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Sunnyside Nudist Camp @sunnysidenudistcamp

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Where every day is casual Friday! So get comfortable and let it all hang out. This is my personal collection that I have gathered from the web of vintage and more recent nudists at play. - Sunnyside Nudist Camp (@sunnysidenudistcamp)
Les amis naturistes le naturisme cest vivre @sunnysidenudistcamp


Le naturisme c'est: Vivre nu et profiter du bonheur que nous apporte le moment présent.

1 nerds @sunnysidenudistcamp

+1 Nerds

Whenpussieswerefurry three lovelies @sunnysidenudistcamp


Three lovelies!

Vetusdesoleil vivre libre nu vêtu de ciel et @sunnysidenudistcamp


Vivre Libre, Nu, Vêtu de Ciel et de Soleil … A la Recherche du Paradis Perdu !!

Girlsdoingyoga unification @sunnysidenudistcamp



Jamesraylivefree family freedom @sunnysidenudistcamp


Family freedom!

Bnekkid83 madeinthenude nudist clubs if you @sunnysidenudistcamp



Nudist Clubs

If you haven’t joined a nudist club yet, what are you waiting for? Being socially nude is the best way to increase the benefits of your nudist life and help others with theirs.  
On the individual level, being nude with others helps boost self-confidence and improve body image. Seeing others lets us know that we aren’t any different. All those things we worry about our bodies tend to fade away.
Social nudity on the larger picture helps nudist network and build interest in nudist activities. Together we can promote and increase nudist opportunities for others who might not have them now.

Being a home nudist is wonderful, but we all need a change of scenery to keep things interesting. Joining a nudist club allows us to get out and have some clothes free fun while also improving who we are and others.
Besides, there’s something fun about knowing you have that membership card in your wallet or purse.

Text by Made in the Nude. Photo retrieved from Nudiarist

Artgoth woman in pool 2014 @sunnysidenudistcamp


Woman In Pool


Philipwernerfoto deserted beach with doe so @sunnysidenudistcamp


Deserted beach with Doe, so skinny dipping of course.

On the peninsula at Portsea, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria.

Philip Werner
March 2013

Surrender to serenity @sunnysidenudistcamp

Surrender to serenity.

Ladybug on bush @sunnysidenudistcamp

Ladybug on bush