from the screen behind us, our tongues in each others mouths, my little baby moaning for me to fuck her, her riding me, sliding up and down, swiveling her little hips, moaning she was cumming on Daddy, “fucking my Daddy,” my cock so throbbing fucking hot hard swelling inside my little baby, my growling, “Yyyhheeessss, that’s my good girl, fuck Daddy, baby, fuck Daddy,” pulling her down on me as I exploded, “Daddy’s big girl, Daddy’s hot little baby,” cumming and cumming with my little girl bucking and pulling on me inside her, inside my hot little baby fucking Daddy, so erotically sexy hot like we’d been fucking each other for years like we would be fucking each other for many more years, and we did, every day after, every night, her sharing Daddy’s bed now, her and Daddy lovers, incestuous hot lovers.”…    -    Sumddy © 27NOV2015

Looking back when she moved back in with daddy @sumddy

…”Looking back, when she moved back in with Daddy, she was at first a little surprised Daddy set rules for her living with him, almost like when she was younger growing up, but not, something different she recognized almost immediately. Even more surprised she didn’t resist it, not like when she was younger. Surprised that she liked that Daddy had rules she had to abide by, that she began following almost immediately without question, but that wasn’t quite it either, more and more asking what she could do, asking how Daddy liked things, how she wanted things to be how Daddy liked them. And Daddy wanting that for her, too, wanting her to be glad she’d moved back in, that she wanted to be there, that she knew it was home again, her home too. How easily and naturally they fell into this rapport almost from the very start. And that first time when he unexpectedly so casually said, “good girl,” with a glinting smile, praising her, she tingled all over, smiling back; Daddy saw the changes in her too, more and more praising her efforts, aware of her reaction, of his, him acknowledging her, sometimes even just a smile evoking his saying good girl, how she looked back at him, her body language, he knew, the energy between them changing. She’d never been this way, only at home with Daddy, and only now, she wasn’t sure why, finding she would look forward to being back at the house with Daddy, not like at work where she was in charge, like a secret was developing between them excited her for it to keep becoming what it was becoming, every moment at home with Daddy opportunity for it satisfy whatever this longing was. That first time when Daddy’s called her his good girl, the way she bit her lip, Daddy saw. How she reacted around him, how her legs tangled a little under her, the expression on her face, her gathering herself after, their secret not quite in the open yet. That first time when just being playful, silly, she responded to Daddy in her little voice, how they both reacted. She found herself doing it more and more, being little around Daddy. That morning her asking if he liked she still called him Daddy, the way he nodded, the way he said, “You’ll always be Daddy’s little girl,” the sexy gleam in Daddy’s eyes, her creaming warm, her breasts tingling. More and more her and Daddy hugging, Daddy’s big arms around her, Daddy’s whispering voice in her hair, “you’re my good girl, aren’t you baby,” her nodding against Daddy’s broad chest, her so aware of her breasts her nipples pressing into Daddy’s warm chest, them both so acutely aware of the fronts of their thighs touching, pressing together, that, something was changing between them, had changed between them, more and more her finding herself being little around Daddy, more and more, even more than she had been, she was thinking about Daddy sexually, how turned on she got him telling her she was his good girl, what it was doing to her when he did. More and more she was looking at Daddy’s lips, his chest, his hands, and he noticed, more and more her seeing the outline of Daddy’s erection, thick and solid under his clothes at the same time she was tingling buttery creamy warm, her wondering, imagining, if Daddy was wondering, imagining more, about her, too. More and more her seeing Daddy look at her, the way a man looks at a woman, her suddenly flushing and dampening, moist and pulsing warm. More and more Daddy touching his hand to the small of her back, how she’d move closer, more and more her and Daddy touching. Almost every night now she’d go out to hug Daddy goodnight, her feeling so small with Daddy, so sexy her in her nightgown, so warm and safe with Daddy, naked under her cotton nightie, Daddy noticing. Almost every night now after they’d hug and kiss goodnight she’d get in bed Daddy’s scent still so fresh, his warmth still so fresh, her turning out the light, fantasizing about Daddy, his touches to the small of her back, her imagining Daddy coming to her room, her touching him making her tingle inside, her imagining being his, him directing her, teaching her, showing her how to please him, her wanting to please him, her wanting to be his good girl, his little girl, for Daddy to do naughty dirty things with her, to lick her, her shaving fresh smooth tingling warm inside wanting Daddy to discover she had, his mucking her breasts, her nipples, his hand on the small of her back. Her cumming harder than she’d ever cum before picturing herself naked with Daddy, her on her knees looking up at Daddy, Daddy’s hands in her hair, her pressing on his erection through his pants, her holding his erection in her warm little fists, Daddy’s whispering growl, “Show Daddy what a good girl you can be for Daddy, little baby,” her creaming all over her fingers. Her more and more frantically rubbing herself, touching herself all over, squeezing her breasts pulling her nipples, how he’d begun calling her “little baby” more and more, her gushing creamy warm wet imaging him saying it, “Daddy’s little baby.” Her fantasizing how big and hard Daddy would be, her holding his erection, how much love she’d give Daddy’s cock, Daddy’s erection, Daddy hard for her, because of her. She’d never felt this way before with anyone, wanting to be taken charge of, wanting to please, to be little for Daddy. Her and Daddy in the house all alone together, their own little private world, her cumming again, a second, a third time, not even her friends would have to know she was Daddy’s little girl, Daddy’s good girl.That Daddy’s rules had awakened something in her, made her so wet every time she thought about Daddy directing her, her doing what Daddy asked her to do, her loving being there for Daddy in every way Daddy needed her. Looking back, her loving how over the course of just a few months, her and Daddy had become so much more. How Daddy understood her, that she understood Daddy, her wanting to do big girl things with Daddy. Her answering, “yes,” in her littlest voice every time Daddy asked her if she was his big girl now, if she liked what her and Daddy were doing, if she liked being a good girl for Daddy; if she was Daddy’s little girl, Daddy’s cock sliding so deep inside her, Daddy’s balls slapping her swollen, warm little cunny creaming gushing warm wet, Daddy’s big hands touching her everywhere at once; if Daddy was making her so wet, if she belonged to Daddy, if she was Daddy’s little lover, their little secret, what her and Daddy did; if she was Daddy’s little baby, if she loved making Daddy so hard for her, her cumming all over Daddy, his big girl cumming all over Daddy, his good little girl cumming all over Daddy; if she wanted Daddy to cum for her again, her moaning, nodding yessss, Daddy so hot and hard and big gliding so deep inside her again and again, her taking every throbbing hot hard inch of Daddy like a big girl, Daddy’s soft little baby, Daddy growling, groaning as he came, she was his special little baby, his best little girl, always, her and Daddy loving each other more in that moment than either could have ever imagined.”…    -    Sumddy © 27NOV2015

She knew what daddy was doing her opening her @sumddy

…”She knew what Daddy was doing, her opening her legs so Daddy could do it more, Daddy whispering, here baby, is this where you think about Daddy touching you? Like this, baby? her nodding, biting her lower lip, the backs of her fingers, her squirming to Daddy’s touches, her pulling her top up so Daddy could see how swollen her nipples were, her squeeing her breasts together for Daddy, her wanting Daddy to suck them. Daddy’s touches so dreamy soft slippery warm she opened her legs even wider for Daddy, her loving being Daddy’s little girl, that Daddy understood. Her so badly wanting to tell Daddy her secret, her naughtiest secret, what she did in her room at night with Bear, that she was tingling even before Daddy came in, having shaved fresh smooth in her bath, that she wanted Daddy to lick her like Bear had, that she wanted Daddy to put the big thing between his legs inside her like Bear had, that she anted to watch slide inside her Daddy asking if she liked squeezing him like she was, pulling on him the way she was, her nodding and moaning to Daddy’s warm soft touches. Her wanting to show Daddy she could please him like she did Bear, that she liked him in her warm little mouth, sucking him as he licked her, her pulling Daddy’s erection out from his pajamas, so big and warm and hard like Bear was. Daddy moving closer, her putting her warm little mouth over Daddy’s erection, her so turned on Daddy understood, she was creaming sopping wet. Daddy whispering in the dark she was such a good girl, her sucking Daddy, pulling on Daddy so hot and hard for her, her moaning and squiring and sucking Daddy like she’d never get enough, Daddy whispering in the dark he knew her secret, what she did with her Bear, her bucking into Daddy’s big fingers every time when he said so, their secret, that Daddy knew, that Daddy understood.”…    -    Sumddy © 27NOV2015

She kept scooting closer and closer to daddy @sumddy

…”She kept scooting closer and closer to Daddy, pretending she wasn’t, pretending she wasn’t purposefully spraying the shower head where she was, until she couldn’t pretend anymore, her opening her legs wider and wider, Daddy just watching, smiling, his little baby rocking, Daddy holding her legs up for her, pulling her closer, her warm little cunny touching against Daddy under the water, the cheeks of her little bottom around Daddy, sliding on Daddy under the water, Dady just watching, smiling, sliding her against Daddy.”…    -    Sumddy © 27NOV2015

I could barely answer lost to the sensations of @sumddy

…”I could barely answer lost to the sensations of her, her little voice, do I do this to you Daddy, make you so hard Daddy, so wet, like I am, Daddy? her warm little hand pulling me through her slick warm little slit, my rocking my hips without even meaning to, trying not to, her caressing my erection, caressing her warm little pussy her warm little hole with Daddy’s erection, tempting me to slip inside her, wanting me to want to slip inside her, I could barely answer, lost to the sensations of her. Daddy’s little baby, her warm little hand, her warm little pussy so slippery warm soft pink fresh bare, my naughty sexy dirty little baby knowing exactly what she was doing to Daddy, how wrong it was, what she was doing, but neither of us showing any inclinations of stopping, hearing myself in my thoughts whispering, not yet, not just yet.”…    -    Sumddy © 26NOV2015

Daddy and baby love hmm baby sumddy @sumddy

…”Daddy and baby love, hmm baby.”…    -    Sumddy © 26NOV2015

By the time everyone left by the time they were @sumddy

…”By the time everyone left, by the time they were all alone, by the time it all actually began happening they were both in such an erotic passionate frenzy for each other, once it had all been unleashed, it all came undone. All and any pretense the pretending the wall of their societal practiced decorum, torn away with each other’s clothes, spinning into a sixty-nine, both Cancerians’ their symbol infinity, licking, sucking, fucking each other’s mouths into a mad heated lust-filled erotic creaming frenzy, their moans one continuous sexual hot chorus of forbidden lust, Daddy and his little baby cumming and cumming in each other’s warm wet mouths, shaking and bucking, writhing all over one another Daddy and his little baby, forbidden lovers, lusting crazy hot mad for each other fucking that first time into their stuporous love-filled-exhausted-still-wanting-more, not-wanting-this-it-to-ever-end, the-spell-to-ever-break, each other, their sex, their bodies, their warmth, bare skin on bare skin to ever go back to whatever it had once been.”…    -    Sumddy © 26NOV2015

This time daddy didnt hesitate his little baby @sumddy

…”This time Daddy didn’t hesitate, his little baby naked in bed with Daddy, his little baby so soft and warm naked in bed with Daddy, her sliding so slippery buttery warm hot on against all over Daddy’s throbbing thick long silky hard erection, them kissing this time so intimately sexy hot exciting each other, their tongues in each other’s mouths, their taste in each other’s mouths. Daddy knowing this time he was going to slip inside her, the head of Daddy’s cock so immediately vigorously hot hard touching her warm soft wet little place,her pushing back at it, what this had all been leading up to, what they were going to do, him and his little baby. Her immediate gushing breaths creaming squirming warm hot to Daddy slipping inside her, being inside her, him actually inside her, Daddy’s meaty thick hot hard incestuous cock, the sheer forbidden arousal of Daddy being inside her, them both rocking into each other to get Daddy deeper inside her, her tight little pussy stretched around Daddy. Daddy and his little baby, Daddy and his little girl, her soft little sounds Daddy’s grunting growling hot moans so deep in his hot little baby naked in bed with Daddy, cumming on Daddy Daddy actually finally inside her, so big and hot hard inside her, Daddy and his little girl.”…    -    Sumddy © 26NOV2015

I do little baby daddy loves your little @sumddy

…”I do, little baby. Daddy loves your little pussy, your creamy warm little pussy. Do you baby, you like what Daddy’s doing, Daddy’s….kisses? Mmhmm, Daddy’s tongue…feels…good, hmm baby. Mmm, yes baby, Daddy’s mouth is warm. I do, Daddy loves loving you like this, so creamy warm for Daddy, making my little girl feel good. Am I, sweet baby, is Daddy making you feel good. I am baby, Daddy’s so glad you came home for the holiday. Mmhmm, just you and Daddy.”…   -    Sumddy © 26NOV2015

Spending thanksgiving together this year just @sumddy

…”Spending Thanksgiving together, this year just the two of them at Daddy’s house, baby and Daddy, discovering what they could do together all alone that morning, were more thankful than either of them had imagined they could be.”…   -    Sumddy © 26NOV2015

Daddy knew she was rubbing on her teddy @sumddy

…”Daddy knew she was rubbing on her teddy, wondered what would happen if, when he bought the teddy suit, sitting perfectly still on the couch, her coming in, seeing him, it, like clockwork, her climbing up on the new teddy Daddy got her, her still in just her silky pajamas, his soft warm pretty little baby, her long hair on pigtails, Daddy so hard, his erection straining up under the soft fur of the suit, not being sure what would happen when she started rubbing, sliding on teddy’s soft fur, sliding on teddy just like he’d seen her do in her room, him looking up at her, her breasts, her nipples, puffy swollen hot under her pajama top, his lovely little baby on Daddy’s lap, teddy’s fur so, so soft, so warm, this teddy so much bigger, firmer, almost like…when she was on Daddy’s lap, straddling Daddy’s legs, her rocking against teddy’s soft, soft fur, this teddy having a bulge her other teddy didn’t have, a bulge in his lap, between his legs, perfectly under her between hers, big and long and thick and warm, his little baby sliding, rocking, excited panting hot, sliding on teddy’s soft, soft fur, on teddy’s bulge, everything Daddy could do to stay still, to stay quiet, the seam of the suit opening to her sliding, Daddy naked underneath, him feeling his erection exposed, her pulling her pajamas aside, her soft, soft warm wet little pussy, he hadn’t expected she wasn’t wearing panties, her warm soft wet little pussy sliding on Daddy’s erection, Daddy’s hot hard erection, long and thick and throbbing hot hard, her feeling it, the big thing between teddy’s legs, so warm-hot, so silky hard smooth, her not missing a beat, her rhythm her rocking faster, teddy’s soft, soft fur on the inside of her bare legs, this teddy having a bulge her other teddy didn’t have, a bulge in his lap, between his legs, perfectly under her between hers, big and long and thick, throbbing ho, like she was, nobody home but her and her new teddy, her new teddy having something her other teddy didn’t have, her loving her new teddy her loving Daddy for her new teddy for the special thing her new teddy had, Daddy staying so perfectly still, so perfectly quiet, looking up at his pretty little baby, her pulling her pajamas aside, her leaning forward, her guiding teddy’s toy to her soft warm wet little place, nnnn, teddyyyyy, her soft little sounds, Daddy, her new teddy, in total disbelief, her sliding down on teddy’s toy, her soft warm tight little pussy sliding down on teddy’s toy, teddy’s toy buried in his little baby’s warm little belly, her slide up and down on her new teddy’s toy, her and her new teddy all alone in the house.”…   -    Sumddy © 26NOV2015

Her in her littlest voice whispering let me @sumddy

…”Her in her littlest voice whispering, let me help, Daddy, her coming into Daddy’s room, her in her littlest voice whispering, let me help, Daddy. My beautiful sexy little baby, her warm soft little mouth…I’d never been so hard, her in her littlest voice whispering let me help, Daddy.”…   -    Sumddy © 26NOV2015

Daddy got even bigger hardershe was doing it @sumddy

…”Daddy got even bigger, harder…she was doing it all on her own now, sliding up and down on Daddy, taking Daddy deeper, her perfect smooth rhythm making herself feel good on Daddy, his little baby all on her own sliding up and down on Daddy, her moans making Daddy even bigger, harder, her warm little baby pussy so slick and soft her creaming wet rocking forward and back on her knees over Daddy’s lap, his little baby all on her own sliding up and down on Daddy, her gushing soft little sounds to Daddy’s whispers, his good girl, his little baby, all on her own now sliding up and down on Daddy, Dady’s good little girl, Daddy’s best little girl, Daddy’s little lover all on her own now sliding up and down on Daddy, making herself feel good on Daddy.”…   -    Sumddy © 26NOV2015

When he became her patient things took an @sumddy

…”When he became her patient things took an unexpectedly expected erotic turn, Daddy’s face so warm so close to her breasts, her holding Daddy’s face so close to her breasts, so intimately close, as if time stood sill the door closed, her whispering to Daddy to not worry, she’d locked the door, him nuzzling her breasts, her warm soft breasts, her opening her blouse, her uniform for Daddy, her trying to pretend she was still working, Daddy squeezing his erection, Daddy’s warm wet mouth, his baby her perfumy warm soft scent, his baby’s warm soft breasts, her whispering she’d come check on him after she got off work, that she’d come by Daddy’s house after she got off work, like she always had, but things having taken an unexpectedly expected erotic turn, Daddy’s warm wet mouth, his baby’s warm soft breasts, Daddy’s head pressing into her lap.”…   -    Sumddy © 22NOV2015

They both knew where her spankings would lead @sumddy

…”They both knew where her spankings would lead, Daddy making her so wet, her making Daddy so hard, that their spankings were just an excuse for Daddy to be inside, for her to be naked on Daddy’s lap, for her to push her little bottom up to Daddy.”…   -    Sumddy © 22NOV2015

Her soft little scent filling the room she @sumddy

…”Her soft little scent filling the room, she lifted up on her toes and smiled her eyes sparkling when Daddy came in; she’d been waiting for him, excited to do what her and Daddy did again, tingling all over to do what her and Daddy did again as Daddy slipped off his robe, smiling too.”...  -    Sumddy © 22NOV2015

That morning when she got in the shower with @sumddy

…”That morning when she got in the shower with Daddy, when Daddy told her it was okay, to not worry, he’d show her, he’d teach her how, to start out just concentrating on making herself feel good on Daddy, his little baby making herself feel good on Daddy, learning how good she could make Daddy feel too, would make her feel even better, even more excited, her so safe and comfortable and warm with Daddy, her creaming and creaming on Daddy, her learning with Daddy, his little baby, his hot little baby sliding on Daddy, amazed how good Daddy felt inside, how good she was making Daddy feel inside.”…  -    Sumddy © 22NOV2015

She loved when daddy would call her his little @sumddy

…”She loved when Daddy would call her his little kitten.”…   -   Sumddy © 22NOV2015

Her and her daddy would pretend their goodnight @sumddy

…”Her and her Daddy would pretend their goodnight hugs were just that, holding, so warm, holding, pressed together, their tummies, their thighs, chest to chest, soft warm kisses, him smelling her soft little scent, her cream. Daddy’s scent making her tingle, Daddy’s erection making her tingle, her raising her leg to slide along Daddy’s for Daddy to cup her little bottom under her little nightie again, her lifting for Daddy to slip inside her under her little nightie again, them standing in the hall, breathing so hard, holding, so warm, pressing, hugging goodnight. Daddy sliding deeper inside her, so hot-warm, so hard silky-smooth filing her, Daddy throbbing inside her, spreading her open, her throbbing around Daddy, her gushing creamy warm wet Daddy so big inside. Her creaming warm soft around Daddy, their goodnight hugs a sexy hot secret. Her and Daddy hugging goodnight, pretending Daddy wasn’t sliding inside her, that she wasn’t rocking, sliding on Daddy so big and hard and hot inside her warm creaming little pussy, deeper and deeper. Daddy’s erection under her little nightie, her so hot under her little nightie, Daddy inside her lifting her up whispering he needed her to sleep in his bed tonight, her warm little pussy stretched around Daddy, her nodding, Daddy so big inside, so hot hard inside. Her in Daddy’s big arms Daddy carrying her into his room him so big so deep in her little belly. Her wanting to hug Daddy goodnight in Daddy’s room, in Daddy’s big bed, her legs spread around Daddy. Daddy so big in her warm little pussy, Daddy’s erection, Daddy’s cock spreading her open, filling her, her meeting every one of Daddy’s long slow deep thrusts. Daddy and his little baby in their perfect rhythm hugging goodnight in Daddy’s big bed, his little baby so hot under her little nightie, her soft little sounds making Daddy hug her goodnight even deeper, her hugging Daddy goodnight even tighter.”…   -    Sumddy © 22NOV2015

Daddy had made her so hot baby wanted daddy in @sumddy

…”Daddy had made her so hot, Baby wanted Daddy in all her little holes, Daddy’s big hands around her little waist pulling her back by her warm little hips, Daddy pushing her forward and back by her little hips, sliding her on his hugely thick hot and incestuous cock, Daddy’s incestuous erection sliding in and out of her tight little incestuous pussy dripping hot wet on Daddy’s lust filled erection. Her finding Daddy’s rhythm, and pushing back, sliding with Daddy, sliding on Daddy, his heat so big so long so thick sliding deeper and up inside her, wanting Daddy deeper, Daddy whispering she was his good girl, that she was doing so good. Daddy so deep in her warm little belly, so big and hard in her warm little belly. Daddy’s whispers, she was his beautiful little baby, his sexy hot little baby, her sliding so warm soft on Daddy, her wanting to please Daddy through her pleasure. Daddy so hard meaty thick so long her gushing even wetter, more, as Daddy growled how wet she was, how creamy warm wet she was, he loved how tight she was, Daddy’s little kitten, Daddy fucking her, her loving Daddy fucking her, him being right. Her being out of her mind with want, her Daddy was fucking her, his cock inside her, a certain forbidden disbelief. Her father, his daughter, loving on each other, Daddy’s incestuous erection, Daddy’s thick hot hard cock, throbbing, straining inside her. His baby’s soft warm tight gushing wet little pussy sliding on his erection, his daughter fucking back at his cock. His beautiful little baby creaming warm wet all over his erection, her soft warm sexy little pussy so tight around his cock, the scent of her cream, his baby’s warm cream, neither of them wanting it to ever end, their delirious hot love, Daddy so big inside her, her Daddy so big inside her. His little baby so tiny under Daddy thrusting back at Daddy’s big cock. Her sliding forward and back finding just the right angle for Daddy to touch her everywhere special inside, Daddy gripping her by her little waist, Daddy sliding her forward and back by her warm little hips, Daddy so dreamy big and hot inside, his little baby so dreamy and hot inside, his little baby cumming and cumming on Daddy, her Daddy, swelling inside her, harder than she could have imagined as Daddy came inside her, thrusting inside her, her pushing back at Daddy for more, for her Daddy’s pleasure, her loving sexy Daddy making her cum harder more times than she ever had before their very first time.”…    -    Sumddy © 22NOV2015

When daddy pulled out his long thick cock @sumddy

…”When Daddy pulled out, his long thick cock sliding away, her suddenly empty of his throbbing hot hard erection, for those first precious seconds she felt denied, grasping, her hot little cunny spasming for more, dripping for more when she suddenly realized, felt, the tip of Daddy’s cock press against her little bottom. Her shock, in that instant understanding what Daddy wanted, what he was going to do, her back arched, her round soft little bottom arced up, Daddy’s weight on top of her seeming even greater, his heat against her even hotter, her so suddenly willing, urgent, without her even meaning to her legs sliding even further apart, she wanted it, what Daddy was going to do, her knees sliding further apart her whole body tensing, shaking, an excited panicked lusting want of the naughty dirty things Daddy wanted from her, and that she wanted Daddy to have, all of her. Her attention riveted to the sensation of the head of Daddy’s cock pressing into her warm little hole, stretching her, her soft little bottom, the final primal excited lust of his entry into her softest most sacred little place, her warm soft tight little bottom. The forbidden of the forbidden somehow more erotic, more sexual, her shock at wanting it, her incestuous forbidden lust magnified even more, the titillating excited exhilaration of Daddy wanting to fuck her little bottom, her tight virgin little bottom, her innocent little bottom. Her gushing creamy wet, Daddy sliding his fingers through her wet little slit, lubricating his cock with her juices every inch he slid deeper. Her pushing back at the big hot hard thing sliding inside her, the big head of Daddy’s cock pushing in, stretching her, spreading her open, almost tearing her open, the pain turning to the pleasure of the sheer abandon of her shaking trembling excited heat, Daddy was fucking her little bottom, she wanted Daddy to fuck her little bottom, the big head of Daddy’s cock so big meaty hot hard slowly pushing inside her, Daddy so slippery slick wet with her juices entering her tight little bottom making her push back at it, Daddy slowly sliding deeper, inch by long thick inch her relaxing to Daddy growling for her to let him in, Daddy wanted her tight little bottom, was going to take her tight little bottom would have her tight little bottom, her lifting even more, opening even more wanting it inside her. Daddy’s whispers so calming, forceful, Daddy deeper and deeper, pushing into her cottony soft little virgin bottom. Daddy fucking his baby’s virgin little bottom, his soft moaning little baby pushing up at Daddy for more, hotter than she’d ever been, panting, desperate, whispering, moaning, “fuck my little bottom Daddy, fuck my little bottom, your little girl’s little bottom, Daddy,” Daddy’s cock as hard as big as it had ever been. Daddy rubbing her slippery hot little cunny, her swollen little clit, Daddy’s cock so swollen thick inside her going deeper, Daddy fucking her warm cottony soft virgin little bottom, in and out, Daddy whispering her sexy little bottom was as tight as her hot little cunny, her beautiful little cunny Daddy loved so much, his little baby full with Daddy, his little baby fucking back at Daddy taking her soft little virgin bottom, Daddy slipping his fingers inside her too. Daddy fucking both her hot little holes making her so excited she was on fire, cumming in a shaking quaking wracking orgasms, Daddy taking her hot little virgin bottom, Daddy fucking her hot little virgin bottom, Daddy so deep inside her exploding cumming in her cottony soft little virgin bottom.”…   -    Sumddy © 22NOV2015

Baby couldnt resist lifting rocking to daddys @sumddy

…”Baby couldn’t resist lifting, rocking to Daddy’s soft warm wet kisses, Daddy’s long wide tongue, creaming to Daddy’s soft wet kisses, to the softness of  Daddy’s long wide warm wet tongue, Baby couldn’t resist, lifting, rocking, to Daddy’s lapping, soft, wet kisses.”…   -    Sumddy © 21NOV2015

Theyd start out watching movies together her @sumddy

…”They’d start out watching movies together, her and Daddy on the couch all alone together, Daddy coming back from getting more popcorn, her on all fours, her pajamas off, Daddy already so hard, his robe opening against her, them pretending together they weren’t doing what they were, her pretending she wasn’t doing what she was, her letting Daddy’s erection, Daddy’s…cock find her warm little holes. Her getting Daddy wet with her, this time her letting Daddy’s cock slip into her soft little bottom, her having fantasized about Daddy being in her little bottom, taking her warm soft tight little bottom. Her sliding Daddy deeper and deeper, taking Daddy deeper and deeper, her pushing up to Daddy as he stood behind her pretending she wasn’t doing what she was, that he was letting her do what she was, her testing to see if Daddy would make her stop, Daddy not making her stop.”…   -    Sumddy © 21NOV2015

Baby loved doing naughty feel good things with @sumddy

…”Baby loved doing naughty feel good things with Daddy.”…   -    Sumddy © 21NOV2015

She felt daddy get even harder bigger @sumddy

…”She felt Daddy get even harder, bigger, throbbing lifting hard, her get even wetter buttery tingling slippery warm as she nodded yes when Daddy asked her if she knew what she was doing to Daddy, sliding on Daddy, waking Daddy in the dark of Daddy’s room in Daddy’s big bed in the middle of the night like she was. Her nodding in the dark to Daddy’s voice, Daddy’s wonderfully gravely sleepy voice, his breathing harder when he asked if she’d taken off her little nightie, him nearly groaning if she was naked on Daddy, if she knew what she was doing to Daddy. Her creaming sliding so soft slippery warm wet on Daddy, on the big thing between Daddy’s legs throbbing silky hot hard between hers, sliding through her wet little slit wrapped around Daddy, her nodding, panting in the dark of Daddy’s room. Daddy listening  feeling, her soft little sounds in the dark of Daddy’s room, her legs spread over Daddy, straddling Daddy, their bare warm skin sliding on each other’s, him not wanting to stop, him not being able to stop, her nodding in the dark of Daddy’s room when Daddy asked if she’d been doing this at night without Daddy knowing, her lifting just enough the tip of Daddy’s cock slipped inside her.”…   -    Sumddy © 21NOV2015

Her little pussy tingling hot she dressed up in @sumddy

…”Her little pussy tingling hot she dressed up in mommy’s pretty things, that night Daddy even surprised he was letting her do big girl things as she moaned on Daddy, sucking on Daddy, loving on Daddy, his erection, her whispering mommy wasn’t taking good care of Daddy, that she could, that she would, sucking him, Daddy slowly finally touching her all over, his big hands brushing over her round little bottom. Daddy’s fingers so close to her warm little pussy, her shaved fresh smooth tingling hot for Daddy. Her watching herself in the mirror making her even hotter for Daddy, his little kitten, her dressed up in mommy’s pretty things, her such a big girl for Daddy. Daddy so big in her warm sucking little mouth, Daddy’s fingers slipping inside her at the same time. Daddy’s fingers in her warm dripping little pussy, pushing into her soft warm little pussy so wet for Daddy’s touches, Daddy pulling her further onto his cock, her moaning on Daddy’s cock. Daddy at last letting her be his good girl, telling her she was, showing him she could be his big girl, her feeling so sexy in mommy’s pretty things. Daddy so big in her warm little pulling hands, in her warm little mouth, her fantasies coming true; that Daddy was going to take her from behind in Daddy’s big bed, her dressed up in mommy’s pretty things, her little pussy tingling throbbing hot for Daddy to be inside, for the big thing between Daddy’s legs to be between hers, Daddy so big inside her, her loving on Daddy inside her, all she’d thought about for as long as she could remember every time she was close to Daddy, every time she wanted to kiss Daddy.”…   -    Sumddy © 21NOV2015

She was already tingling buttery warm inside @sumddy

…”She was already tingling buttery warm inside, her and Daddy just talking, when Daddy touched her bare warm little tummy how he did, so softly, so purposefully, the heel of his hand brushing over her bare warm little mound under her sweats, Daddy having no idea she was fresh bare under her little sweats, that she was tingling deep inside, that she wanted what could come next, Daddy’s big hand so warm on her bare soft smooth skin she couldn’t help when she started rocking her little hips up to Daddy, her wanting to do more with Daddy, Daddy looking into her, her looking into Daddy, Daddy’s fingers slipping under the waist of her little sweats, her rocking her little hips up to Daddy, her wanting to do more with Daddy, Daddy wanting to do more with her.”…   -    Sumddy © 21NOV2015

Nothing made her tingle all over like when daddy @sumddy

…”Nothing made her tingle all over like when Daddy would talk to her like that, his hot little baby, his sweet little girl, his dirty little girl, his pretty little baby, her sucking Daddy, Daddy’s good girl making Daddy feel so good with her warm little mouth Daddy’s fingers in her hair cradling her head in his hands, Daddy’s good girl her warm little hands pulling on Daddy, that she was Daddy’s big girl, for her to look up at Daddy into Daddy’s eyes while Daddy watched her show him she was Daddy’s big girl, his good girl, that she’d learned so well, that she was so good at sucking Daddy,that Daddy had taught her so well, “That’s my good girl show Daddy, little baby, show Daddy what a good girl you are for Daddy, what a good little girl you are for Daddy,” nothing made her wetter, Daddy throbbing in her mouth, Daddy’s taste, the look on Daddy’s face, Daddy knowing just how much she really did love sucking Daddy, making Daddy so hard for her, so hot for her, that Daddy was going to pull her up onto his lap, that Daddy was going to discover she wasn’t wearing panties [as if he didn’t know she wasn’t making her cream] his big fingers sliding through the lips of her hot little pussy, the insides of her legs, her creamy milky soft skin, that Daddy was going to talk so dirty, that Daddy would whisper no one would know he was inside her, that Daddy’s cock she’d made so hard, so big, was inside his little girl her little skirt draped over their laps, Daddy inside her, her on his lap, Daddy inside her under her little skirt, his little girl, his good girl, his dirty hot little girl not wearing panties, “Daddy’s big girl now, hmm baby,” he’d whisper so naughtily under her hair, her nodding, creaming, sinking down on Daddy, “my dirty little girl, Daddy’s good girl,” he’d whisper under her hair, so naughtily  hot dirty she’d cream and cream all over Daddy him touching her through her sweater, under her clothes, Daddy inside her, so big inside her, Daddy whispering, “that’s my good girl,” her little pussy full with Daddy under her little skirt her on Daddy’s lap on the couch, him touching her all over through her sweater, under her clothes, “Yyygghhesss, cum for Daddy, baby, my good girl cumming on Daddy, my naughty little baby,” her cumming and cumming when Daddy said it, their secret, his growling hot whisper, “yyyggghhessss, my good girl, Daddy’s good little girl loves Daddy’s big cock inside you, don’t you little baby, Daddy’s hot hard cock, bucking and squirming and sliding and swiveling your naughty little girl hips on Daddy’s cock, rocking and grinding on the big thing between Daddy’s legs, the big hot hard throbbing thing between Daddy’s legs inside you, under your little skirt where no one will see, our secret, hmm lil baby, Daddy so big in your little girl pussy, don’t you little baby,” her moaning and nodding, Daddy so big inside his good little girl, Daddy’s hot little baby loving her naughty, dirty Daddy, cumming all over her naughty, dirty Daddy telling her to kiss hm, making her kiss him, him so big and deep inside her, her on Daddy’s lap, him so throbbing big, bigger and bigger swelling inside her   under her little skirt, Daddy touching her all over through her sweater, under her clothes, nothing making her hotter than knowing Daddy was going to cum inside her, that she was going to make Daddy cum inside her Daddy whispering under her hair, into her kisses, she was Daddy’s good girl, Daddy’s big girl, Daddy’s hot sexy naughty little baby making Daddy so big inside her.”…   -    Sumddy © 21NOV2015

Already tingling creaming warm wet her knowing @sumddy

…”Already tingling creaming warm wet her knowing how naughty it was, that she’d cream even more when Daddy would whisper how wet she was, that he could smell her warm little sex that her little pussy was creaming, she got into position for Daddy to come in, for Daddy to do what Daddy did, her ready for Daddy his mouthing and licking and sucking her warm pink tingling wet little pussy. Her breathing so hard for Daddy to whisper she was his good girl, his big girl. Even if it was wrong, her already tingling warm wet, her not wanting to ever stop what her and Daddy did; her knowing Daddy would hold her in position, that she’d rub Daddy’s erection, pull on Daddy’s erection so silky meaty hot hard, throbbing big in her warm little hand, how excited it made her to pull on Daddy, to squeeze and pull and on Daddy, him licking, mouthing, sucking her wet little slit, him tonguing her warm little places making her want Daddy inside, her pulling on Daddy making Daddy need to be inside her, deep in her warm little places, her panties up around her knees, Daddy inside her, her whispering she was his good girl. Her on the verge of cumming before Daddy even came in, knowing what her and Daddy were going to do, even if it was wrong, her wanting to make Daddy hard, her loving making Daddy hard, even if Daddy said they should stop, her knowing Daddy wouldn’t, not to her pulling warm little hand, not to the taste of her soft warm dripping wet little cunny, not to her soft little sounds, her whispers, for Daddy to put it in, for Daddy’s hot seed, her knowing Daddy couldn’t resist her urges, his dirty hot little girl’s needs, for Daddy inside her, how she loved on Daddy so good inside her.”…   -    Sumddy © 21NOV2015

Baby knew what she could do with her warm little @sumddy

…”Baby knew what she could do with her warm little pussy, what she could do for Daddy, that she could take care of Daddy’s manly needs, that she could be Daddy’s big girl, your good girl Daddy she whispered sliding up and down on Daddy’s erection, let me make it feel good Daddy, let me make you feel good, Daddy. Her knowing Daddy wanted her, that Daddy wasn’t touching her because he thought he shouldn’t her loving him even more for it, her wanting him even more for it, the big hard thing between Daddy’s legs inside her. That he wouldn’t get so hard, his cock so throbbing thick hard, if he didn’t want this too, if he wasn’t this turned on too, even if it was wrong. His little baby, his sweet sexy hot little baby working her little hips, working herself into a panting little frenzy, working Daddy’s cock with her warm little sex Daddy so big and hot and hard inside her warm soft tight little pussy. Her whispering panting hot, let me make it feel good, Daddy, her swiveling her little hips the rhythmic sounds of her wet warm little sex sliding on Daddy him so badly wanting to take her little bottom in his big hands, his baby’s warm little bottom to hold her by her little hips, his little baby sliding up and down working his erection with her warm little pussy, his little baby creaming warm wet all over Daddy’s erection. Daddy swelling even bigger inside her igniting her, her sliding swiveling working her little hips making her cream and cream. Daddy was going to cum, she was going to make Daddy cum. Baby knew what she could do with her warm little pussy, what she could do for Daddy, that she could take care of Daddy’s manly needs, Daddy swelling so big inside her, her not stopping. Daddy’s growling roaring groan as he came, her bucking and swiveling and working her warm little pussy on Daddy’s erection, she’d made Daddy cum, was making Daddy cum, his cock, throbbing pulsing hot hard cumming inside her sopping tight little pussy. Baby knew what she could do with her warm little pussy, how good Daddy felt in her warm little belly, what her and Daddy could do together, his big girl, his good girl, and that from now on Daddy would let her, would want her, would think of her whenever he had his manly urges, that she’d cause his manly urges, so she could that he’d let her help with his manly urges, his hot little baby knowing what she could do with her warm little pussy, that Daddy loved loving her and her warm little baby pussy, that she loved loving on Daddy with her warm little pussy.”…   -    Sumddy © 21NOV2015

Thats my good girlkiss daddy babymmhmm big @sumddy

…”That’s my good girl…kiss Daddy, baby…mmhmm, big girl kisses.”…   -    Sumddy © 15NOV2015

I do baby i do i love that you love daddys @sumddy

…”I do baby, I do, I love that you love Daddy’s cock, I love that you get found loving Daddy’s cock losing yourself to Daddy’s cock, you and Daddy loving each other the way we do, Daddy licking you, my lovely hot little baby. I do baby, I do, Daddy loving your beautiful little pussy the way you love Daddy, finding myself losing myself to your creaming warm little pussy, my sexy hot little baby…Daddy loves you.”…   -    Sumddy © 15NOV2015

Baby loved showing daddy all the love daddy @sumddy

…”Baby loved showing Daddy all the love Daddy showed her.”…   -    Sumddy © 15NOV2015

I loved you were already creaming how just my @sumddy

…”I loved you were already creaming, how just my bare hand touching on the smooth of the  inside of your bare little leg was enough to lift you pushing up to Daddy’s warm kisses.”…  -    Sumddy © 15NOV2015

I do baby i love when you cream for daddy all @sumddy

…”I do baby, I love when you cream for Daddy, all over Daddy’s mouth, all over Daddy’s tongue, your taste, the scent and smell of your warm skin, of your warm creaming little pussy creaming for Daddy, your panting little breaths your gushing little breaths your soft little sounds, your creaming, creaming and creaming, your gentle little rolls of your hips to Daddy’s mouth, my beautiful little baby cumming for Daddy, Daddy’s mouth, Daddy’s tongue, Daddy’s fingers, Daddy’s love for my little baby, for my little girl, Daddy’s special little baby, Daddy’s lovely little baby, your cream your soft sounds your warm breaths you opening to all Daddy’s love, all of your love for Daddy, the most wondrously beautiful gift, every roll of your little hips, every breath, every moan a precious little universe of you.”…   -    Sumddy © 15NOV2015