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Every Woman depicted here is, in my eyes, in a superior position. If any Woman disagrees, please message and I will remove the offending picture. Disclaimer: THIS BLOG IS INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES. You must be over 18 to view the contents or follow. All images, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. Copyright still belongs to the owner / creator of each work. In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the said copyright is neither intentional and not for profit in any way. The material in question will be removed at once with any presented proof. All models are assumed to be 18+ - Superior Women (@superior-women)
Waldog69 when he gets home his ass is getting @superior-women


When he gets home his ass is getting the belt!!!!!!! He knows he’s late and what the consequences are!!!!!! He’s probably trembling knowing what’s coming to his ass. Serves him right. Follow the rules or follow what I hav to dish out on his ass when he doesn’t listen!!!!! THERE WILL BE TEARS FLOWING, LOTS OF THEM. APPARENTLY U BETTER GET USED TO IT!!!!!! ITS TOO LATE FOR APOLOGIES

Oh my….. She looks mean.

Cocktease femdom poor baby tried to go on a @superior-women


“Poor baby. Tried to go on a date with a girl. Mommy found out and beat him so bad. Then she takes him all for herself. So selfish. So greedy. Mommy wins.”

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Giving Her pet a serious seeing too

Cocktease femdom suddenly all eyes were on @superior-women


suddenly all eyes were on her…she had entranced the entire room..and everyone was a potential slave

Don’t miss a play partner, download Whiplr, a messenger with kinks.

Oh dear God…..

Strictemadames mis dominatrix @superior-women



La Divine MadameS m'autorise

Oh my…..

Awesome woman @superior-women

Awesome Woman

At her feet tongueisthenewcock work only for @superior-women



Work only for her pleasure

Work only with your tongue

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Oh dear God!

This woman does it for me on sooooo many levels @superior-women

This Woman does it for me on sooooo many levels

Monsieurclaudespank over my knees right @superior-women


over my knees ,….right now,…young man

Yes Ma'am

Lesbian femme supreme dominatrix its one thing @superior-women


It’s one thing to be willing to kiss Her feet, scrub Her floors or pay Her bills, but what boys out there are willing to actually pick up a gun, fight and quite possibly die to advance their Mistress’ interests?





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Bossymsbecky slavep it does femdom rules @superior-women



It does ❤️

Femdom rules

Myhappyhusband you can gave one sniff hubby @superior-women


You can gave one sniff hubby then go do your chores…

Slaveoflucy cfnm mmmmph that was a great @superior-women



“Mmmmph!! That was a great orgasm!! Now take off your fucking clothes and show me how hard you are from making me cum!!”

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I love the Pussy worship ones where the Woman is standing over the male, like this exquisite set.  Plus, this Woman is not only gorgeous but powerful-looking as well, which enhances her dominance.  

Sub male now that i have your attention let me @superior-women


Now that I have your attention let Me remind you of one simple fact. There is only one Head of this household - and here’s a clue… it isn’t you!

Don’t answer Me back again. Now get on with the housework and put the cane on the bed. I’ll decide on the severity of your punishment later…

Ala. superb

Sub male darling dont have me repeat myself @superior-women


Darling don’t have Me repeat Myself! When we’re in public if I ask for something, it may seem like a request, but remember - it’s not a request it’s an order!

Look - there’s Charlotte, I don’t want Her to be able to gloat that Her husband’s more obedient than Mine - now do as you’re told!

Peloklumper this isnt a wardrobe you silly @superior-women


“This isn’t a wardrobe, you silly boy. This is Aunty’s cane cupboard.”

“Big, isn’t it?”

Now get over the chair and pick a number between one and thirteen

Serena @superior-women