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Sweet Hymen @sweethymen

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Hey Girls! You are over 18? Then show the world your sweet Hymen! Just submit a Picture of your broken or maybe even virgin hymen! Proceeding to view these images implies that you have acknowledged your desire to view such content and verify that you are of legal age. If you do not wish to view adult content or are not of legal age, then please leave now. Photos belong to their respected owners, I don't claim ownership over any of them. If you see a picture I posted and it's yours, and you want to remove it or add credits in the photo, just leave a message in my ask box. Thank you! - Sweet Hymen (@sweethymen)
Can you tell me my hymen is still intact or its @sweethymen

Can you tell me, my hymen is still intact or it’s broken?

i cant see it clearly on your picture. but its a nice picture anyway =).

What do you think about my hymen broken intact @sweethymen

what do you think about my hymen? broken? intact? or cracked? please post my picture and give me the answer.

i would say its intact

Hi my name is patricia ive sent some pictures @sweethymen

Hi, my name is Patricia, I’ve sent some pictures but I’m not sure if arrived. Is that my hymen? 

I also can’t send more than one picture so I’m sending two more. Thanks. 

Sorry about low quality it is a still from a @sweethymen

Sorry about low quality. It is a still from a video that I took myself. 

Is my hymen intact? Does it look like a virgin’s?

I am eighteen and I have never had sex. I was abused and fondled when I was eleven and twelve. I use tampons and have been using a vibrator since around then. Sometimes I insert a finger and on two occasions, I tried a second finger, but two fingers mostly hurt.

Recently, I noticed a sudden little ache down there while driving on a bumpy road. When I checked it out in a mirror, my vagina looked kind of… more open? There was no bleeding but I am worried. I want to remain a virgin until I am married, mentally and preferably physically as well.

Also, nice gallery!

Thank you for your Massage. Sadly i cant See enough on your picture. What diameter does your Vibrator have?
Will it bleeds when i had my first @sweethymen

will it  bleeds when I had my first intercourse? 

Pretty sure but no one can say it 100%
So im a virgin but what is your verdict i @sweethymen

So, I’m a virgin, but what is your verdict?

I dont Really know. But I don’t think it looks virgin.
Hi i surely remember ive bleed when i @sweethymen

Hi! I surely remember I’ve bleed when I was bicycling when I was 6. all I wanna ask you is that still intact? and will it still bleeding when I had my first intercourse? you can just publish my photo but anonymously. thanks :))

Hi! Thank you for your nice pictures. You are 100% virgin.

Am i a virgin my hole is very big its make me @sweethymen

Am I a virgin my Hole is very big it’s make me afraid all the time about my virginity ?

60% i would say you are virgin. For more the picture is too unsharp and the Resolution is too Bad. A picture with that quality must be very close up to See enough for a good answere.
Hi thats my hymen i havent had sex or been @sweethymen

Thats my hymen! I havent had sex or been fingered but i think my vaginal opening is somehow biger than normal, do u think my hymen still intact? Please reply !

Hi, I cant See your hymen clearly on this picture. Can you make a picture where your hole is spreaded wide?
So i am a virgin i have never done something @sweethymen

So, I am a virgin, I have never done something sexual before,and a few days ago, I got a little bit too intimate with my boyfriend, and he started to finger me, by using 2 fingers, but blood didn’t came out, so he said I am not virgin. Can you tell is it’s broken or not? and if it’s not, then why didn’t it bleed, because it hurt?

For me it looks virgin. Two Fingers isnt that much so He Maybe only streched your hymen. Anyway not every girl bleeds at the First time.
Intact @sweethymen


Is this my hymen please share yes @sweethymen

Is this my hymen? Please share:)


For me it looks broken 80 sure @sweethymen

For me it looks broken (80% sure).

Hi i dont know where my hymen is can you help @sweethymen

Hi, I don’t know where my hymen is, can you help me with it? Thanks!

If its there you would see it inside the black cirle if you spread your hole more.

I took another pic what do u think now does it @sweethymen

I took another pic? What do u think now? Does it still intact?

Thank you for spamming me with unsharp Bad Resolution pictures. I would say It’s intact but if you want 100percent just visit a doctor.
Im a 19 year old virgin i hope you like my @sweethymen

I’m a 19 year old virgin. I hope you like my hymen:) And I like seeing other girls hymens here too. Don’t be shy girls. Spread your pussy lips, send the photos:)

Thank you for your picture. It is nearly perfekt. But to See if the hymen is intact it should Show your hole a bit closer and a bit More spreaded.
Sorry harika i still dont see more on this @sweethymen

Sorry harika i still dont see more on this pictures like on the first ones. I cant see the right things to give you a good answere. It its so important for you to know it 100% you should visit a doctor. Maybe someone of my followers can help you … just leave a message under the pictures.

Sorry pink i cant see much on this picture but @sweethymen

Sorry Pink i cant see much on this picture. But maybe someone of my followers can give you an answere with this picture. And even if you spam me with your picture i cant see more.

R u sure ll i bleed please tell me truth @sweethymen

R u sure?? ’ll I bleed.. please tell me truth brother.. I am having marriage in three months.. I must bleed.. I don’t want to explain him that I was once a victim of bastard, but I managed to escape.. I know he may not believe me.. I am very afraid of my first night.. I swear, I did nothing.. I don’t want to b punished

second row first picture.

Its my hymen i have been fingered very badly by @sweethymen

It’s my hymen.. I have been fingered very badly by some low bastard when I was 12.. now I am 22, if I am not virgin, they ’ll abuse me after marriage.. I am from India.. please help.. Am I a virgin. Truth pls.. ’ll I bleed in first night

Your hymen is intact and you are 100% virgen. I am very sure that it will bleed on your first night.

A perfect picture to see if shes virgin or not @sweethymen

A perfect picture to see if shes virgin or not … you need to zoom but then you can see … she isnt but it looks nice anyway.

Im a virgin but im pretty surr ive broken my @sweethymen

Im a virgin, but i’m pretty surr ive broken my hymen. I can’t tell what’s protruding out, is this normal?

sorry i cant see much on this picture.

Is that a virgin hymen plz show it anonymously @sweethymen

is that a virgin hymen plz show it anonymously 

yes it is

My boyfriend helped me take this this is as much @sweethymen

My boyfriend helped me take this. This is as much as it can spread. Can you see my hymen?

everything i an see looks intact.

Ladies heres a figure showing how you can see @sweethymen

Ladies, here’s a figure showing how you can see your hymen. It’s called labial traction. If you are unsure, you can always send a photo and we can give feedback:)

Thx for this comment.

Insearchoftheperfectvagina i am thinking this @sweethymen


I am thinking this is one tight lil pussy

Bbw lucy playing with my pussy again you @sweethymen


Playing with my pussy again. ;) You can still see the remains of my hymen…


Is my hymen broke it is not possible to see the @sweethymen

Is my hymen broke?

It is not possible to See the hymen on this picture. The picture should Show your vagina hole spreaded wide.

I just found this one and wanted to share it @sweethymen

I just found this one and wanted to share it.

What you think about this pink pussy @sweethymen

what you think about this pink pussy?

Hello Yuanna! I really like this pink pussy. But if you want me to say more about it we need another picture which really showes the opening or your vagina ;).

Am i virgin i have asked y for the second @sweethymen

Am I virgin ???? I have asked y for the second time because you told me that I have a intact hymen 

Yes you are virgin. As far as i can evaluate it from this picture.

What about this virgin its still the same you @sweethymen

what about this, virgin?

It’s still the Same you are spreading the small lips and it looks great but I cant See you hymen Because your picture dont Show the opening. Take a look at the Picture from Lovesam or at my Avatar to see what your picture should show.

I just got this picture without any comments i @sweethymen

I just got this picture without any comments. I cant say if shes Virgin Because The picture dont Show the spreaded pussy hole clear enough. But Anway i like this picture.

Hi please i has token another photo of my hymen @sweethymen


Please I has token another photo of my hymen and I don’t if it’s intact it or not Because I have masturbating for long time but I have never put my finger inside my vagina so for that I ask you if is a normal hymen or intact hymen and you can publish but please show it anonymously

Hi! I would say your hymen is intact. Thank you for your picture.

I cant post new pictures when nobody submit new @sweethymen

I can’t post new Pictures when nobody submit new pictures ;). Here something from

I just got this picture with the message can you @sweethymen

I just got this picture with the message:

Can you see my hymen?

The answere is: I guess that i can see it. But you need to spread your vagina more to see the hymen more clearly.

Nice picture from hornyvirgingirl a fake copied @sweethymen

nice picture from hornyvirgingirl (a fake copied from but i like it anyway)