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NSFW Site!!!!! Welcome to the Superman Fetish Site, of seeing the Man of Steel or the Boy of Steel in his costume, alter ego, and at times, being defeated by various types of torturing devices. This Site will upload a new post every midnight. - Superman Fetish (@supermanfetish)
Mindsweeperart characters dc comics @supermanfetish


Characters © DC Comics.

Mojado21 hot superman bulging in spandex @supermanfetish


hot superman bulging in spandex

Cosband braingasm red son photo shot preview by @supermanfetish


Red Son photo shot preview by the Ocean. BRAINGASM cosband.

Straightsuperherossexualslavery you know that @supermanfetish


You know that at this very moment, Lex is stalking his prey!

Straightsuperherossexualslavery virginal naive @supermanfetish


Virginal, naive Superman about to be caught in a hall of mirrors!

Mojado21 a traumatized superman after a @supermanfetish


A traumatized Superman after a powerful and potent Super Villain ejaculates all over the man of steel.

A sexy clark kent who becomes superman @supermanfetish

A sexy Clark Kent who  becomes Superman

Luthor55 yes supermanshow me your muscular @supermanfetish


Yes Superman,show me your muscular Body.You are my Sex Toy !

Drainedheroes longlivespidey its all about @supermanfetish



It’s all about fighting! #superman #manofsteel #batman #darkknight #spiderman #spidey #cosplay #marvel #dccomic #therpcstudio @therpcstudio by jumbogram

(via Tumbling)
Supermankryptonitesaga superman the luthors @supermanfetish


Superman , the Luthor’s sex slave !

Supermankryptonitesaga superman in supreme pain @supermanfetish


Superman in supreme pain in Luthor’s kryptonite dungeon .

Luthor55 straightsuperherossexualslavery @supermanfetish



Superman caged!

Waiting for his Master Lex Luthor !

Batmanreblogs ericscissorhands batman v @supermanfetish



Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

I love how Wonder Woman is front & center in the Trinity photo. As it should be.

Mojado21 superman about to be violated by a @supermanfetish


Superman about to be violated by a villain.

Mojado21 superheroes soon to be violated @supermanfetish


Superheroes soon to be violated.

Heroperil superboy kryptonite kills season 1 @supermanfetish


Superboy - Kryptonite Kills

Season 1, Episode 12

While there is a Kryptonite element to this episode, this scene deals with Superboy (John Haymes Newton) averting disaster at a power plant near Clark’s college.   

Ultimately Superboy wins the day (or night as the case may be).    But before then, we get to see him struggling against the high voltage running through his body … good thing that’s fireproof spandex!

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Superboy stabbed with Kryptonian crystal

Computer targets Superboy for death!

Tiger Eye uses witchcraft to brainwash Superboy

Superboy trapped in VR world

Trio of villains bring Superboy to his knees!

Lancehart im superman and im known to grab a @supermanfetish


I’m Superman, and I’m known to grab a bitch like we’re fighting in Walmart. #cosplay #fishnets #spandex #superporn #superman #walmartgrab

Follow the very talented photographer @supermanfetish

Follow the very talented photographer @josephgdaniels

Malemuscularbodyswap hes definitely looking @supermanfetish


He’s definitely looking Super!

Dtp 13 today is national superhero day @supermanfetish


Today is National Superhero Day!!!

Cosband braingasm яed son cosplay by braingasm @supermanfetish


ЯED SON cosplay by BRAINGASM cosband.
Photo by Ocean.

Snk my aot just a normal day at con @supermanfetish


Just a normal day at con

Andygarcia0415 hanging out at the flexcomics @supermanfetish


Hanging out at the @flexcomics booth at the Phoenix Comic Con #PhoenixComicCon #ComicCon #FlexComics #Superman #Cosplay #Unicorn #UnicornMuscle #2015ComicCon #ComicCon2015 #DoYouEvenFlex #Fitness #Comics #Flex #Saturday #Phoenix (at Comic Com Phoenix)