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"A mind is a beautiful place to play." - Sumddy ~ All Over The World ~ Author of Erotic stories since 2006 ~  All Captions as Original Erotic Writing herein All Rights Reserved Sumddy (TM) 2012 - 2015 (C) (R) and expressly not public domain ~ Captions are fictional and depict role-play adult fantasy, and do not in any way involve minors: All references are terms of endearment within the Daddy/daughter/lg genre. ~ ADULT CONTENT 18+ ONLY ~ Thank you to all my followers, all the models, artists, photographers, bloggers, and Tumblr ~ "Sumddy, RUINING babygirls for the rest of the human race since whenever he wrote his first word." quote from tumblr fan, dbc ~ "One Kiss At a Time, Sumddy Global Refresh" ~ No matter how many imitators, there's only one Sumddy ~ - SUMDDY (@sumddy)
Theyd been swimming together in the ocean out @sumddy

…”They’d been swimming together in the ocean out in front of the hotel, the surf so big she hung onto Daddy as they waded out until they were shoulder deep, the waves pressing them together. Pushing her against him, her legs around his, her bare skin on Daddy’s, her breasts rubbing on Daddy, her secretly loving the sensations, her letting the waves rub her around all over his bare chest. Daddy’s arms around her, he realized what she was doing, and as turned on by her, his cock swollen and erect under his suit he began rubbing on her too, them both purposefully taking advantage of the push and ebbs of the waves, her belly pressing against his erection, them pretending they weren’t doing what they were, their bare skin on bare skin, her bottom cupped in Daddy’s big hands, him and the waves grinding her back and forth against his erection under the water, his soft warm little baby, her pushing back, her mound against his erection, his thighs sliding between hers, his sexy beautiful little baby. When they got back to their room, they got into the shower together in their suits to wash off the salt water, when he turned around to find she’d taken off her little bikini top, his lovely little baby, his lovely lovely little baby, her thumb hooked into her bikini bottoms, her watching Daddy watch his eyes grow so big her wanting Daddy to see her freshly shaven bald little pussy so creamy tingling buttery warm wet under her little bikini bottoms; she’d shaven to wear her new bikini she’d gotten, just so Daddy would see what a big girl she was now, his big girl, her tingling warm all over. Her and Daddy all alone together at the hotel, the moment so intimately close standing in the shower together, alone in their room together, her staring down at Daddy’s cock so pronouncedly big under his swimsuit, her and Daddy stepping closer together at first so subtly pressing on each other without the waves as an excuse to be touching, it be so close this way, to be rubbing on each other this way, touching this way, Daddy’s cock slipping out of his suit and rubbing hot and hard and bare on her bare warm little tummy, his drawing in a breath when she sprayed the warm water between them, her pressing her slit on his erection through their suits, her nipples so puffy swollen hot, her staring down at Daddy’s erection as she bumped and rubbed on Daddy’s erection, her soft little sounds echoing in the tile shower as Daddy cupped her little bottom like he had under the water, sliding her warm little mound over his erection, his little baby touching the head of his erection, closing her little hand around his throbbing erection.”…  -   Sumddy © 22JULY2015

Scene from old boy 2013 remade by spike lee @sumddy

Scene from “Old Boy” [2013] remade by Spike Lee starring Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen.

Originally directed by Park Chan-wook, [2003] starring [one of the greatest actors of this generation] and Kang Hye-jung. Old Boy is based on the Japanese manga written by Nobuaki Minegishi and Garon Tsuchiya. Oldboy is the second film of The Vengeance Trilogy, preceded by Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and followed by Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.

In this scene, through an elaborate deception by the antagonist, not knowing they are father and daughter, the two sympathetic characters meeting become friends, and then passionate lovers.

Film critic Roger Ebert claimed that Oldboy is a “powerful film not because of what it depicts, but because of the depths of the human heart which it strips bare”.[3] 

The original Korean version with Choi Min-sik is one of the best stories and films ever made, also notably performed by Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen in the 2013 remake.

-   Sumddy

Baby loved showing daddy her love how daddy @sumddy

…”Baby loved showing Daddy her love, how Daddy would just lay back and let her love on the big thing between Daddy’s legs, him moaning to her warm little sucking mouth, her warm little hand sidling up and down, her moaning soft little sounds loving on Daddy. How he’d speak so softly, so sexily, telling her what good girl she was for Daddy, how she was doing so good, his hands gathering her hair together so he could watch. Him sliding her little panties down and off making her feel so pretty and dirty, so sexy and naughty, him sliding her tee up, Daddy cupping her breasts, her bare skin on Daddy’s bare legs, her breasts on Daddy’s bare thighs him touching her all over making her suck him even harder, her lost to her moans and his sucking him. His fingers so delicately softly touching between her legs making her gush, Daddy’s fingers, his fingers sliding through her slippery warm wet naughty little slit so creamy slippery warm for Daddy. Just the two of them on the couch in the den at night the movie playing like they weren’t even doing what they were, her sucking Daddy’s big hot hard cock, her loving sucking Daddy’s big hot hard cock Daddy fingering her warm little holes, her squirming and wriggling on Daddy’s delicious big fingers touching inside her, making her want them deeper inside her her pushing her little to his fingers so they could deeper still his arm sliding between the cheeks of her little bottom, his fingers cupping her entire throbbing tingling hot little pussy, Daddy knowing just how to touch her, to make her wriggle and buck on his fingers, how to make her feel so pretty and sexy, him rubbing her dripping little pussy, her bald little mound as she sucked and sucked Daddy into her warm little mouth her relishing sliding her tongue flat against the girth of his erection in her hot sucking little mouth, the sounds of her sucking him making her moan on Daddy’s cock even more. Daddy’s incestuous hot hard cock so meaty throbbing thick swelling even bigger in her hot sucking little mouth so soft and warm and wet for Daddy getting bigger and bigger, harder and harder, her moaning to how hard he was getting, her knowing what she was drawing from him, what was going to to happen, what she wanted to happen, what made her so hot, him bunching her hair up in his fist so he could watch her make him cum in her hot sucking warm little mouth, her cumming on his fingers, Daddy fingering her warm dripping creamy little hole, Daddy rocking his hips, sliding his cock deeper and deeper into his baby’s eager warm wet sucking little mouth, her moaning even louder when he did, her loving he couldn’t not rock his hips to her pulling sucking eager little mouth her moaning and sucking and pulling as Daddy came and came, Daddy groaning over the tv in her warm little mouth. The two of them on the couch at night like this inevitable every night, tonight Daddy saying he thought she could, she should sleep with Daddy in Daddy’s big bed, just them all alone in Daddy’s big bed, her nodding on Daddy’s cock, licking and loving on Daddy’s cock, Daddy moaning tasting her on his fingers knowing what he was going to do, what he was going to show her, his hot little baby in his big bed at night, her and Daddy in Daddy’s big bed at night from now on.”…  -  Sumddy © 30JUNE2015

Do you sweet baby you want daddy to do again @sumddy

…”Do you, sweet baby, you want Daddy to do again what I did last night? Mmhmm, I’d love to baby. Come climb up on Daddy’s lap. Mmhmm, real close sweetie, so Daddy can use both hands. Do you sweet baby, you like what Daddy’s doing, how Daddy’s kisses feel, how Daddy’s mouth feels, so warm and wet sucking them, baby. It’s okay, I know, what Daddy’s doing is making you all tingly and creamy warm inside, you can rub on Daddy, sweet baby. Mmhmm, you rubbing on Daddy like that feels good to Daddy too, baby. I do sweet baby, Daddy loves your pretty little titties, so warm and soft in Daddy’s mouth, so creamy warm wet in Daddy’s mouth, so milky soft in Daddy’s warm wet mouth Daddy licking and sucking your hot little nipples inside Daddy’s mouth, hmm baby? Yeah? Is what I’m doing with my tongue on your nipples making you need something more? Yeah? like you…need something, inside where you’re rubbing on Daddy. Mmhmm, I can feel baby, how warm and moist you are right through your little panties. Mmhmm, I can baby, Daddy can smell your scent. Mmm, I do baby, I love my little baby’s creamy warm scent. Here baby, Daddy can just pull them aside so we don’t have to stop Daddy sucking your pretty little titties sweet baby. Mmm baby, you are, baby, you’re gushing wet baby, yesss so slippery creamy warm wet on Daddy’s fingers Daddy sucking your nipples. Here baby, Daddy’s going to open my robe, and let you slide on something that’s going to feel really really nice while Daddy sucks your hot little nipples baby. Mmhmm, it’s hot and throbbing and slippery smooth just like you are inside, hmm baby. Mmhmm, it is baby, its sliding through your little slit, hmm. Yesss, that’s my good girl, slide on Daddy. Mmhmm, that is where it goes, baby. Yeah, is that where you want Daddy to go, baby? Yeah, while Daddy sucks your pretty little tittles, baby? Mmhmm, you can. Let’s try, baby, see if you like how it feels having Daddy inside while Daddy sucks your pretty little titties.”…  -  Sumddy © 29JUNE2015

Do you baby you like what daddys doing is it @sumddy

…”Do you baby, you like what Daddy’s doing. Is it sweetie, it’s what you were doing in bed last night when Daddy was sleeping because it felt so good sleeping against Daddy in Daddy’s big bed. Mmhmm, Daddy’s finger feels good, hmm lil baby; and, how Daddy’s fingers are touching on either side, hmm baby, Daddy touching your soft little places, Daddy pushing inside. Yes, baby, we can, we can do this tonight again in Daddy’s bed, mmhmm, all alone in Daddy’s big bed. You are warm and soft and creamy inside, sweetie, so creamy for Daddy, so warm and soft and creamy for Daddy. Baby…Daddy thinks you’re ready for…well, Daddy has something to show you next, that I think you’re really, really going to like, baby. Mmhmm, even better than Daddy’s fingers, what my little baby is made for, mmhmm Daddy’s big girl. Does it sweetie, being Daddy’s big girl excites you. Mmhmmm, Daddy‘s going to really like it to, baby. Mmhmm, it is baby, it’s something we can again tonight in Daddy’s bed baby. I think we’re both going to like it so much, we’re both going to want to do it again. Mmhmm, something else special for just and you and Daddy. I know you do, baby. I know you love doing special thing with Daddy.”…    -  Sumddy © 29JUNE2015

Kiss daddy baby andthank you baby thank you @sumddy

…”Kiss Daddy, baby. And…thank you, baby. Thank you for wanting to help Daddy. This is, you are, baby, the best birthday present Daddy has ever gotten, baby. Do you? You like helping Daddy with my needs, with Daddy’s…urges, like this, when Daddy gets hard because of…you, baby. Us living together, that we can do this together whenever we want? I know you do, sweet baby. I know my little baby has urges too, urges Daddy can help you with, hmm baby. Mmmghhhsweetieyhhggesss, you like kissing Daddy don’t you baby. Yyghhesss, my sexy baby loves fucking don’t you, sweet baby. Yyyghhesss baby, your legs spread so wide for Daddy, yesss baby, open for Daddy, giving your love to Daddy, Daddy giving you my love too, hmm baby, Daddy going deep like this, while you and Daddy kiss? Oh god baby, yyghhhesss, Daddy loves fucking you, being inside you, you make me so hard baby. Feel how swollen Daddy is inside you, how big Daddy is getting inside.Yes baby, your little pussy is perfect for Daddy. Do you, baby? You love having Daddy inside you. Yeah? You like the word ”fucking,” Daddy fucking you, you “fucking” Daddy? Yeah, you like it when I say it, baby, Daddy’s “cock” inside you, Daddy’s big daddy-cock fucking your warm little baby pussy your little baby cream all over Daddy’s big daddy-cock, Daddy making by little girl cum all over…Daddy’s big daddy-wolf-cock. i know you do, baby. I know you love Daddy’s fur on your back at night in your room, yyyghessbaby, Daddy’s big wolf cock from behind at night, you on all fours, hmm baby. That’s right beautiful baby, my little girl makes Daddy’s cock big and hard and swollen. Mmmm, I do baby, Daddy loves that I make your warm soft creamy wet little baby pussy feel so good, that Daddy’s big cock makes you tingle so deep inside, makes you…want Daddy, deep inside, deep in my little girl, yyyghessbabyyy, Daddy’s big girl fucking Daddy, cumming all over Daddy, making Daddy…cum in your warm little belly, you and Daddy kissing. Oh god baby, Daddy’s cumming with you baby, yyyghessbaby, in my little girl.”…   -  Sumddy © 29JUNE2015

She found out about daddy discovering he was @sumddy

…”She found out about Daddy, discovering he was writing captions to erotic images on Tumblr, something she’d never imagined would happen; he’d learned about the site because he’d caught her looking at pictures on her laptop in bed at night touching herself, and a few weeks later she found his Tumblr blog  bookmarked on his computer. The kinds of captions he was writing at first came as a shock, maybe more a surprise, because she wasn’t expecting it; but from the first word she read, she was tingling all over - Daddy was turned on by the things she was turned on by, naughty, delicious things, things she hadn’t even told her friends she was interested in, things that made her wet every time she thought about them in private. She gleaned from his habits and hers over the course of a few weeks, when he was posting just images and wasn’t writing captions, he was jacking off; knowing he was jacking off, and that she was touching herself under her covers to the same images Daddy was jacking off to, mad her so hot she’d cum imagining it was them doing all those things together, the two of them all alone in the house together, cumming imagining sucking him as they looked at porn, that she’d slip into his study in her nightie and snuck under his desk, at first just watching him pull and stroke himself, and then reaching up she’d take his cock in her little hand and start stroking it for him, and he’d let her. She came fantasizing she was slowly sucking him, him moaning to her warm wet little mouth closing around his cock under his desk, and woke the next morning, touching herself again thinking about him, looking to see what else he’d posted the night before when suddenly he started to open her bedroom door. She quickly rolled over pretending she was still asleep; she wasn’t sure why she did except for the habit of concealing she was masturbating, the smell of her creamy little pussy on her fingers, her wondering if he could smell her scent. She didn’t realize why Daddy stood at her door for so long, but she liked that he did. That night, he wrote a caption of what he’d seen standing at her bedroom door, what he wanted to do, to her, with her, his little baby, his sexy hot little baby, his beautiful little baby, he’d written, even if it was wrong. That it was just the two of them in the house all alone together, her exact same thought, that no one would know, just what she’d thought, that her nightgown was open over her bare little bottom, the scent of her sex in her room, him knowing she was just pretending to be asleep his Tumblr blog open on her laptop. That tonight he was going to come to her room to check on her and if she wanted what he wanted, to be in her nightgown like he’d found her that morning, intimating all the things they could do together just the two of them all alone in the house, behind closed doors, where no one would know, know one would see. That tomorrow was Daddy’s birthday, and he wanted his beautiful little baby for his present.”…   -  Sumddy © 28JUNE2015




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